Convento de Santa Clara

Convento de Santa Clara, Palma de Mallorca

Convento de Santa Clara
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Luxembourg City, Luxembourg6,631 contributions
Nice and peceful church
Oct 2019
The convent of Sta. Clara is a cloistered nuns one. It was built in the thirteenth century on the remains of an arabic building during the reign of the king James I, so-called “the Conqueror”. Due to its stated nature of cloistered nuns convent just the church can be visited. Therefore the subject matter of this review can just be the church itself. It's a pity that the rest of the convent may not be seen since apparently some of its parts are marvellous, such as several gothic tombs where some abbesses are buried.
In order to get into the church one must first enter a small square through a splendid portal on the top of which there is a picture showing the image of the saint under a tile curved roof crowned by a stone cross. Once in the square it's noticeable that one of its most outstanding features is the peacefulness which can be felt there. It's a nice square, the church being on the opposite side of the stated portal. The convent finds itself on the right hand side of the entrance to the square and on the opposite side there are private dwelling-houses whose occupants must feel in heaven as they have the luck to live in such a peaceful atmosphere.
The church is an attractive building despite the soberness of its façade. The latter is in late renaissance style and the sculptures and carvings framing the church entrance door are practically the sole architectural ornaments existing on there. They are beautiful. A window above the door itself and a shelter over that window as well as some artistically ornamented openings on the top under the roof are also attractive elements. The bell tower is a rather peculiar element of the church outer part. It's square shaped and located at the front part of the building with a view to the little square. It's concretely on the left side corner of the said building part as one looks at the façade from the square, as a prolongation of the main building so that the relevant edge is common to both the tower and the rest of the edifice. There is a square terrace, larger that the tower itself, in the middle of which the belfry stands. The terrace is surrounded by a nice balustrade.
Inside the building, the architectural style is not apparently clearly defined. It's a single nave church in which one may observe that most of its vault is of a barrel type with the exception of a small section which has a groined vaulted ceiling thus reflecting light beautifully while adding depth and movement to the space. Besides, the arches between the nave and the side chapels are semicircular, which, as known, is a typical feature of romanesque style. The interior is in general rather austere. Notwithstanding that, there are some beautiful elements such as the gilded high altarpiece and the Crucifixion side chapel. In the former one can see an image of the saint to whom the church is dedicated in a niche flanked outside it by four saints, two on each side of the niche. Above the latter, in another segment of the altarpiece, there is a smaller niche containing an image of the Virgin flanked by statues portraying St. Francis and another saint. All those figures form a marvellous ensemble located at the back of the fantastic apse with plateresque style walls. There is a nice mural painting depicting the Assumption of the Virgin on the wall below the organ platform balustrade, and other paintings hanging on walls among which that showing the Adoration of the Shepherds is outstanding.
It's by and large an interesting church worth being visited mainly to have the possibility to feel the peaceful atmosphere both inside and outside the building. That atmosphere may pervade the heart of anyone being there thus being able to make him have a sentiment of relaxation and, should the occasion arise, of recollection.
Written 7 June 2020
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Stockport, UK72 contributions
Interesting tradition, but disappointing biscuits
Feb 2020
We visited after reading in a guide book about the tradition of buying biscuits made by nuns by means of a sort of "lazy Susan" cupboard. We liked the small church, which had a holy atmosphere, and the process of buying the biscuits, but the ones we chose, the lemon flavour, were extremely hard and tasteless. The paper bag and paper box which the biscuits arrived in were nicely done.
Written 29 February 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Stuart Taggart
Birmingham, UK271 contributions
Hidden gem
Oct 2019 • Family
This little convent is a simple but beautiful church that is such a peaceful place to sit for a few minutes to contemplate. Has some beautiful side chapels that you must look at. Do take a few minutes to find this place and help towards the running of the place by popping a few coins in the box.
Written 3 November 2019
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Goettingen, Germany242 contributions
Love this peaceful place
Oct 2019 • Family
Already last year we came here after we read about the Convento de Santa Clara in a guide book. The church is dark, with old paintings at the walls- peaceful and spiritually. As far as I read, the community of nuns is very small and they live from things that they plant in their gardens behind, which aren'topen for guests, from donations and the sweets that they sell. Sadly I've not been there around christmas, when they offer even more things. But all around the year, one can buy selfmade chocolate bars and cookies. Now in summertime, they also sold ice cream. It's just a nice experience the way how you buy the things, as the nuns don't show themselves. Who loves quiet special places should defenitely go there!
Written 19 October 2019
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19 contributions
Oct 2019
We arrived during a mass - such a lovely place - wonderful singing - beautiful inside - worth finding
Written 16 October 2019
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Jayne P
Edinburgh, UK76 contributions
Spiritual Experience
Sep 2019
Wonderful venue for quiet and silent contemplation and to spend some time in such a peaceful atmosphere. The Santa Clara nuns keep a very low profile in the temple, appearing occasionally to light the candles.They don't leave the premises as they are a closed order of nuns.
However at certain times of the day, they do offer locals and tourists the chance to buy specially baked (by them) biscuits/cookies at a small closed kiosk adjacent to the temple.
Delightful experience.
Written 23 September 2019
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Saint Louis, MO2,102 contributions
Fascinating tradition and peek into the past
Jun 2019 • Friends
We were on a free walking tour of Palma, in English. Our guide asked if anyone in the group was getting married. One girl said, "Yes". Our guide took us to the nearby Convent of Santa Clara. She warned us to be quiet as we crossed the inner courtyard to a door. We all trooped in and she rang a little bell. After a bit, a voice asked what she wanted. She asked for the treat of the day. A little "lazy susan" type door rotated and our guide put in her money. The door rotated again and there was a packet of biscuits. We went back outside to the courtyard and our guide explained that the tradition was in the past that a soon to be engaged girl would take eggs to the convent. The cloistered nuns make treats, either sweet or savory, and exchange the eggs for a treat. The treat packet is then taken back to the party which was held to announce the engagement and the treats were shared by all. In our little group, we all got a biscuit. These were like the hard biscuits I was eating at my friends' house with tapas every day. It was a lovely gesture that the guide did this for us.
Written 13 July 2019
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Harrogate, UK24 contributions
Biscuits via a turntable at peaceful convent
Jun 2019 • Family
We have come across a few of these convents that exchange biscuits or blessings in return for a donation or fixed fee via a turntable such that you never actually see the nun on the other side (although this time we did hear her singing!) and they are always magical. There is always something particularly special about the whole experience.

This is the first time we have encountered biscuits and ice cream though. The coquets were like little coconut macaroons (lovely if you like coconut), the others were harder biscuits. My daughter pronounced the lemon ice cream had too many lemon bits in though I would have thought that was good!

The convent was closed the first time we visited so it's worth knowing the opening hours are 9-12.30 then 4.15-5.30 (slightly different on sundays I think) and the bell is on the wall. The biscuits were around 4.50 euros in a printed cardboard box with a longish use by date on. Enjoy.
Written 1 July 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Bishop's Stortford, Herts, England5,453 contributions
fun thing to do and tasty biscuits!
Mar 2019 • Couples
We found the Convent fairly easily with our map but it wouldn't be hard to miss it! It's not that far from the Cathedral.

Small church to look at whilst there.

Loved talking 'to the wall' to order the biscuits, pay, then receive them!

They come in an attractive box and a bag and survived the flight home all without breaking.. glad we got them!
Written 12 March 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Sissinghurst, UK129 contributions
Lovely biscuits, unique experience!
Feb 2019 • Family
A local friend recommended that we head over to the Convent of Santa Clara and buy some biscuits. We wandered the streets and arrived a little before the opening time of 4.15 (they have a lunch break). We had a quiet moment in the lovely chapel, a peaceful haven, then at some lunch in the courtyard sunshine. At 4.15 the door swung open and we were faced with a hatch in the wall with wooden shelves. We stared at it a little uncertainly and a voice came from the other side..."ola?" We placed our order for biscuits (there is a sign and prices next to the hatch" and after a little confusion and some nunnish laughter at our spanish attempts, the shelving swung round and a bag of biscuits appeared. We paid our money into the same hatch and watched it swing away. "Gracias" came the smiling voice of the hidden nun and out we walked. I'm happy to say that the biscuits were lovely and they make a great gift to take home! I feel that biscuits made by holy hands must contain less calories..... !
Written 22 February 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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