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  • Blizze
    12 contributions
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    We recently came back from a 10-day stay with Catamaran Adventures in the San Blas Islands. We are a group of 8, 2 families with kids ranging from ages 5 to 10. We stayed on Mambo Diablo with David, Jose, and Sonia. This trip was one of the most incredible adventures we've ever experienced. Each island was unique but the beaches were all amazing, with crystal clear water and most offering snorkeling right off shore. A few beaches had small bars where we enjoyed fresh coconuts and cold beers. That said, the highlight of the trip was the spectacular service. David, Jose, and Sonia took care of us so well. They quickly learned our preferences without us ever having to ask and they went above and beyond to ensure our children were kept busy and happy. Learning that my boys loved sports, they somehow got a new volleyball delivered to the boat during our stay just so the kids would be able to play at the beach. They also took us to islands where there were children to play with which all the kids agreed, was a highlight. They modified meals to make sure everyone's needs were met and they took the time to play games and bake treats with the kids while adults enjoyed a glass of wine in the afternoons. The food was absolutely incredible, creative, and perfectly executed at every meal. Sonia made a variety of meals during our stay with lots of lobster, ceviche and fresh fish.. but she also managed to include global specialties such as bolognese, chicken curry, and paella. Overall, if you are even considering taking this trip.. just do it!
    Written 6 May 2024
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  • PG
    Bethesda2 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    Visiting San Blas is a must at least once in a lifetime, and it must be visited on a boat. Given the presence of over 300 islands and innumerable reefs, we were fortunate to find a boat and crew aboard Flying Ginny that took us from isolated islands to untouched reefs and beaches. The professionalism and friendliness of captain Elena and her crew Mika and Lara were extraordinary. And the food and drinks prepared by Lara match those served in the best restaurants in the world. Highly recommend the experience. You are in for a treat you will not forget.
    Written 16 May 2024
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  • Daniel F
    1 contribution
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    This was such an amazing experience for me and my boyfriend! Jepi and our cook Serena were great! The catamaran is Very comfortable and even better than the photos, the private cabin with a private bathroom is great. We felt like royals with Jepi and Serena, who both were always taking care of us, from taking us to the best spots in San Blas (Guna Yala) to every small detail needed in the catamaran.

    This was the first time I slept in a boat and it couldn’t have been better. Jepi makes sure you feel comfortable with whatever you may need!

    Jepi took us to the best spots around the area, we went snorkeling (equipment included on board) around beautiful areas, we managed to spot a sand shark, he took us also to beautiful islands where we were the only ones walking (we had an island for ourselves), we went paddle boarding (included on board), we also enjoyed just floating around the catamaran in waters that felt like a pool!
    Jepi has been around the area for years, and knows everything there is to know.

    Regarding the food and drinks, everything was fresh and delicious. We even mentioned we wanted to have ceviche and we got it! Having a cook on board makes you feel like even better than at a restaurant! We always had everything we wanted including wine, cocktails, desserts, etc. I appreciated that he also helps the local economy and we had delicious fresh fish, fruits and vegetables from the Guna’s, we also tried some local breads that were savory!

    We only stayed 2 nights because we had another trip planned to bocas Del toro, but we definitely would have liked to stay longer with Jepi! We would recommend to stay at least 3 nights or longer!

    Jepi also put us in touch with the transportation to and from Panama City that went very smooth.

    Jepi’s catamaran is perfect for a romantic experience for a couple, for friends that want to relax or have more of a party boat or for a family!

    Nathon and I can only say, come and discover San Blas with Jepi! You will love it! We definitely want to come back and we will repeat our experience with Jepi!
    Written 7 May 2024
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  • Sarah D
    55 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    We had the most incredible time on this adventure. We’ve been all over the world (40 countries in fact) and this was definitely a travel highlight! Not only was the sailing and visiting gorgeous places an amazing experience but the food was also amazing. Christian and Candela were both kind and chill and we felt very comfortable. Definitely take this adventure! It’s a special one.
    Written 7 May 2024
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  • andy.karla
    Ottawa, Canada1,515 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    We would book with this company based on their reputation based mainly on reviews and their own experienced recommendations.

    From the start both Jepi and Virginie were a pleasure to work with displaying honesty and integrity when we were mistakenly quoted and invoiced the wrong price (High)

    We trusted Virginie’s recommendation to fly into San Blas as well we very much appreciated her assistance along the way including a few days before departure when we discussed onboard preferences.

    The boat came as described and the experience for the first few days was excellent with a very credible and likeable top notch crew.

    Unfortunately, the boat also came with a rogue, greedy dishonest owner who saw fit to purposely double book the boat on the last day which included evicting us to wait for our flight on a different runway then we had been scheduled to fly out of.

    The owner would refuse to compensate us and although they admitted to double booking the boat they insisted on retaining the $900 we paid for an extra day onboard!

    Jepi has indicated he will be removing their boats from the website and decline to do business with them – and in the end after much discussion he was able to get the owners to relent and return $250 which he also graciously agreed to match.

    His matching contribution and pursuit of the customer experience goes towards his integrity and character as a human being and ones confidence in the company he operates.

    We made the right choice in booking with this company and our experience in the San Blas was memorable and highly recommended. We wish to thank Jepi and Virginie for all their efforts!
    Written 6 March 2024
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  • EvertonEhrhardt
    Tres Rios, Costa Rica34 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    It was the perfect trip. San Blas was way more beautiful than expected.
    3 days vacation in paradise. Expect the experience of disconnecting from the world you know and enjoy (depending on the island, you’ll have restricted electricity, no wifi, but this shouldn’t be a surprise, one can be prepared with powerbanks, flashlight etc)

    Besides the view, the peace, I had great connection and learned about the Guna Yala culture and had a blast. People are very welcoming.
    Abisua Travel made a huge impact on this trip since day one. Everything well set, drivers and boat punctual and friendly.
    Fresh food, even though simple menu, was amazing as well!
    Written 13 May 2024
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  • Kristine S
    1 contribution
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    We are very greatful to the Okumé team for the unforgettable experience in Guna Yala. The scenery was spectacular, the food delicious and the team was very friendly and responsive to all our needs (including helping obtain medical assistance for one of our kids, who got sick unexpectedly, arranging pop-up yoga class on one of the islands, bringing us to the reef for snorkeling, and making a winter solstice bon fire on the beach). We appreciated the team’s sailing expertise, knowledge of the area, cullinary skills, perfect mix of friendliness and professionalism, and excellent taste in music. Great experience overall!
    Written 31 December 2023
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  • andy.karla
    Ottawa, Canada1,515 contributions
    2.0 of 5 bubbles
    What started out with and could have been an amazing five-star experience ended with an opportunistic owner who knowingly and admittedly double booked our final day and then refused to return the $900 we paid for the said day on the pretense that our flight times changed (By One hour) which thereby entitled them to keeping our monies!

    We had paid $1,200.00 per over night and an additional $900.00 for a final day on the water that would equate a full day of sailing, snorkeling and enjoying the islands as per the previous three days with the added-on day ending at 5:00 PM and our delivery to the air port landing strip!

    What we got for $900.00 was a short early morning snorkel and then the boat was moved and anchored at the end of the airport runway, where we would sit at the table outside the galley observing the crew clean our suite and the rest of the boat, unable to participate in any activities or take a final pre flight shower.

    The boat crew informed us on our second last day that they had been informed that the owners had taken a last-minute booking and also that our landing strip had changed to a different island.

    Yet ownership has responded that there was no last-minute booking, however they have admitted to our agent that they mistakenly double booked our last day.

    How could they be so mistaken in their responses?

    Adding further insult and injury to our experience, the owners have seen fit to insinuate that my husband is suffering from a “terminal illness” and due to his “delicate emotional state” has fabricated the facts!

    I can attest that neither my husband or myself suffer from a terminal or emotional illness that could attribute to either of our distortion of the facts – However this response along with others is very troubling and offensive to us on a personal level!

    Is this some sort of diabolical character assassination by the boats owners in a weak attempt to white wash the facts or a gross misunderstanding on their part?

    In early afternoon on our final day we checked the radar and along with the boats Captain verified that the aircraft had not left Panama City before changing into our swim suits and entering the water, knowing we had a least an hour cool off in the water, change and still check the radar for the appropriate time to leave the boat for the short trip to the landing strip.

    While swimming off the end of the boat we had the captain now on the phone calling us back to the boat and telling us the owner had ordered us off the boat to the landing strip where we would wait standing on the grass for the aircrafts late arrival. (There is no waiting area)

    We would also observe the last minute booked guests arrive while we were still on board to start their adventure on our paid day. They had puzzled looks on their faces not expecting to see other guests on board.

    This would of course be the logical reason the owners and not the Captain were ordering us out of the water off the boat to the landing strip!

    While waiting on the landing strip we could observe on the radar that our aircraft had just taken off from Panama City – We would also take photos of the aircraft landing with the Captain waiting with us as the next guests incoming supplies were on board the incoming aircraft which we booked and paid for our own use only!

    It is therefore quite puzzling for the owners to again indicate that the plane was waiting on the runway when we went for swim and that we had somehow refused to leave the boat.

    Another misunderstanding by ownership or more white washing?

    This is not Ok with us and after a thorough investigation by our booking agent it was also not ok with them and they informed us that they are in the process of removing this owner and their boats from their web site and will no longer sell tours with them.

    After considerable stress and further the discussion through our agent the boat owners grudgingly agreed to refund a token $250 and the agent would top that up with an amount that after bank transfer fees was considerably less than half the $900 we paid for a full day on the boat.

    The Catamaran boat is quite nice and in like new condition, however the generator was non-functioning which meant no A/C and a couple of sleepless nights spent in the over 30-degree temperature in our cabin. While break downs and delayed repairs are an unfortunate occurrence on boats we can be understanding on this issue!

    Our agent sold us the air conditioning package and while onboard we observed Captain Thomas spend some 3 plus hours attempting to start the generator that powered the A/C while indicating that the generator had just been repaired but apparently now had fuel problems!

    Again, ownership has responded that we did not pay for A/C and that the A/C had been disabled. Yet it was not the A/C that did not work but the generator and they failed to inform their own employee of all these facts, allowing him to spend the best part of an afternoon attempting to start the generator that powered the A/C

    The list of misunderstandings or potential white washings are adding up in a very substantial and troubling way!

    The crew consisting of Captain Thomas and Candela were the absolute best and they could not do enough to make us feel comfortable and involved in daily activities and meal choices.

    We cannot say enough about this pair of gems and it was our absolute pleasure to sail with them and spend time interacting daily as we watched their dedication to guest satisfaction at a level that would equate the Ritz Carleton butler service!

    Candela is an awesome cook – The seafood (Lobster, Crab etc.) were cooked to absolute perfection and the presentation was Michelin five star.

    Thomas is a great captain and practices safety first, meaning we felt at ease and relaxed while onboard under his very capable hands. Thomas’s experience and choice of snorkeling spots was always bang on and suited our experience level.

    The snorkeling sights were mostly top notch, the reefs healthy and picturesque.

    The sheer beauty of the San Blas islands along with interacting with the Kuna peoples is an experience not to be missed!

    The crew did their best on our final day and we fully understand that they were following instructions from the owner to close down the owners cabin and boat for cleaning.

    Regrettably our San Blas experience could have ended as it began.

    Unfortunately, in our opinion the ending can only be described as an abuse of power and complete lack of integrity by greedy owners forever tarnishing a once in a lifetime experience!
    Written 24 April 2024
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  • Ale G.
    Newton, MA67 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    JP and Gabi were the best hosts ever. Food was super excellent and their kindness and dedication to our well being was just amazing! Highly recommended, the catamaran is wide and comfortable and the tours around the islands simply amazing!
    Written 30 December 2019
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  • Bessi H
    1 contribution
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    Very grateful! Wonderful experience! The staff were very informative and friendly. My husband and I will definitely come back again
    Written 25 April 2024
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  • Rebecca B
    Washington DC, DC9 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    Amazing experience. We were admittedly a little reluctant to take a trip on a boat called “f-in bueno” with 3 kids—ages 14, 9, and 3—but we just decided to call it “forkin bueno” and it was a blast. Every minute of the trip was incredible. We boarded the boat to a beautiful spread of fruit, nuts, veggies and hummus and even chocolate chip pancakes for the kids. The boat was super luxurious and huge — the pics don’t do it justice. Captain Elena took us everywhere we wanted to go including private islands, a Kuna village, and great snorkel spots. She even arranged a bonfire for us on the beach. We filled our days with amazing food, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and even buying crafts from the local Kuna people both on the islands and the ones who came up to our boat. At night we had amazing meals from the fresh fish and crabs and lobster that Captain Elena bought for us. Then we went up to the top of the boat and gazed at the star filled sky. We all had the experience of a lifetime and I cannot recommend this enough. Also, Captain Elena’s communication was amazing. She answered all of my many questions in the two weeks before our trip and her knowledge of the local people is terrific. She took us on a personal tour of a Kuna Village and introduced us to some locals which was really enriching for the kids. Captain Elena and “Forkin Bueno” gave us an incredible trip in the beautiful San Blas islands. We loved the crew too, especially Tiana!
    Written 25 February 2020
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  • Ana M
    3 contributions
    1.0 of 5 bubbles
    Just want to warn people about Manuel Garrido since his phone number (507) 60137296 pops up a lot for reservations of tours to San Blas. He asked me to deposit $235 to a bank account in Panama for a 2 day tour to San Blas. He did not take paypal or credit cards. After I transferred the money he told me there was no rooms available and would refund me in the next few days. Two months later, I haven't seen a penny nor think he intends to refund me.
    Fui estafada por el Sr. Manuel Garrido, quien me vendio un tour a San Blas por $235. Despues que le transferi el dinero me informo que no habia lugar para mi y que me iba devolver el dinero. Han pasado 2 meses y no tiene ninguna intencion de devolverme el dinero. No se confíen de esta persona.
    Written 22 May 2019
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  • Felipe Maia
    Belo Horizonte, MG1 contribution
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    Our experience was simply sensational! Far beyond our expectations!
    The sailboat is extremely well maintained and organized. Silent, you don't even hear a creak. We had great days and nights to relax and rest, listening only to the sound of the wind, the calm sea and the occasional nearby birds.
    The crew did everything they could to make us as comfortable as possible. They really make a team that helps each other with everything. It's important to note that the children (Jackson and Alteea) are adorable. My shy 4-year-old son was very comfortable with them, even with the language barrier (my son only speaks Portuguese). For all of us, it was an incredible experience.
    Morgan made sure to take us to the best places, and didn't hesitate to change plans if he noticed something that lessened our comfort a little, always taking us to the calmest, most peaceful and beautiful islands, in accordance with our expectations. A great option for those who like sailing, snorkeling or simply relaxing on the beach or on the boat. A full plate for us, who like a little of it all.

    The care with which Petra prepared the meals was also noticeable. Her creativity in making such delicious natural meals is simply impressive. Her skills in the kitchen were truly impressive. We simply love it! We found out later that she was a Chef... then it made a little more sense to us, but... still, lucky for those who were able to learn to cook with her. And even luckier for those who still have the opportunity to try something she prepares. Simply brilliant and pleasurable.

    Overall, I repeat my wife's words: it was a very memorable and pleasant experience, perhaps the best of our lives.
    Thank you very much Alteea, Jackson, Morgan and Petra, for everything!
    Written 23 May 2024
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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