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Bruges Guide

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Best of Bruges

3 days in Bruges
3 days in Bruges

A must-see on any traveller's list, Bruges is a charming town filled with incredible history, beautiful scenery and friendly locals. Plus, it's a pedestrian's dream. What's not to love?

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Family-friendly Bruges

Bruges for young kids
Bruges for young kids

Children will feel right at home in Bruges, a city that's perfectly sized for taking in its charms. And kids of all ages will adore these attractions.

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Bruges on a budget

Bruges on a budget
Bruges on a budget

Sometimes the best things in life are free -- or nearly so. Check out these affordably priced mini-adventures right inside Bruges.

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Insiders' Bruges

Bruges off the beaten path
Bruges off the beaten path

Unique adventures create great lasting memories. Check out these Bruges delights and take home a different perspective of this fascinating place.

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Getaways from Bruges

Daytrips from Bruges
Daytrips from Bruges

Bruges is perfectly located for exploring -- both within and outside the city limits. Extend your Belgian adventure with getaways to these other scenic spots.

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Week-end in Bruges
Week-end in Bruges

Bruges (Brugge in Flemish) deserves its name of "Venice of the North".

Its downtown is indeed surrounded by canals that it is possible to travel by boat.

Bruges is also the most touristic city of...

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