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Prussian Opulence in Potsdam

Impressive architecture and a gorgeous park complete with castles
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 11.8 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Things don't get much more grandiose than in Potsdam. Starting at the lovely Brandenburg Gate, you'll visit Sanssouci Park, where... more »

Tips:  If you want to spend less time in Sanssouci Park, it's possible to skip the Orangerie Castle and Mill by walking straight from... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Brandenburg Gate: Luisenplatz

You'll begin your tour of this UNESCO World Heritage city at Luisenplatz, under the Brandenburg Gate, a lovely baroque archway that should whet your appetite for the kind of excellent architecture you'll see through this walk.

Bask in the splendor before you head toward Allee nach Sanssouci, an aptly-named street because it will bring you to the ... More

2. Zitrus Gallery

Fine silk fabric, arty postcards and a lovely collection of gold and silver jewelry will entice you in to this boutique-gallery hybrid.
Allee nach Sanssouci 2
+49 331 6014678
Wednesday-Sunday Noon-6pm

Leave your cares behind is the modus operandi of this delightful park, which is replete with castles and sculpture gardens. Most people make their way to Potsdam in order to visit this royal summer retreat, and you should expect to spend at least two hours wandering around its impressive grounds.

It's free to enter the park but many of the... More

Most people make a beeline to Sanssouci castle and some regretfully leave immediately thereafter. The Sanssouci Castle and its gardens are lovely but this is just the beginning of the wonderful architecture you'll see in the park.

If you want to visit the castle's 12 rooms, there's a 40-minute tour in German that costs either 12 or 8 euros,... More

5. Historic Mill

Between the Orangerie and Sanssouci Castle, you will walk by an old mill. If the mechanics of large machines is your idea of a good time, then make sure you stop in and climb up into the wind-driven device. The gigantic gears are guaranteed to wow most kids (and adults too).
Daily 10am-6pm
Call ahead; usually... More

6. Orangerie Castle

Make sure you visit the Orangerie Castle, whose lovely view, gardens and sculptures shouldn't be missed. You can climb to the top of a tower and get a great view of the whole park. You can also pay an entrance fee to see some Raphael art, but don't do it unless you're a real fan.
Castle Entry 3 Euros
Tower 2 Euros

7. The New Palace

The New Palace is pretty impressive but it's at the other end at the park and currently covered in scaffolding because it is under renovation. We'd suggest you pass unless your passion for palaces is insatiable.

8. Chinese Teahouse

Some people probably like the Chinese Teahouse for its gilded statues and overall opulent look. But while some people ooh and ahh, I've heard others call it "the definition of kitsch." I like it because it's so gaudy, it's great. Make up your own mind.

9. Roman Baths

There's a lovely garden and stone bridge path to the Roman baths, which are otherwise not terribly impressive. But like life, it's the path rather than the destination that's the most memorable part.

10. Aldstadt

The older, residential part of Potsdam is worth a visit, so I suggest you exit Sanssouci Park along Lennestrasse.

Here you will see the kind of grand old buildings that used to populate much of the city until Allied bombers toppled them at the end of WWII.

A perfect example of this classic architecture can be found at Nansenstrasse 10--the... More

This Italian- and French-inspired restaurant is a great place to grab a meal or a coffee.
Sellostrasse 15
+49 331 9792601

12. Hans Otto Theater

Check the crumbling walls of this old theater for a plaque showing the forced union of the communist and social democrat party under Russian rule after WWII.