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  • Bene0Ph
    1 contribution
    It's a basic looking but very comfy place, literally two steps away from the Antiche Therme. The staff is friendly, we got a two euros discount on our pools daily passes and has Wi-fi too. I'd definitely reccomend it!
    Written 11 September 2013
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  • DoloresJacoby.Let’sTravel.98368
    West Palm Beach, FL9,968 contributions
    Staying in a term across the hills, the Pieve San Vittore is a beautiful and looming castle which dominates the landscape. It was a drive to get to it, but very worth the visit to explore the architecture and walk through the town of Rapolano Terme.
    Written 12 November 2016
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  • PinedaP
    Rome, Italy537 contributions
    Serre di Rapolano is a typical Tuscan village and it may offer a good sightseeing occasion when driving east from Siena to the A1 motorway.
    The village was built around a guard post of the 6th century BC, which became a military outpost throughout the Middle Ages. The village is now part of the Borough of Rapolano Terme, and it offers a very attractive view of a small Tuscan town. There are some nice buildings to see, but the most attractive thing is really the atmosphere of a very relaxing little village; the town is not a tourist spot, so you will not be faced with crowds, unless you happen to visit during the village feast of Serremaggio (Serre-May) in spring, during the month of May, when the villagers themselves re-enact the way of living of the Middle Ages and there are small shops and food/wine tastings all around the town.
    I have been there several times and I love returning there.
    There are plenty of good options for both eating and lodging in the area, for all budgets. Driving by car is the best way to get there, but you can also use the local buses and there is a regular train service, that links Siena to Chiusi (where the main train line is), which stops in Rapolano Terme, 5 kms away, the main town and a spa resort.
    Parking inside the walls is difficult and not necessary, and it is advisable to use the car parks outside the town, just 5 minutes walk away, both to the north and the south.
    I would suggest to take a few hour to look around and soak the spirit of Tuscany there.
    Written 26 January 2014
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Vicarmuddlebush
    186 contributions
    This place is another hidden gem in the rather remarkable collection of museums in the Musei Senese collection. It is woefully under visited, in part I suspect because of its "focus", but also possibly because the signage gets one almost there and then...well, thanks to a local fellow, we found the front door! We also found ourselves essentially alone in a remarkably preserved (and now curated) example of the "system" that organized grain (and flour) and olive oil production from the middle ages to the relatively recent past. The museum preserves the "work" and production area of a large "grancia" (or wheat storage and olive oil manufacturing) facility--part of an extensive network of such installations supporting the remarkable social service and religious network of Santa Maria della Scala...worth studying and possibly imitating for its capacity to help young folks (and many orphans) lead meaningful lives, in and out of the religious order. The facility gives you a pretty good idea of production--the "machinery" (early 20th c) is still intact. Very impressive also are the other imposing and palatial rooms of the "head person" who lived "above the store"--well above it, in rooms with decorative frescoes and lovely pietra serena fireplace mantels and door jambs (and a couple of painted wood "faux" ones as well). What made this experience meaningful--made it come alive, you could say--was the excellent tour we invited the docent to give us. We have some modest facility in Italian, but Silvia has fluency in English and she was unstinting in her generosity of time and infectious but moderated enthusiasm. She didn't have a "sticht" or over-rehearsed script that she turned on and off like a recording as so many bored guides do. Rather, she met us where our interests took her and then she suggested other things we might want to be sure to notice, based on what seemed to catch our interest. The rating of excellent I have given this place is really for Silvia (I hope I have that name right!). Like so many of the musei senese, this place is suffering in the aftermath of the "demise" of the chief philanthropic organization (Monte dei Paschi Foundation). As a result, it seems stuck, not able to realize anything like its real potential...a rather dismal display of band instrument as a temporary exhibit is eloquent testimony to the weakened condition this place. With some imagination, additional support, and attention to building an "audience" (and maybe some better signage!), this museum could take what I think would be its rightful place as a very attractive and important "monument" to a major social movement and an organization of agricultural production. I know it must be lonely for you now, Silvia, with so few guests, but we will be back and we hope that this review will stimulate others to experience the Antica Grancia along with your hospitality and scholarship.
    Written 1 September 2017
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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