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Neighbourhood: Mayfair
Set beside some of London's best parks and home to world-class galleries, luxurious hotels, and famed thoroughfares, the ultra upscale Mayfair is one of London's most exclusive haunts. Here the shopping is haute, the dining is exquisite, and the nightlife is vibrant. A casual stroll through the area’s chic streets will reveal that Michelin stars and chauffeured cars are practically the norm here. Even if you're on a tight budget, this exceptionally well connected swath of Central London is worth exploring, if only for the chance to take a peak at the goings on of upper crust English society.
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  • Bond St • 4 min walk
  • Oxford Circus • 4 min walk

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Very good

2 contributions
Be really careful with paying deposits!
Mar 2020 • Friends
I paid a £100 deposit with this bar and had to reschedule twice for reasons out of my control. Last week being that a friend was self isolating and her sister didn’t want to risk it and with what’s happened now I’m sooo glad we didn’t risk it! I asked for a drinks voucher and they refused therefore just keeping my money and providing me with nothing for the £100. This place might be great but I’ll never know cos I wouldn’t go now. Wish they realised if they had good customer service and showed decency they would potentially have got a lot more money from me with future visits but now I wouldn’t go and have also advised my friends. I haven’t known customer service like this in a really long time. So just be careful people :)
Written 21 March 2020
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diane t
London, UK2 contributions
Pizza and Prosecco bottomless with Drag Queen
Mar 2020 • Friends
Went yesterday for the brunch, after reading reviews was expecting it to be disappointing! It was fab, pizza and prosecco lovely! Very organised and Drag queen was brilliant, will definitely be back.
Written 15 March 2020
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Emma G
Bedford, UK14 contributions
Drag brunch - sooo disorganised
Feb 2020 • Friends
Mixed reviews of my visit to Loop Bar. On arrival there was one person behind the bar and no-one to advise where to wait. It took an age to buy a drink and it wasn't a great first impression for my friend's surprise birthday treat. When we went down to the area for the drag brunch it was a free for all with no-one taking responsibility for seating was a case of find your name and suit yourselves! This would've been made easier if the tables had been set for guests due on 8th Feb, however the names were for 7th Feb instead. The two employees did not take charge and instead all guests ended up helping themselves to the nearest table, arranging the furniture themselves, and passing drinks amongst ourselves. In all honesty I could've walked in off the street and got a free drag brunch as no-one checked our bookings! The only consolation was the drag act was great, the pizzas tasty and the prosecco was good (though we had to help ourselves on occasions) All in all I was really disappointed with the venue and distinct lack of management/organisation and I won't be recommending them; however I loved Cosmic, the drag act!!
Written 16 February 2020
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James C
London, UK3 contributions
Feb 2020 • Couples
The worst establishment I have ever drank in on Earth. The service is slow, the beer is bad, the staff are rubbish. If you want a dreadful evening, head to The Loop.
Written 4 February 2020
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Arash S
1 contribution
Rude/aggressive bouncers
Jan 2020 • Friends
This place by far has the worst staff you could ever get. Was at the front of the queue talking to the manager about a particular situation-all after I was checked for ID and was allowed to go in. After our conversation ended, I told the other security that I can go in as I’ve already been checked for ID and everything and they told me to go to this one bouncer to check me one more time. Went up to him and he gave me this aggressive tone of voice telling me to wait. I calmly told him to chill out and he was like ‘don’t tell me to chill out or I’m not gonna let you in and then kissed his teeth at me.’ If you’re gonna recruit bouncers and security, recruit normal people and not idiots who clearly treat people like animals. Also recruit people who pass on the national height average because he was talking like he wanted to fight me even though he was literally half my height 😂😂.
Written 22 January 2020
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Olivia Hazell
Guildford, UK38 contributions
Worst Club I’ve Ever Been To
Jan 2020 • Friends
Booked tickets here for the student Sin Bin on a Wednesday for a friend’s birthday and was really excited to go. I’d heard a lot of hype about the club, as I know it is very popular with students. We left our accommodation at 10:30 and must have arrived around 11. The queue was ridiculous; we must have waited an hour and a half to get in. It was bordering on 2 hours really. The bouncers were so rude, screaming at us to ‘get in line’. They must have checked my ID 5 times; is that really necessary? I found that because of the length of the line, and as we all arrived a little tipsy, that your buzz is killed by the time you actually get into the club. When we got in I just wanted to go home, I had been standing outside in the freezing cold for the best part of 2 hours. I wasn’t really in the mood to go clubbing now. Now looking back on it, the queue was the best part of the evening. Once we got inside, there was a giant mass of people around the staircase that led to the floor below. I asked where the club actually was and my friend pointed to the staircase. We got in line (again) and waited to actually get into the club, but once we got to a certain point on the staircase and saw the club, I honestly felt fear, not excitement. The massive line of drunk students was leading into a a shoulder to shoulder mass of people in front of us, and as more people attempted to get onto the staircase and enter the club, we were consequently pushed into the the giant group of people. I’m quite small, so was terrified. I lost all my friends and was crushed up against the crowd. I tried to get to a quieter area at the back of the club where I could actually move freely, but it was so packed, it felt like they were trying to squeeze literally thousands of students into a room that couldn’t accommodate. Around me kids were breaking into violent fights and girls were crying and trying to get out, as they had obviously been injured from the crowd and how packed it was. (Where were all the staff to help?) But they couldn’t get out - the staircase is at a standstill as it is so poorly designed and NO WAY wide enough to allow easy (AND SAFE) access into and out of the club. All I could think for the whole time I was stuck there was - what if there’s a fire, what if we have to get out? God forbid, if for some reason the club was evacuated, there is no way that everyone is getting out safely. I ended up leaving with another friend less than 10 minutes after entering the building, and left through the fire exit, however I fear that in an emergency situation it wouldn’t be enough with people being so drunk and all. The doors aren’t the widest and not signposted well throughout the club floor. I think the main issue is that following the staircase that leads into the club is another, which is around 5 meters from the first. This second staircase apparently leads into a second club floor, but again the staff make you queue and wait. This means that the mass of people trying to get downstairs to the second floor only restrict others from getting into the club’s first floor. Very poorly designed. Why don’t they have ropes or barriers and make them queue around the side of the staircase and not in front of it, which would create more room and a much better club environment? I also don’t understand the club’s famed bouncers upon entering. They are so strict about letting you in, literally threatening to kick you out the 2 hour line if you so much as move a muscle, but then inside people are so obviously off their faces that they actually threaten others safety? I didn’t feel like a customer here, and it’s wrong that I bought a ticket and was treated like I was at a prison? There’s no sense of customer service at all and I didn’t feel safe throughout the entire night. Honestly - there are so many amazing clubs and bars in London; do not go here! It is a waste of time. If you are in any way claustrophobic I highly advise against it. However, if you like spending your night crushed up, pushed around and literally head butted, kicked and bruised, unable to move against hundreds of drunk students, then be my guest.
Written 16 January 2020
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indi j
1 contribution
Xmas do
Dec 2019
Wow it was bad, poor quality and cold food, not enough staff. Could not have been worse. Good luck to anyone else who has an Christmas party here.
Written 11 December 2019
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11 contributions
Security and Manager out of order
Dec 2019 • Business
We visited the bar for our Christmas business event and we were treated very poorly. We only stayed for 1hour and yet we spent a lot of money there. At 9pm security came to ask me to remove my handbag, which I placed in the corner of the empty dance floor by the pillar, so it wasn’t in a way ... at 9 pm there was hardly people in, anyway, security came in and started to create a big drama and I requested to speak to the manager... Manager couldn’t answer me when I requested to see the law stating this in writing. And as he couldn’t answer , he asked me to leave, so our group of 12 people left, even thou we spent money there! The manager didn’t have any manners and was very aggressive, same as security... simply couldn’t believe that my handbag was the reason for us to be asked to leave... I guess it is sign of cheap bar, where customer service is not well known, very inappropriate behaviour !
Written 7 December 2019
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5 contributions
Night out
Nov 2019 • Friends
Had a good time here on a Friday night with good music and a great atmosphere. Can't complain about the happy hour as well!
Written 1 December 2019
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Luis M
3 contributions
Ruined my friend's birthday
Nov 2019
We booked a table to eat here for a friend's birthday and then also another table in the club downstairs. In total we waited 2 HOURS for our food to be served, it came out at different times, they got 3 orders wrong so we had to send it back and wait again for what we ordered to be served. Everyone ate alone as the each meal came out at random times. The birthday boy was forced to watch everyone else eat and by the time his meal came everyone had finished theirs. One of the staff tried to blame us for the poor service and accused us of lying. The food was TERRIBLE (cheap, frozen pizza heated up), we have no idea why it took so long to receive this. We had to spend 30 minutes arguing with staff and the manager and all they gave us was 25%!! The club area was trashy, smelt of urine and had seedy men circulating around the edges. Bar staff barely spoke English, would mess up drink orders and then try to force you to pay even though they gave you the wrong drink. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.
Written 1 December 2019
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