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Proud Lion, opened in 2008, is Cheltenham's premier comic shop, owned and run by Ben Fardon. Ben has been a comic collector since he was young and has now been working in comic book retail for over a decade. Proud Lion stocks comics, graphic novels, games, collectables, and merchandise. Proud Lion Outlet stocks reduced items previously on sale in store.
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10 reviews
Very good

Casual Suspect
1 contribution
Terrible Customer Service
Nov 2019 • Solo
Walked Upto the door that was part open and pushed it to go inside, it didn’t open any further I was just welcomed by a ladys voice saying ‘We are closed. Oh and don’t touch the door. And just so you know there is a closed sign on the door’ Firstly you closed sign is a stupid height I am average 6ft and it was not clear atall, secondly there was no wet paint sign.... Thankyou for my beautiful blue fingers and the warm welcome.... NOT!! Oh and I said you just gave me blue fingers and she made it to be my problem explaining there is a closed sign on the door. Miserable unhelpful not smiling staff! I will take my business elsewhere Shame you never even got to know the type of customer you just lost and how many more people I will persuade not to visit. Training needed!
Written 4 November 2019
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2 contributions
Long term customer shouted at and called a liar
Jan 2019 • Solo
I had a missing comic from several months ago only realised that it was missing once issue 2 came out. When I called to discuss this was shouted at and called a liar. I have been a customer for many years spending thousands of pounds with them and this is how the treated a long term customer. No apology, just yelled out and called a liar. Would not expect this level of service from anyone and rather than admit to human error I was yelled at. I would heavily recommend you avoid as this service is terrible.
Written 29 January 2019
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London, UK50 contributions
The friendliest comic store
Jan 2015 • Solo
This is a truly wonderful comic store and sets a brilliant example of excellent customer service. The owner is very knowledgeable and helpful with customers, able to make very solid recommendations based on other titles/interests you may have. In other comic stores I used when i was younger I found the staff very condescending and elitist with me for not having a catalogue knowledge of superhero lore, which put me off the medium for a few years. That is simple not the case with Proud Lion, the owner is very accommodating and friendly with all customers. The store also has a good selection of board games and regularly hosts playing sessions so customers can come and try the games. It also very much part of the community of Cheltenham, hosting a monthly "drink and draw" event in a cafe local to the store, where people (not just artists!) can come and socialise and have a coffee/beer/milkshake and draw according to a theme. It's a very friendly and fun night.
Written 10 April 2015
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shaun m
1 contribution
Setting the comic shop standard
Proud Lion is an excellent example of an enthusiast turned entrepreneur. Ben is an enthusiastic walking comic encyclopedia, with a huge range of knowledge on the subject. Rather than this giving him an air of superiority he adapts this knowledge to the audience. I've seen small children come in looking for 'my little pony' comics, all the way up to hardened dedicated comic followers. He knows his stuff, end to end. He knows his customers too, in my experience he's remembered what I've bought and pointed out other, aligned books that I might like, and nine times out of ten, he's been right. The shop itself is nice, well lit, clean and tidy. It feels like part of the Cheltenham community, with a notice board and support of local events in the same social space. I get my books from here every month, whether you do the same, or are just visiting Cheltenham for the day, make a point to visit Proud Lion.
Written 7 February 2014
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Mark O
4 contributions
Simply awesome
Jan 2014
Great selection of individual issues and TPB, fair prices, great service from the knowledgable and friendly owner. My wife has been in on her own to order gifts for me and always says that the service was friendly and made her feel at ease and happy to go back.
Written 5 February 2014
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George P
Cheltenham, UK1 contribution
Excellence itself
Feb 2014 • Friends
Proud Lion is a its simplest a Comic Book shop. A Comic Book shop, however, can be more than you might think. Combining alone the incredibly friendly and helpful owner, Ben, offering some of the best customer service I have encountered, the excellent range of Comic Books, both new and old, the huge array of Board Games, Card Games, Pen & Paper RPGs and a veritable hoard of general Nerd paraphernalia, you have one excellent shop. But add to that the game days, allowing you to try out new board games, the support for smaller comic retailers, the excellent array of beautiful Iron Man figures and replica props and the great environment created (I have ended up in many an hour-long impromptu three-way conversation in the ground floor of the shop with Ben and another patron) and you have yourself a shop which is most definitely worthy of its "Excellent" rating. As I mentioned earlier, Ben's service is phenomenal. Always willing to help customers, and with a genuine passion for the business he runs, Ben represents everything that good customer service should be. During the recent DC comics lenticular "Villains" cover debacle, for example, he worked hard to ensure everyone knew what was going on, what was wrong and how things were to be distributed. Ben is also extremely willing to help a customer find what they want, happy to order something specifically right away, without purchase obligation. The product range is brilliant and well-organised, and Ben's excellent knowledge of his stock means that if you can't find something, he probably can in moments, and will always be willing to do so. Always there with a smile and a welcome, whether you be a first-time entrant or a long-time veteran comic purchaser, Ben is Proud Lion. All this brings you a very good, personal shopping experience. But the extra activities and events put on by the shop convert it from a place of simple commerce to a hub for the local Nerd community. One excellent example of this are the "Big Game Hunting: Live" Board Game sessions, taking place on the second Saturday of every month, at which you can turn up, play that month's Board Game for a day, and walk away with a 10% off voucher for that game, valid for three months. These sessions allow you to try new games and meet new people, and really enhance the shop's sense of community. Another section of the experience mentioned above is the support for smaller comic retailers. Quite prominently displayed by the stairs adjoining the two levels of the establishment is a good selection of works by local comic artists, all of whom are self-publishing. This support is another great example of the little additional things Ben does to make the shop exceptional. And, finally, the visual feast that is the wondrous array of Iron Man (not to mention the many other superheroes among them) figures, prop replicas and paintings from Ben's personal collection that adorn the shop show that it truly is a place of comics. All this sounds (and is) most impressive, and some may even find it a little daunting initially, but I would most certainly reccomend popping along. If you have no idea bout comics, Ben will be happy to help. Or, if you feel like getting into comics in a slightly more frenzied manner, then Free Comic Book Day (yes, it IS what it sounds like) is celebrated on the first Saturday of May every year at Proud Lion. Or, come along to one of the Board Game days (second Saturday of every month). And, of course, if you want a new boardgame, Walking Dead bottle opener or a house Stark badge, then Proud Lion is the shop for you.
Written 5 February 2014
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Cheltenham, UK2 contributions
Proud Lion should be proud!
Jan 2014 • Solo
Proud Lion is a fantastic little independent comic book/gaming shop with some excellent treasures hidden away for you to find! I always find Ben to be a helpful, happy person who is brilliant at helping me pick out various items when I ask for help - for example, I mentioned my boyfriend likes Deadpool, so I wanted to get him something to do with that for Christmas, and Ben immediately managed to suggest a series of graphic novels (describing them to me with all the passion and enthusiasm a comic book lover should do!). What's even better is that he will always remember what you like - the second anything Firefly/Serenity related is set for release he'll always mention it to me and I will usually put them on order! I'm more than happy to support this local store and often find myself sending other people Ben's way when they come in asking if we sell certain graphic novels or board games (I work in HMV and people will frequently come in to us looking for the comics/graphic novels and other merchandise that sits alongside series such as Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones) Keep up the great work dude, you bring comic book joy to so many people!
Written 5 February 2014
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Swindon, UK1 contribution
*Great* customer service
Feb 2014 • Business
Am rather baffled by the malicious, spiteful and illiterate so-called "review" that's been posted on here by someone with an obvious chip on their shoulder. I've been a customer at Proud Lion for years and have never had a problem whatsoever. I've always had great, friendly, knowledgeable service and will continue to use the shop for all my comic book needs. Keep up the good work!
Written 5 February 2014
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Bromsgrove, UK1 contribution
Poor Customer Service
Apr 2013 • Friends
The customer service of the owner Ben is less then poor, Proud lion is closed on every other Monday of the month apart from the first. I forgot this fact and attended the shop. Ben was sat in the store with the lights on, so as I believe anyone would entered the store without a second fort. once in the store ben let myself and my friend know the store was closed. I apologized and started to leave the store appon leaving Ben stated that we should have known that it was closed as there was 2 signs which we never looked at as we walked in, to this I replied nothing. looking on Facebook later that day I had been insulted by the owner, so my friend cancelled his subscription and let the owner know of our concerns. His reply was that we was rude, outrages and entered the shop as though we had entitlement (Come on its a shop is it not?) following this up by stating that myself and my friend are banned for life from his comic shop. Well way to go that's great customer service.
Written 15 April 2013
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Cheltenham, UK414 contributions
A brilliant independent comic, graphic novel and gaming shop
Apr 2012 • Solo
Two floors of comic goodness await you at this great independent shop - if you can resist the American sweets and snacks on the way in! Stocks Magic: The Gathering cards, graphic novels, figurines and collectables, and of course, two floors of comics :D
Written 11 April 2012
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