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Wye Downs

Walks in East Kent

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Rating: 3 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  4.3 miles (6.9km) approx. 8,625 steps
Allow 3 hours

About the walk:
This walk around the village of Wye has some challenging climbs... more »

Tips:  Distance: 4.3 miles (6.9km) Allow 3 hours
Start/Finish: Car park on Coldharbour Lane, near Wye
Stiles: 3
Gates: 12
Terrain: Field... more »

How to get there:

By Car: From A28 near Ashford, follow signs to Wye. To reach car park follow signs for Hastingleigh travelling out of Wye on Coldharbour Lane
Postcode: TN25 5AW
Parking: A parking area is available alongside coldharbour Lane approximately 90 metres from the Devil's Kneading Trough restaurant
Bus: 652 (Canterbury-Ashford). 10 journeys. Mon-Sat

Mon-Sat Traveline: 0871 200 22 33.

Please note that route shown may not accurately follow public rights of way and waymarking on ground should be followed at all times.

Walk provided by Explore Kent
Explore Kent is a Kent County Council Initiative

KCC Explore Kent less «

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Points of Interest

1. Point 1

From the car park, cross the road and proceed through the two kissing gates opposite. Bear right and follow the grass path down a moderate slope and then up a moderate incline to a gate at the top. Head through the gate and follow waymarkers and the grass path along the top of the ridge. After a short distance, take the set of steps on your right ... More

2. Point 2

Turn right and head for a short distance down the road until you see a fingerpost and stile on your left. Go over the stile and follow the path across the field. After around 300m the path runs along the field edge, keeping the boundary on your left hand side, continue until you reach a track crossing the path.

3. Point 3

Cross the track. Bear left and go through a gap between hedges and follow the path and waymarkers along the field edge keeping the boundary on your right hand side. Follow the waymarkers along a wide track heading for 2 stiles at the end of track at a road.

4. Point 4

From the road proceed along the wide stoney track, follow the track and waymarkers until you reach another road. Continue straight on along the road for a short distance and bear left to follow the direction of the fingerpost along an enclosed path until you meet another road.

5. Point 5

Cross over the road and continue along the wide surfaced tarmac path, after some distance the path enters into a quiet road, continue along until you reach a main road in Wye village. At the main road, cross over and then turn left following the pavement until you reach the road junction for Church Street. Turn right along Church Street and walk... More

6. Point 6

At the end of Church Street cross the road and follow the path to the right of the church that runs diagonally across the church grounds. Proceed through a gap and bear left and follow waymarkers along an enclosed alley. At the end of the alley, turn right and follow North Downs Way waymarkers to the road.

7. Point 7

Cross over the road and follow the fingerpost sign up a surfaced tarmac road and go through the metal gate at the end. Continue straight on along a stone track that becomes steeper as you near a road.

8. Point 8

Cross the road and follow the signposted path straight on and up a fairly steep hill to the edge of woodland. Go through the gate and follow the path through woods and up a steep climb to meet a road. There are a number of large tree roots and stones along this section so care needs to be taken. At the road, turn right and follow North Downs Way... More

9. Point 9

After a short distance, turn right off the road to follow signs for the North Downs Way. Go through the gap and up a small flight of steps. Follow waymarkers to go through 2 “rambler gates”. After the second gate, turn left and follow the North Downs Way along the fence line. There are some breathtaking views along this section. Further on you... More

10. Point 10

Go through the kissing gate and follow the North Downs Way along the top of the Downs. Near the end of this section go through a gate to join the road. Taking care cross over the road to the gate and information panel on the other side.

11. Point 11

Go through the kissing gate and bear left following the fingerpost on a bare earth path through a small area of woodland. At the waymarker post, turn right and follow the signs for the North Downs Way along a grassy path. After a short distance, go through another kissing gate and continue straight on and retrace your steps back to the car.