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Bibbulmun Track Day Walk - Beelu National Park

Perth Hills National Parks Centre to Golden View Lookout and back

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.853 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is one of a series of eight day walks on the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia. The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world's... more »

Tips:  The Department of Parks and Wildlife National Parks Centre is a 1 hour drive from Perth. Walk out and back (it looks different coming ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Perth Hills National Parks Centre

Perth Hills National Parks Centre is an invaluable source of information on recreational opportunities within the area. The friendly Department of Parks and Wildlife staff can advise you about the many trails you can walk or cycle.

The Centre offers an extensive range of maps and guides, gift ideas, local art and souvenirs as well as drinks and... More

2. Trees and wildflowers

On this day walk you may encounter mimidi (Xanthorrhoea gracilis). Four species of grass tree grow in Perth, although they are often referred to collectively. Once you learn how to distinguish between them, you will realise that they are really quite different. The flowers of mimidi and other grasstrees produce copious nectar. Aboriginal people... More

3. Wildlife

In Western Australia, the western ringneck parrot competes for nesting space with the introduced rainbow lorikeet. To protect the ringneck, culls of the lorikeet are sanctioned by authorities in this region. Overall, though, the ringneck is not a threatened species.

The scarlet robin is endemic to Australia, where it is found near the coast from ... More

4. Weir View Lookout

The viewing platform is reached not long after leaving the Perth Hills National Park Centre. To the left you will see the extent of Lake CY O'Connor. To the right is the Weir Wall. If you look hard enough above and beyond the wall and slightly to the right on the hill, you will see the Golden View Lookout - the end point of this walk.

5. The Kep Track Trailhead

Kep (Gep) is a Nyoongar word for water. The Kep Track is a 75km multi-use track that follows the Golden Pipeline to Northam. Whether enjoyed as a one to two hour walk, a bush outing for you and your horse or a cycle adventure of several days, this trail offers a unique experience for all users.

The Mundaring Weir Hotel was built in 1898 by Fred Jacoby, it was then called The Reservoir Hotel and consisted of a single storey building which can still be found behind the double storey addition built around 1906. CY O'Connor used the building for his office during the construction of the weir wall.

7. The Golden Pipeline

In 1895 the State's Engineer-in-Chief of Public Works, CY O'Connor, was asked to work out how to get fresh water to the arid goldfields around Coolgardie.

The project involved building a 557km steel pipeline.

CY O’Connor had already overseen the construction of a railway to the Goldfields, which reached Kalgoorlie in 1897. The pipeline closely ... More

8. After hours route start

The Mundaring Weir Wall closes at 5pm daily, so please use this path after this time. It is marked with Bibbulmun Track trail markers.

Mundaring Weir picnic area (north end wall)

10. No.1 Pumping Station

Formerly known as the CY O'Connor Museum, No.1 is the first in a series of eight steam pump stations built in 1902 to pump the water through the pipeline to the Goldfields.

The pipeline was divided into eight sections, each with its own pumping station. Each pumping station would pump water to a holding tank alongside the next pumping station... More

Today, Mundaring Weir supplies water to over 100,000 people and six million sheep in an area covering 44,000 square kilometres (two thirds the size of Tasmania).

The weir wall was 32m high when first built in 1898 and was extended by a further 10m in 1946, to triple its capacity. Today it can hold 63.6 million cubic metres of water over 761ha at ... More

12. After hours route end

The Mundaring Weir Wall closes at 5pm daily, so please use this path after this time. It is marked with Bibbulmun Track trail markers.

There are public toilets located here.

14. Golden View Lookout

The Golden View Lookout at South Ledge provides panoramic views over Lake CY O'Connor, the Mundaring Weir and the Helena River Valley. Interpretive panels provide information on the hydrology, landscape and heritage of the Helena Valley.

15. South Ledge

There is a pleasant picnic area at South Ledge. En route to the Golden View Lookout, the jarrah and marri forest understorey comes alive in spring when species such as hakeas, grevilleas, wattles, orchids, peas and kangaroo paws come into flower.

Red and green kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos manglesii) are endemic to Western Australia. The species... More