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La Città della Domenica

La Città della Domenica
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A source of nurturing memories a magical and mysterious place
Aug 2020
We discovered Citta della Domenica by chance three years ago and since then we keep coming back.

It’s a magical and mysterious place where families still walk together through woods …discovering free dears …and suddenly screaming at some unexpected talking trees! (an interesting path through the wood)

This year we got lost into the Minotaurs Labyrinth , slept into the little treehouse on top of the owl’s cage…saw the reptile house with the story of evolution.. and, last but not least the trilling adventure of the the Antares Magician… transformed us in a “family adventure team group”: …using the map…discussing the better strategy to find the places… rest and listening to the mysterious creatures of the woods.. (wonderful actors really!)

Year by year, we built a collection of meaningful memories. That type of nurturing memories a family hardly gets in this “screen era” . Those memories I recon are an inestimable treasure. We will be always together in this discovering an adventurous ones. ..In there We are teaching our son being brave, curious, facing fatigue, respecting nature, listening, being part of a group and also able to advance alone..
In that protected place that is Citta della Domenica we can free our nurturing inner happiness. May be that’s why our son keeps talking all winters about “Citta della Domenica”.

I am glad to find a place without plastic buildings and screens. Everything is made with real wood , stone and metal. It’s an authentic place. Fantasy, nature and reality are linked in a unique blend like wise fairy tales.

It is a perfect counterweight for a media and sedentary society.

I would like to thanks all the actors and falconers of the wonderful spectacles that for this year are temporarily suspended cause covid alert. (The falconers spectacle, the warrior spectacle in which the children became “Little warriors”, and “the attack to the ancient train” spectacle. ) Hoping you ‘re coming back soon)

I know La città della Domenica is a healthy place where the family happiness can develop. It’s a protected and nurturing place for family’s inner relationships , relax, adventures , skills and education.

Year by year, they are also renewing historical attractions, employing a notable artist and caring of maintaining the traditional style.

Another advantage is that after the first visit of the year you can come for free any time during the year.
Written 10 August 2020
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Mr W
19 contributions
You need more than imagination for this
Jul 2018 • Family
The reviews for this were not he most encouraging but I do like to give everywhere a fair chance and we have a very young family so some reviews suggested it may be ok. It has to be said though that la citta della domenica was one of the strangest places we have been. The car park was overgrown and ramshackle and gave the impression that the place was out of business. It was difficult to find the entrance. There were only two people that seemed to be working on the day of our visit. The lady at the entrance was lovely but there was clearly nothing happening beyond the front doors. The first train ride was at 2. Even if we got it there was little to see.. the ‘attractions’ were old outdated or closed. The animals as others suggested were is dusty enclosures.. the only good thing was the view of Perugia opposite. One thing that makes it clear to me just how bad it was is that I have only two photos of the whole visit! It has the potential to be spectacular but it would need a huge injection of money to bring it back to its long and faded glory days.
Written 5 July 2018
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Kortenberg, Belgium4 contributions
Outdated, however kids still had fun
Aug 2017 • Family
Everyone going there should not have high expectations. It was developed in the 1960s, and - it seems - not updated since a long time.
In terms of accessibility with stroller, only the main path is an easy ride.
The map, menus, information panels,... are all only in Italian.
However, the kids (2 and 4 years) had a nice time. And all the staff was very friendly!
Written 13 August 2017
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London, UK53 contributions
Not worth a cisit
Jun 2017 • Family
I am a pretty positive person so even when we were told that the train through the park wasn't open till 2pm (we arrived for when the park opened) and the reptiles were closed till 2.30 (presumably having a lie in), I still was quite looking forward to exploring the zoo, medieval castle and various other 'areas' with my 3 year old.
I shouldn't have.

The attractions, if you can call them that, are pretty decrepit (I'm a fan of old school stuff, this is not what they are), we actually didn't come across a working ride, the zoo definitely had animals, but they certainly didn't look well after and you ended up feeling sorry for them.
We searched for the medieval castle and came across something which definitely wasn't a castle, so either completely missed it or it just wasn't what it said it was.

On the positive, we got some good exercise.

Not worth a visit.
Written 10 June 2017
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Basingstoke, United Kingdom114 contributions
A park with original attractions from the 60s needing more than just a coat of paint
Aug 2016 • Family
Unbelievable that they charged us an enormous sum to get in.
The road leading up the hill to the place is unfinished and there are no signposts. When we arrived we couldn't work out how to get in. We asked a worker and he directed us to the back gate for tradesmen! We found our way in eventually without paying but we saw the entrance hall and went for a coffee and a ticket.
The cappuccino was the only good thing there.
A train took us round and we had a chance to see what were supposed to be the attractions. We then walked around.
Everything was either closed or in desperate need of repair. Some of the seats, gates, fences etc were rotten, sharp and dangerous.
The animals were in terrible enclosures. A boar looked suicidal inside a small area covered in rocks and a tiny pool with hardly any water.
You pay extra for the car track which is next to the boating area which was green and slimey.
This was an utter disgrace.
We stopped at one of the cafe areas and the food was truly appalling.
Don't waste your time. If it hadn't been so expensive we would have treated it as a joke but the border level cruelty of the animal areas and the disgusting state of the "attractions" is awful.
Written 8 August 2016
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Munich, Germany22 contributions
Magical Time Machine to the 60's
May 2016 • Family
It was a wonderful day with the kids during the week. There had been not many people around which increased the magic feeling in this park. You feel the nostalgia from the 60's where this park has been created, which also reminded me a lot to my grandparents. This is not the park for people looking for action like in Lego Land or Gardaland, this park is for people enjoying walks in nature and travelling back in time, when fairy tales did not have to compete against Harry Potter or Star Wars to catch a child's attention. Great park for families looking for some Cowboys and Indians experience, enjoying to see diverse animals and to climb on buildings not build on plastic, but build to last the next 100
Written 24 May 2016
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Bergen, Norway3 contributions
Outdated park but fun for groups of kids
Mar 2016 • Family
We visited this park during our holiday in Perugia, we had 5 kids with us (from 3 to 13) and all of them loved it. The place is rustic and screams for some basic maintenance but the area itself is very nice! The views of Perugia from this park are fantastic!

All the kids loved the go-karts but you have to pay an extra € 1.50 for the ride (2 laps). There is a small and easy maze which was a lot of fun for the children. The train ride seems to run only once or twice a day.

The restaurant/cafe at the entrance offers burgers, hot dogs, pizza and small dishes. The quality of the food is just like in you average gas station. The other restaurants and the bar were closed.

This is a place to visit with a bunch of kids where they will definitely have a lot fun!
Written 26 March 2016
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Jeremy W
Perugia, Italy42 contributions
Simple nature park with some simple attractions kids love
Sep 2015 • Family
Città della domenica is a staple park here in Perugia, I even went there when I was young, more than 30 years ago.
I must say most of the attractions are the same, a little run downs, however the zoo area has been redone and is very nice.
It is obvious that the park is doing the best it can with limited funds and children have a blast. It is sad that the go-karts and bumper boats are not included in the hefty price-tag, considering they are the only modern ride. Some of the highlights, besides the many animals, were the live fairy-tale characters, the train ride, two large slides, the Princess beauty castle, live animal shows and the kangaroos.
We take the kids once a year and enjoy a day at the park, I just wish there were some amusement park rides. Truthfully speaking there were mode attractions back in the 80's, most of the current ones were also there in the 80's....

My advice is to go, but don't expect something like Disneyland, it is a different experience worth the price.
Written 18 February 2016
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Antonio F
Perugia, Italy152 contributions
Go here to see the whole of PG!
May 2015 • Friends
The Città della Domenica is a park with attractions for children, but there is also a fantastic pizza place and restaurant which has got good dishes and great views. Inside, it is a very large space so I don't normally book to go there. The best thing is the view just outside the main building. You can have a sense of the whole of Perugia, it's all in front of you to enjoy. Take your camera!
Only downside is you need a car to get there, because it's out of town and there are no buses to take you there.
Written 23 September 2015
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London, UK8 contributions
Aug 2015 • Family
Just getting here is an adventure. Up a pot-holed road seemingly going nowhere, with no signposting that I saw (use satnav). The views from the car park over Perugia are impressive. There looked to be lots to do. But the truth is this place is in need of serious investment. I'm not just talking about a lick of paint, but a lot of the so-called attractions are crumbling away or semi-deserted. Whatever you do, don't trek up the hill to the fairytale castle, it really really isn't worth it. On the plus side, there was no issue with crowds and the fact that it was so overgrown meant there was plenty of shade. Us adults did get some amusement from just how run down and pointless it all was and how creepy some of the attractions were. And, despite being bored some of the time, there were some bits the kids enjoyed, such as the big slide and the boats (extra charge) and the surreal Jesse James show, and there were animals, albeit it not very notable ones. There was no unifying theme. Definitely not worth the entry fee. I can't quite bring myself to give it one star because the kids (who it was for) enjoyed some of it, the staff were friendly and I came away feeling perplexed rather than angry.
Written 20 August 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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