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Singapore | World | More
  • The hotel was an amazing surprise. Spotlessly clean, nice swimming pool, comfortable rooms, great breakfast buffet, with smiling and attentive staff.
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  • Great location combined with luxury and service you would expect...
  • Best stay in Panama
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  • Group Planning
  • Beautiful! Staff was great!
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  • Fantastic Staff, Gorgeous hotels!!
  • Great hotel, staff and location
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  • Great Hotel location in downtown Panama City
  • Off the Beaten Path and Worth It
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  • So far it has been great
  • Don't know why this isn't # 1?
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  • Panama vacation
  • Great for step one in Panama!
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  • Great downtown location,great staff
  • Great family stay at the Decapolis
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  • Yes! Without question, the best!
  • Really accommodating
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