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14 best trattorias in Rome you shouldn’t miss

Trattoria Rome
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Amelia Ang
By Amelia Ang21 Jun 2022 5 minutes read

Getting ready for a trip to Italy? One of the first things you need to do is to find out what a trattoria is. Typically, an Italian ristorante (restaurant) is formal, sophisticated, and expensive. While you’re in Rome, we definitely recommend heading for the trattorias. These casual and rustic eateries are where you’ll find seasonal and local favorites at wallet-friendly prices. Experience authentic Italian culture by checking out these 14 best trattorias in Rome.

1. La Campana

rigatoni la campana
fiori di zucca la campana
Image: MemeLord (left), Alessandro (right) / Tripadvisor

Price: $$

If not the best, La Campana is certainly the oldest trattoria in Rome. In fact, according to the Trancassini family who runs the trattoria, it might even be the world’s oldest restaurant. Reportedly founded in 1518, La Campana has served the likes of Caravaggio and Picasso. This trattoria preserves its historic roots with traditional dishes, impeccable service, and homestyle cooking. A reservation is a must, as La Campana is incredibly popular among both locals and tourists. Tip: Get the fiori di zucca (fried zucchini flowers) to start.

2. Grazia & Graziella

Grazia & Graziella pasta
Grazia & Graziella zucchini salad
Image: Martina M (left), Kamilaki M (right) / Tripadvisor

Price: $$

Located in the heart of Trastevere, Grazia & Graziella is a laidback trattoria that is open until 1 a.m. every day. This family-owned restaurant is a tribute to grandmother Grazia, who inspired many of the recipes served here. The funky atmosphere sets Grazia & Graziella apart from traditional trattorias, but you’ll still find authentic Italian food at reasonable prices. Come early or risk standing in line—bookings are also advised. After your meal, join a private walking tour to explore the streets of Trastevere.

3. Grano Trattoria

seafood pasta Grano Trattoria
Grano Trattoria tiramisu
Image: Management (left), Cleyson A (right) / Tripadvisor

Price: $

Hungry after a sightseeing day out? Drop by Grano Trattoria, which has the most unbeatable prices in Centro Storico. A two-minute walk from the gorgeous Chiesa del Santissimo Nome di Gesù all’Argentina, Grano Trattoria offers a great $10 lunch deal, which includes a starter, drink, and main (pasta, pizza, or salad). We recommend the bruschetta, carbonara, and tiramisu. Or you can always ask your friendly server for recommendations.

4. Armando al Pantheon

Da Armando al Pantheon lamb chop
cacio e pepe Da Armando al Pantheon
Image: Aurora G (left), silviaverdena (right) / Tripadvisor

Price: $$

A stone’s throw away from the Pantheon, Da Armando al Pantheon has been run by the Gargioli family since 1961. This popular trattoria serves classic Roman fare and has even been awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand. Past diners include Hollywood stars like Stanley Tucci and Willem Dafoe, but Da Armando is still indisputably local at heart. Specialties include lamb chop, cacio e pepe, and tripe; don’t forget to consult the in-house sommelier for wine pairings.

5. Trattoria de Gli Amici

 Trattoria de Gli Amici italy
Image: Management / Tripadvisor

Price: $$

Enjoy a sumptuous meal while supporting a social cause at Trattoria de Gli Amici (The Restaurant of Friends). Since 1992, this restaurant with a heart has been a social cooperative run by the community of Sant ‘Egidio with the aim of supporting and training people with disabilities. Offering a range of classic Roman dishes like suppli’, eggplant parmigiana, rigatoni carbonara, and saltimbocca, you’ll be more than satisfied with a meal at Trattoria de Gli Amici.

6. Jacopa

jacopa tortelli rome
jacopa rome
Image: Management (left), Peppefoodguide (right) / Tripadvisor

Price: $$$$

From the moment you step into Jacopa, you’ll know you’re in for something different. This modern, high-end trattoria is located in Hotel San Francesco, and is run by Piero Drago and Jacopo Ricci, both former chefs of two Michelin-starred II Pagliaccio. Instead of its predecessor’s fusion fine dining, Jacopa reinvents classic dishes, from tuna tataki to osso buco meatballs. With quality ingredients, top-notch service, and a sunny, open-air terrace, Jacopa promises a trattoria experience unlike any other.

7. Otello

otello rome food
otello rome tiramisu
Image: Fedez24 (left), Gretel (right) / Tripadvisor

Price: $$

Otello is a rustic trattoria by the Tiber River that offers indoor seating in a warm, casual setting and outdoor seating under the open sky. Customary Italian dishes like fried artichokes, cacio e pepe, and tiramisu are freshly prepared, and vegan and gluten-free options are also available. Feel free to order as much as you’d like—your waiters are always happy to pack any leftovers for you to take away.

8. Trattoria Monti

trattoria monti rome
trattoria monti dessert
Image: brunoebrunelli (left), sers3 (right) / Tripadvisor

Price: $$

Located in the trendy Monti district, Trattoria Monti is tucked in a quiet corner of the neighborhood. Instead of Roman fare, you’ll find meat-based dishes from the Marche region like stuffed rabbit and giant ravioli. Romantic and intimate, this trattoria is a must-visit for couples in Rome; Trattoria Monti’s wine list is also extensive and reasonably-priced. With only 12 tables available, it’s best to book ahead to guarantee a seat.

9. Pinsitaly Trevi

 Pinsitaly Trevi pizza
Image: Management / Tripadvisor

Price: $

Bringing classic Roman dishes at fast food prices, Pinsitaly Trevi doesn’t sacrifice quality—each dish is lovingly handmade, from gooey arancini rice balls to crispy pizzas. Pinsitaly is just a few steps from the Trevi Fountain, and is a convenient spot to grab a quick bite before joining a nearby walking tour. Tip: Try the pizza diavola (deviled pizza), which is similar to pepperoni except devilishly spicy.

10. Burro & Sugo

burro & sugo mussel
burro & sugo seafood
Image: Nthabiseng M (left), Domenico T (right) / Tripadvisor

Price: $

Tired of your usual pasta, pizza, and meats? Burro & Sugo (Butter & Sauce) is a trattoria that specializes in affordable seafood. While you’ll find your usual cold cuts and carbonara here, we love the fish-based appetizers served either raw or cooked—from tuna tartare to octopus Luciana style (stewed octopus). If you’re a faithful lover of pasta, why not try something different from conventional Roman fare? Go for the pappardelle with wild boar sauce or orecchiette with speck, radicchio, and provolone.

11. Agustarello a Testaccio

Agustarello a Testaccio rigatoni con la pajata
lamb Agustarello a Testaccio
Image: Pulcetta76 (left), Alfredo M (right) / Tripadvisor

Price: $$

Humbly decorated with wooden tables and soft lighting, Agustarello a Testaccio is a landmark in Testaccio, Rome’s former slaughterhouse district. Fittingly, Agustarello specializes in offal-based dishes, although everyday Roman fare is available. More adventurous diners should take the opportunity to try items like the rigatoni con la pajata (rigatoni with the intestines of an unweaned calf). If you’re still open to trying more food around the historic area, join this Testaccio food tour.

12. Bi Trattoria

Price: $$

fettuccine zucca gorgonzola e pistacchio Bi Trattoria
Image: Management / Tripadvisor

Venture off the beaten path to dine at Bi Trattoria. Situated in the residential Acilia Sud district, this modern Italian trattoria offers a contemporary twist on classic dishes. From lasagna with salmon to pinsa romana carbonara (hand-pressed flatbread with eggs, cheese, and bacon), Bi Trattoria’s eclectic menu based on seasonal ingredients means that you’ll always find something new to try.

13. Giulia

Giulia restaurant rome
Giulia restaurant rome
Image: Management (left), Ele.zucca (right) / Tripadvisor

Price: $$$$

Overlooking the Tiber River, Giulia is a romantic trattoria helmed by chef Pierluigi Gallo. It’s located in a historic building designed by famous architect Marcello Piacentini, and its 45 seats are spread out among different floors, including an outdoor terrace. Chef Gallo marries Italian food from regions like Friuli and Campania with modern cooking techniques, using only the freshest local ingredients. Don’t miss out on Giulia’s creative cocktails, like “Rock Oyster,” which features vodka infused with kombu seaweed.

14. Felice a Testaccio

Felice a Testaccio Roma steak
Image: JackDM1985 / Tripadvisor

Price: $$$

Featured in the Michelin guide, Felice a Testaccio has been around since 1936. This brick-lined trattoria serves timeless dishes like tonnarelli cacio e pepe, although they’re always game to integrate requests like gluten-free options. We recommend trying the abbacchio (Roman roasted young lamb) and piselli al prosciutto (sweet peas with prosciutto ham). Daily specials are also available, and reservations are recommended.

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