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  • Excellent hotel, great experience.
  • Couldn't ask for a better hotel!
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  • Serene colonial hotel in heart of Mompox
  • Wish we had stayed here
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  • Gorgeous hotel with best service in Colombia to dat
  • Great place - stay here for a daytrip to Tayrona
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  • Perfect place to relax and dive
  • Away from town means peaceful and quiet mornings and evenings.
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  • Wonderful and relaxing eco-experience
  • Diamond in a lost paradise
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  • Excellent service and great place to stay
  • Good location in historic center,
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  • Great place to stay in the city
  • Very homey atmoshere, nice break from chain hotels
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  • Absolutely Brilliant
  • an excelent and uniqe hotel!!!
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  • Pay a little more get a lot more!
  • Best hotel in Colombia (or the world)
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  • Excellent service
  • Highly Recommended
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