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Brooklyn Guide

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Brooklyn Bridge Walk
Brooklyn Bridge Walk

This is a fun and scenic walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn. If you have children with you, just say these magic words: "Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory" and you will likely have no trouble getting them...

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Brooklyn Pub Crawl
Brooklyn Pub Crawl

The Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope has a dual identity as both a place to raise kids and a place to go out to eat and drink. Many bars & restaurants feature organic and artisanal snacks, plus...

Family Friendly Prospect Park
Family Friendly Prospect Park

Prospect Park has so many child-friendly attractions that you might find a single visit won't do them justice. You can also bring a ball and play in an open field, watch dogs frolic at dog beach, and...

NYC Ice Cream
NYC Ice Cream

Finding 'the best' ice cream is subjective; the decadent chocolate flavor you like may be too rich for someone else, and the fresh fruit another person favors can turn you off. The ice cream shops...

Williamsburg: NYC Walking Tour
Williamsburg: NYC Walking Tour

Ever since young creative types started moving to Williamsburg in the ‘90’s for affordable rent, the forces of gentrification have swept through this neighborhood, located just 10 minutes from...

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