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Shopping in Prussian Potsdam

Trendy stores and an unexpected Dutch quarter
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Most people come to Potsdam to see the famous Sanssouci Park (French for "without worries"), where you can wander among... more »

Tips:  Don't do this walk on a Sunday, when all shops in Germany are closed.

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Points of Interest

1. Brandenburg Gate:- Luisenplatz

All of Potsdam is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the lovely Brandenburg Gate at Luisenplatz is a wonderful example of why. The Baroque archway will give you an idea of the wonderful architecture you'll see throughout the city.

2. Did Someone Say Shopping?

Cross the street and head up Brandenburg Strasse, a cobblestone street in Potsdam's old city that ends at the lovely St. Peter and Paul Church.

Sauntering along this pedestrian walkway you'll get to join the tourists and locals shopping in downtown Potsdam. Here's where you can buy flowers, ice cream, funky German glasses or a new watch.

You'll ... More

This cafe is best known for its awesome breakfasts, but actually most things are good here. Stop here for a coffee, pastry or snack.
Dortustrasse 59
+49 331 2012929

4. St. Peter and Paul Church

At the end of Brandenburg Strasse stands the St. Peter and Paul Church, the first Catholic church in this primarily Protestant area. It's got a lovely Italian-style campanile tower that reaches a height of 60 meters.

5. Dutch Quarter

Who would have guessed there's a little Amsterdam in Potsdam? This cute collection of Dutch buildings was built in the 1730s to accommodate Dutch workers.

More than 100 such buildings can be found in the smallish quarter, which mostly spans Gutenbergstrasse, Mittelstrasse and Strasse der Jugend.

The neighborhood is now stocked with delightful... More

Poffertjes en Pannekoeken is where you can get that tasty hot chocolate and strudel you most certainly deserve.
Mittelstrasse 32
+49 331 2012179

This is where you can get a meal or a wonderful cake and hot chocolate.
Benkertstrasse 20
+49 331 237 0730

8. Nauener Gate

This fairy tale gate was built in 1755. It's also where you have a decision to make.

You can settle into a cafe at the gate's base and take in its charm.

Or you can continue walking about 15-20 minutes up Friedrich-Ebert Strasse to Alexandrowka, a Russian enclave. (Or you can take tram 92, 95 or 96.)

Another option is to take a peek at... More

9. Jaeger Gate

A small but decadent entry gate to Potsdam's old city.

10. Alexandrowka

If you are still brimming with energy, there's a quirky Russian colony about a 15-minute walk up Friedrich-Ebert Strasse (or a short tram- ide away on the 92 or 95 lines).

There you'll find a dozen ors Russian-looking houses, built in 1926-27, to host traveling Russian performers. There also are some nice orchards and more green space to explore... More