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  • Their lobby and courtyard are beautiful, and the views of the plaza and surrounding hills fantastic.
 The service was top-notch.
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  • Relax with friends and family
  • lovely oasis in busy Banos
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  • A beautiful property in Riobamba
  • An excellent place to stay
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  • Wonderful place to stay in Manta, Ecuador
  • Definitely the best hotel in Manabi!!!
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  • Shining copper!!
  • Excellent customer services
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  • Great place to stay
  • a lifesaver and a joy
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  • One of Ecuador's best destination resorts
  • One of the best Romantic place to be in
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  • We were very happy with this hotel
  • A pleasant experience
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  • HOJO In Loja, Ecuador Is The "Bomb!"
  • Pleasantly surprised
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  • So GOOD it is misbranded
  • Very very good hotel
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