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Sandwich to Rye

Explore Kent by bike

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Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 54 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  Head into smugglers' territory as you follow National Routes 1 and 2 along the Kent coast, taking in stunning coastal cliff paths and ... more »

Tips:  Start: Sandwich
Finish: Rye

(National Route 1 & 2)
54 miles (87km), off which 24 miles (39km) are traffic free, 30 miles (48km) on... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Explore Kent by bike

Deal Maritime & Local History MuseumDeal Maritime & Local History Museum

The maritime and local history of Deal and Walmer, with displays of real and model boats, figureheads, lifeboats, life saving, the boatmen and Deal Pilots, the Cinque Ports, three Castles, Royal Marines, local life, local famillies and social history objects. Special... More

Deal Castle, built by Henry VIII to repel potential invaders from France and Spain, remains one of the finest Tudor artillery castles in England. The walls had positions for 200 cannon and gun ports and were rounded to deflect enemy cannon fire. The castle was also surrounded by a wide moat.

More recently, the castle became the official residence... More

Henry VIII built Walmer Castle as part of his coastal defence network. Over the centuries, the castle has evolved into a grand residence for the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

Of all the distinguished holders of this post, it is probably Lord Wellington who spent most time at Walmer. The castle is now conserved by English Heritage and the many ... More

7. Gateway to The White Cliffs

Rising out of the English Channel to over 200ft high in places, The White Cliffs of Dover are a dramatic and inspiring sight providing superb views towards France.

Facilities include, parking, toilets, refreshments and a visitor centre.

Spectacularly situated above the White Cliffs of Dover this magnificent castle has guarded our shores from invasion for 20 centuries - now you can enjoy a great family day out with a visit to the 'Key to England'.
Explore the darkly atmospheric Secret Wartime Tunnels now with a vivid recreation of the Dunkirk evacuation, complete with dramatic... More

9. North Downs Way National Trail

Here you will find the Start & Finish Line for the North Downs Way. The premier walking route in the South East runs between Dover in Kent and Farnham is Surrey for 150 miles.

Dedicated to the bravery and heroism of Churchill's Few who fought in the skies to protect the country from Hitlers invasion forces.
A memorial wall also lists the names of all those that took part in the Battle.

12. Tower 3 Visitor Centre

Tower 3 is one in a series of 74 Martello Towers positioned along the south coast. The design of these towers is based upon a similar tower used by the French at Mortella Point at Corsica.

The Lower Leas Coastal Park was opened in 2000 and is approximately 25 hectares in size, split into 3 recreational zones. Beginning at the Leas Lift forecourt the formal zone comprises pine avenues, formal planting and hard landscaping.

15. The Royal Military Canal

The canal is a unique military monument that stretches for 28 miles along the old cliff line that borders the Romney Marsh from Hythe to Cliff End. It was originally built between 1804 and 1809 as a third line of defence against Napoleon.

The corridor along the length of the canal from Seabrook to West Hythe Dam offers a wonderfully easy and... More

2 1/2 miles of white sand with picturesque dunes and interesting wildlife.