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  • Nice place to relax, excellent service, comfortable rooms, beautiful views
  • Perfect place to stay in magical mountain area
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  • Terrific Boutique Hotel in a Great Location
  • Lovely hotel in a beautiful location
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  • The Best Place to Stay in Xizhou
  • A beautiful place to stay, amazing staff & inspirational owners
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  • Great service
  • Unforgettable experience
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  • If the lowest rating is still an "average" 3/5, and there are only 4 of them (out of a 100+), this place has to be good.
  • Excellent
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  • An excellent hide-away from the busy city life
  • Perhaps the best accommodation offered in the Old Macau
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  • Living like a little emperor in Beijing
  • Calm and luxurious hub in the centre of Beijing
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  • Living with the locals in boutique luxury style
  • Perfection.
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  • Shuhe oasis - Luxury on a budget
  • Right in the heart of Shuhe ancient city
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  • A Wonderful Botique Hotel!
  • Fantastic Experience
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