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São Paulo for Families with Young Children

Banespa Building, Catavento Cultural, Museu Paulista, Aquarium, Museu de Futebol
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 16.5 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  While São Paulo can be an intense, rough-n-tumble kind of place, families with young children do visit and live in the city,... more »

Tips:  Museums tend to be closed on Mondays, but any other day is ideal for this tour, and many places offer discounted admission for younger... more »

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Points of Interest

São Paulo's very own Empire State Building — the Edifício Altino Arantes, better known by the name of its previous owner, Banespa — opened in 1947 as a symbol of the fast-growing city's economic might. The striking views from the observation deck, accessed from the 33rd floor of the 161-meter-tall building, never fail to impress... More

2. Catavento Cultural

Located in a Victorian-era structure reminiscent of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Catavento Cultural is chock-full of interactive, hands-on exhibits and educational activities for children and adults alike. Subjects covered include space, wildlife, geography, the human body and society. They are presented in action-filled, engaging fashion ... More

Modeled after the palace and gardens at Versailles, the gorgeous, purpose-built Museu Paulista da USP (commonly known as the Museu do Ipiranga) occupies the promontory where Brazilian independence from Portugal was peacefully, if loudly, proclaimed by Dom Pedro I in 1822. The landscaped gardens provide a refreshing respite from the surrounding... More

Located, strangely enough, in a working-class residential neighborhood, the São Paulo Aquarium is always a hit with the kids. The self-proclaimed largest aquarium in Latin America contains more than 300 species of marine life.

If you and the little ones still have a bit of energy left, walk to Santos-Imigrantes subway station (10 minutes) ... More

Situated on the grounds of the city's sacred Art Deco sports masterpiece — Pacaembu Stadium — the Museu de Futebol (Soccer Museum) pulls in kids and adults alike with its thoughtful, thrilling interactive exhibitions. History and memorabilia from “The Beautiful Game” mark the story of the sport as it is played in its spiritual home and even... More