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  • Wonderful little place to return to
  • If heaven is peace and quiet, this is it!
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  • Wonderful stay
  • A treasure that gives back
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  • A safe and comfortable cultural immersion
  • Heaven in Xizhou
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  • A magnificent resort with great views
  • Welcome to Shangri'la
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  • An oasis of modern comfort in an ancient town
  • Felt like home staying at Bivou
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  • Awesome Hotel with Fantastic Service
  • An excellent hotel at a reasonable price
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  • Unique and Charming China Experience!
  • a haven in the heart of Beijing
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  • Wonderful & delightful little oasis in Beijing
  • Wonderful Stay
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  • Right in the heart of Shuhe ancient city
  • Wonderful place
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  • Grace Hotel in Beijing is Fantastic
  • Artistic Urban Escape
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