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Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen Bielefeld
This is a great little Zoo with a great kids play ground, petting zoo and a vast number of animals from beers to wolves.
Beautiful “Tierpark “ Zoo with wonderful exhibits, great old woods and space to run for he kids.
Leipzig Zoo (Zoologischer Garten Leipzig) Leipzig
Gondwana , the tropical world of Leipzig Zoo,is home to many exotic animals and plant species.You can explore the rain forest or jungle trails there.Inside a vast dome you feel like you are in the tropical rain fo...
It is well set out, with a wonderful aquarium and a variety of animals and birds easy to see and watch in comfort, especially the big cats, the orang-utans and the chimps.
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Wildpark Pforzheim Pforzheim
Tier-Freigelande - Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald Neuschonau
Mundenhof Freiburg im Breisgau
... (if you are lucky) with a great variety of them, i.e. dromedaries, guinea pigs, meercats, alpacas, turtles, goats, bisons, psittaculas, woolly pigs, and a lot more … you can even find a small aquarium building.
Went here expecting to see goats in a petting zoo, but was very positively surprised to find a lot of animals, from guinea pigs to monkeys!
Hamburg Zoo Hamburg
Excellent scene, excellent climate, as if you are in the jungle, with all the crocodiles, and of course the highlight of all: aquariums, the last one is THE BEST ONE, like you are in the real cinema with a huge li...
We like to visit the zoo with our grandchildren, who are always fascinated by the great variety of animals, birds and all kinds of fish and sea creatures.
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Tierpark Hellabrunn Munich
The petting zoo was amazing - you can walk around with the goats and sheep - and I think our favorite part was the guinea pig village... hilarious!
The zoo is well equipped, animals have nice territories and the overall composition shows a great variety of different earth zones from antarctica to rhinos and elefants of africa.
Weltvogelpark Walsrode Walsrode
Many of the birds in enclosures were birds that cannot be seen in zoos in Australia, like toucans, hornbills, shoebills, condors, Harpy Eagle, and many small, colourful South American rainforest species.
Wildpark Dusseldorf Dusseldorf
Wildpark proved to be the anti zoo and a wonderful natural setting just to be another animal hanging out with my animal friends.
It's not a zoo, but a wildlife park.
Multimar Wattforum Toenning
Excellent state of the art museum, awareness of the environment, the flora and fauna of the area well explained with outstanding objects and aquariums.
Wildpark Alte Fasanerie Klein-Auheim Hanau
Much more relaxing and naturally, this park is quite big and you feel like strolling in the forest, it's not as crowded as in a normal zoo.
Wildpark Bad Mergentheim Bad Mergentheim
The petting zoo has more than goats, which is a nice change.
This is not your average zoo, it is set in a wooded area and focusses mainly on animals which would have been native to the area in days gone.
Tierpark Aachen Aachen
The zoo is very beautiful and strolling you can enjoy the compounds, different animals, a lake and many well-equipped playgrounds.
If you’re used to UK zoos, the following things are very different; You can get very close to the animals.
Nuremberg Zoo Nuremberg
As other reviewers said, Nuremberg Zoo is excellent for many reasons: very reasonably priced, large zoo with ~6 miles of well-maintained paved paths, many exhibits are spacious, Dolphin show is a highlight (sit in...
The set-up is perfect, there are many animal species, a big aquarium, dolphins, penguins, tigers, lions, a great monkeys court and another one for apes, excellent playgrounds (even a trampoline - extra $$), severa...
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German Oceanographic Museum (Deutsches Meeresmuseum) Stralsund
The Aquarium section is wonderful and diverse with lots of unusual fish and the huge tank with the sea turtles and sharks is beautiful with lots of bench space to hang out.
Erlebnis Zoo Hannover Hannover
The range of animals is remarkable and the way the zoo is split into different countries adds a lovely touch to your visit.
Great zoo worth a visit even for an adult, enclosures are really well made and lots of different animals compared to other zoos i have seen!
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Koelner Zoo Cologne
The Zoo is huge it takes a long time to get around You can find an incredible amount of different species Make it a day trip There is a restaurant where you can eat and relax after a long walk Take children if you...
Some of the animals I remember seeing: meerkats, capybaras, tigers, lions, baboons, gibbons, rhinos, llamas, penguins, hippo, tortoises, lizards.... there was also an aquarium and an insect section, and much more.
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Tierpark Nordhorn Nordhorn
Great zoo for little kids
The family zoo with a lot of fun for kids and rest for the parents
Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden Stuttgart
Is a really nice zoo,a lot of varied from animals,is a clean zoo the atmosphere is nice, the botanical garden is wonderful is beautiful is great, love it.... well worth a visit it !
Its my one of my favorite Zoos sins I was a child...its very big with a lot of attractions, big aquarium, nice flowers as well and very nice integrated in the landscape around... Worth a visit...
Zoom Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen
We loved that they have a full range of the big animals including hippos, brown bears and polar bears that you don’t get to see at every zoo.
lovely modern and nice zoo
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Naturschutz Tierpark Gorlitz Gorlitz
The zoo offers plenty of occasions to interact with the animals, standing out among them the petting enclosure allowing direct contact with different farm animals.
This is one of my favorite zoos that I've visited.
Zoo Osnabruck Osnabruck
Zoo is beautifully situated on the Schölerberg,a wooded hill on the edge of the city, and only a 14 minute bus ride from the Hauptbahnhof.
This is a fantastic zoo with a very wide range of animals.
Zoo Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
The zoo features some "standard" African animals like zebras, giraffes, lions, and antelope, but also some very rare animals like snow leopards, chimpanzees, and more.
It's a nice, compact, but very beautiful Zoo, and we definitely plan to return to it, during our next trip to Karlsruhe.
Berlin Zoological Garden Berlin
Stunning Zoo , so well kept , beautiful gardens amazing animals and so loved and looked after , this Zoo will blow you away , it took us 7 hours to see all of ur but loved every minute , visit for yourself , will...
Wherever we go we always end up at the zoo so you may say “seen one seen them all” well definitely NO, Berlin Zoo was wonderful spotlessly clean, beautifully laid out and animals all looked exceedingly well cared...
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Ozeaneum Stralsund
With emphasis on the Baltic and on the North Sea, this museum has got plenty of didactically well-designed exhibits, displays and aquariums.
This museum cum aquarium is certainly worth a vist.
Tier- und Pflanzenpark Fasanerie Wiesbaden
Tierpark Berlin
Do you expect right in the center of the city, close to one of the most expensive shopping areas of the world - a zoo with an incredible amount of different species, including lions, sharks, snakes, crocodiles - a...
I can highly recommend a visit if you love animals, zoos and nature!
NaturZoo Rheine Rheine
Excellent zoo far away from big cities, ensure that you have got several hours of time to visit.
Tier- und Freizeitpark Germendorf Oranienburg
Lots of rides such as a mini-train, a zoo with many animals including zebras, fairground attractions, climbing frames etc etc etc. Entrance fee is EUR 4.50 for adults.
Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten Sylt List