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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia45 contributions
Fun filled day with Fun Life tours
Apr 2021 • Couples
We travelled with Fun Life tours twice in April, the trip was with our family members with young and old. The interaction started via Facebook with Mr. Eric, he was professional, friendly and very informative and reliable.

He runs this tour remotely while his dad and siblings are on the ground helping tourists by showcasing sky mirror, eagle feeding, fireflies and blue tears tour.

Eric and everyone in Fun Life are easy to deal with, super friendly, helpful in answering all of our questions and also provided additional recommendations on restaurants and accommodation.

Special shout out to Eric’s sister- Ms. Ng who is the friendly face you will see greeting you at the Fun Life private Jetty.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Mr. Tan, who was our tour guide cum photographer who was passionate and took the best photos in under 60 minutes.
Written 25 April 2021
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia257 contributions
An experience you can never imagine before!
Mar 2021
When I finally experienced it, I thought this is something which I never imagined!

First thing is - what is Sky Mirror? It is an experience whereby you go deep into the sea on a boat and suddenly out of nowhere you see a land mass (of sand) which is at the same level as the level of the sea. The fist time you see this land mass you really cannot believe it. You will see people standing on it, walking around effortlessly, but right in the middle of the sea! As if they are standing on the sea. Then the boat stops and you get down to experience for yourself as you put your feet down initially with around a foot of water. Miraculously, you take barely a few steps and you are on the sand right in the middle of the sea.

Then what happens? Then another magic happens which is manmade this time. Very soon you will see your tour operators who accompany you doing some strange things. Like putting up wooden boards on the sand, then using hands and wooden shovels to straighten the sand. Its fascinating as you cannot understand or imagine what will happen next. Very soon after your tour operators have made the "necessary" arrangements they will call you on the "stage". Which is nothing but they will make you stand and do all kinds of things and they will click your pictures. Yes, just pictures. You think what the hell do we come here all the way just to click photographs, till you see the pictures. They will take your breath away. The photographs are stunning as if you are standing on the sea surface and the sea becomes your mirror and whatever you are doing is actually reflected on the sea surface. And the background of the picture is nothing but blue which is a seamless combination of the blue sea and the blue sky. This is why it is called SKY MIRROR!!

Fascinating without a doubt. This combination of natural and man made phenomenon. I have never experienced anything like this before. Needless to say you can only understand it by actually experience it. You will see millions of photographs on the net when you type sky mirror on google. But, trust me, you need to experience it yourself.

Now that I have explained what it is, let me now tell you what all things do you need to watch out for and here is the list:

1. This is a tour which has to be pre booked. As in you just can't go and visit. You will have to book the tour through various tour companies.

2. The activity is dependent on the sea tide for the formation of the land/sea mass in the middle of the sea. So, the timing keeps changing and also on a particular day the activity might not be available.

3. Overall duration is approximately 3.5 hours in total.

4. We did our booking on Shopee (who could imagine, booking a tour on Shopee which is an Chinese online shopping brand. The tour we booked was a combination of Sky Mirror tour + 45 minutes ATV ride for RM 100 per person. Trust me I could not find any other tour with this kind of value for money. You can just type Air Mirror on Shopee and see this tour. For both these activities you have to make your way to Kuala Selangor which is just 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Both the activities are done by different tour operators. The Sky Mirror Tour was executed by a company called D Tours. The ATV ride was executed by a company called KS Leisure Palm Park.

5. Our pre-decided time for Sky Mirror was 8 am, so we had to reach the D Tours Jetty at 7.45 am. You then do your mandatory temperature scanning and registration through the My Sejahtera app. Then you collect your color wrist bands from the counter. You are then given life jackets. Then you have to wait your turn as per the color bands. So, they will call out like "purple" and all purple holders will board the boat. The boat takes in around 20 people. It has a captain and then there will be 2 young tour operators - boys or girls - they will be the ones who will be taking the miraculous photographs. You then board the boat and the boat speeds into deep sea for 30-40 minutes. You will see many boats from all directions speeding towards the same point which is fascinating to see. Then suddenly you will hear the boat slowing down and then you will see ahead something which will take your breath away. A flat piece of land/sand barely just visible above the surface of the sea right in the middle of the sea and you will see people walking around on it as if they are walking on the surface of the sea! Soon the boat will stop and you will get down using a ladder into sea water which would be around 1 foot in depth. Then with barely a few steps you will reach the flat piece of land/sand and you can just walk around like so many people. You spend around 1 hour getting those amazing pictures clicked. Post that you will board the same boat in which you came. Another 30-40 minutes boat ride back to the jetty and there you would return your life vests and that would end the Sky Mirror tour. In total would be a 3.5 hours activity.

6. Dress Code? Frankly nothing. But avoid wearing trousers and jeans as they will get wet and you might feel uncomfortable. Wear bright clothes so that the pictures come out nice. So, if you have that orange flowery shirt and you didn't know where to wear it, this is the place:) Wear shoe ware which can get wet, though you are asked to leave your shoe ware on the boat and go bare foot on to the land mass / sand.

7. What to carry? In the tour instructions they tell you to carry umbrellas. So, we did, but we did not use it as we had a morning slot. But, if you have say a 11 am slot, then you might need them, because Malaysia is very sunny. Also, I don't really know if it will rain there. So, better to carry. You can always leave a back pack back on the boat and not carry it when you get down to the land mass / sand. Carry caps, hats, again to protect yourself from the sun. It is a sunny activity, so people with sensitive skin might like to carry and apply sunscreen. But, we did not have to use it. Food and drinks not required. The tour includes plastic drinking water bottles and once you are on your way back to the jetty after the activity, you will be given packed biscuits and cake.

8. The tour operators who click the photographs usually ask for iphone to click the pictures. So, please see if one of you have a recent model of iphone. (Android users must be going all red here:))

9. Please trust the tour operators to take the right kind of pictures. They are experts. But after sometime you will get a hang of how they take those amazing pictures. So, then you can improvise your own poses and stunts!

10. The jetty has well maintained and clean toilets. You are advised to use the toilets before you get on the boat because you will not get a chance to do your business for the next 3 hours.

11. Kuala Selangor is just 1 hour drive from KL. So, you can even do a day trip for Sky Mirror activity. While in Kuala Selangor, a suggested lunch place is River View Seafood Restaurant. We had our lunch there and we enjoyed the food. It is nothing extraordinary but I think it is the best place in Kuala Selangor and located next to the river with nice views. Please see my detailed review on this place.

12. Sharing our itinerary just for your information. We did a 2 days, 1 night trip to Kuala Selangor. We spent the night in another remarkable place called Sekinchan. Sekinchan is another half hour ahead of Kuala Selangor by road if you are driving from KL. So, our itinerary was as follows: Day 1 - we started our drive from KL at 11.30am and straight reached River View Seafood Restaurant for lunch at 12.40 pm. Out next appointment was at 2 pm which was ATV riding. The ATV place (company name mentioned above) is located just 5 minutes away from the restaurant. We finished with our ATV activity by 4 pm and started driving to Sekinchan. We checked in our pre booked Airbnb apartment in Sekinchan by 4.40 pm. We then refreshed ourselves. We then moved out around 6 pm and reached Pantai Redang (the public beach area of Sekinchan). We then visited the famous Chinese wishing tree. Then we sat next to the beach and had beer and watched the lovely sun set. We then moved out of there for dinner at around 8 pm. After having dinner at a local place we reached the apartment at around 9.30 pm and partied the whole night till around 2.30 am. Day 2 - we had to wake up at 6 am as we had to leave the apartment by 7 am to reach the Sky Mirror jetty (D Tour jetty) by 7.45 am. We carried packed breakfast with us. We finished Sky Mirror activity by 10.45 am and drove back to our apartment in Sekinchan which we reached at around 11.30 am. We then refreshed ourselves and rested a bit and checked out from the apartment at 1 pm. We went for lunch to a restaurant called SKC Paddy View Restaurant which is right next to the paddy fields (please see my separate review of this place). Sekinchan is famous for the verdant paddy fields. The restaurant is famous for Fish Head Curry. And we also had very good crabs there. We finished lunch by around 2.45 pm and started to drive back to KL. We reached back home by around 4.30 pm. It was a lovely 2 days outing. Yes, we did travel during Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) which doesn't allow for interstate travel because of the pandemic. But, under CMCO you are allowed to travel from KL to Selangor. And both these places are in Selangor.

13. My last advise to all. When you go for the Sky Mirror activity, please do not litter the land/sand mass because it is literally part of the sea and completely natural. So, please do not throw anything or leave behind anything there. Thank you!

Sky Mirror is one of those activities which takes away the breadth of everyone. Big, small, young, old. So, please go with families and in big groups and you will enjoy and it is definitely a bucket list kind of an activity. At least you will get to know the mystery behind those stunning pictures!!
Written 6 April 2021
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2 contributions
Bad staff
Apr 2021
The staff who sell the tickets and organize the boats are a disaster. They are not really friendly this the customer.
Written 4 April 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

koh j
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia7 contributions
SkyMirror Fun Life.....Amazing
Oct 2020
It was a last minute decision to join Sky Mirror tour with a local company called Fun Life since we were on a day trip to Sekinchan. This decision turned out to be the highlight of the day. Eric from Fun Life was very prompt with his replies and facilitated our trip.
The boat captain ensure that the ride to and from Sasaran Beach was not only safe but exciting. It was fascinating to behold the vast sand bar appearing gradually in front of our very eyes, in the middle of Malacca Straits. The experience was nothing short of amazing.
Our entourage of five would like to thank you, Ah Seng the photographer for his patience and creativity during the photo session and also the boat captain ( sorry, forgot his name) for ensuring that the tour was leisurely paced and made our day !😊

Written 9 October 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Maizatul 1976
17 contributions
Wonderful Place
Oct 2020 • Couples
Beautiful and unique place for photo session either with family or Friends. Strong recomended, they have thier prop to help to get good photo shoot. Nice!!
Written 4 October 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Semenyih, Malaysia1,010 contributions
Aug 2020 • Family
I booked tickets online in advance because the departure time is different daily depending on the tide. I chose D tours Kuala Selangor as my guide. We arrived at the office an hour before boarding time (10.30am), collected our wristbands and waited to be called to board the boat. Life jackets were given. We headed out to sea slightly early, so we had to wait for the tide to lower before able to step on mud.

Two guides were on board each boat, one went into the water to pick a nice spot for photoshoot later, water level was thigh high. Another guide stayed with us 20 plus tourists on the boat. While waiting, we were lucky, someone spotted dolphins, everyone took out their cameras and hoped to get a photo of the dolphins. The captain was amazing, he followed the dolphins so that we can admire them longer from a safe distance.

Finally, the tide was low enough, we got down and water was only ankle high. We were surrounded by sea water, no land to be seen. We followed our guides and watched them work. They had to flatten out the mud, fill salt water to make a small pool, set up the umbrellas on the ground and lay flat stomach on the wet mud hiding under the umbrellas to take those Instagram photos for everyone of us. It was not easy to get these amazing shots, they worked really hard to give us perfect sky mirror effect photos. Our reflection was clear and the photos came out amazing.

I had never thought it was done that way, I thought it was a natural sky mirror effect in the middle of the sea. Turned out it was all man-made. Anyways, we were satisfied with the service and outcome of this trip, I do recommend to check them out if you love taking photos. The trip took 3 hours, by the time we were back at jetty, it's time to have a hearty seafood lunch, seafood restaurants were everywhere left and right.
Written 27 August 2020
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vidiya n
1 contribution
Perfect day trip from KL
Aug 2020 • Family
We travelled with D’tours Kuala Selangor to Sky Mirror. It was well organised & an excellent Experience.
Written 20 August 2020
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selangor10 contributions
Amazing experience with Sky Mirror
Jul 2020 • Friends
We joined sky mirror, firefly and blue tears. We never had such amazing experience. I would say really worth going and not regret. Am satisfied and happy with Sky mirror kuala selangor service. Safety measurement on boat transfer was well managed.
The guide n photographer was nice, patience and gave us a lot fun ideas on sky mirror photo session.
Written 11 July 2020
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Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia54 contributions
Dec 2019
When I first time comes to this places, I was so amazed. At here, I was so happy that I can have this experience. When you see the photo that taken by photographer, you will feel so wonderful as they can use different angle to snap out such fantastic photo and make you feel like you are really on the sky. An unforgettable trip with my family and it was an unforgettable trip in my memories.....
Written 13 April 2020
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia137 contributions
Very well organised
Mar 2020
We’ve lived in malaysia for 23 years and this is by far the best organised tourist trip we’ve had. The guides were nice, thoughtful. The boat ride safe. The structure of the day was fun and they looked after us with food and water. They also managed time well. We did not, but combining this with a visit to the lookout, the eagles and then doing a night activity, would make it a very rewarding full day trip from KL.
Written 20 March 2020
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