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Fort Eben-Emael
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Graslei and Korenlei
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Town Hall (Stadhuis)
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Huisje van Majutte
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Grand Place
Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Menin Gate Memorial
Points of Interest & Landmarks, Monuments & Statues
Last Post ceremony
Monuments & Statues, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Central Station
Architectural Buildings
Architectural Buildings
Town Hall (Stadhuis)
Historic Sites, Architectural Buildings
Town Hall (Hotel de Ville)
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Historic Centre of Brugge Bruges
... streets, beautiful and huge central plazas surrounded by wonderful buildings in the traditional style, cafes and restaurants, delightful shops, canals and so on... just stroll around and soak up the sights.
Stunning daytime and nighttime, with the horses and carriages, restaurants facing the Belltower w fireplaces, it's soo sooo safe, clean and wonderful to walk daytime and nighttime or sit in one of cafes to view th...
10 Ways to experience it
Grand Place Brussels
... attraction in Brussels, surrounded by lots of fabulous Belgium chocolate shops of notariety Mary & Godiva Nice area to wander around ! Clean which is more than I can say for slot of the sights in this city !
Full of life and one of the most important & memorable landmark in Brussels, lots of delicious chocolate shops are around and many restaurants, bars, add to that number of museums and attractions.
22 Ways to experience it
Menin Gate Memorial Ieper (Ypres)
It is an Imprssive moving and sobering place and is a splendid memorial to these soldiers, It is the site of the nightly memorial ceremony and is easily the most important place to visit in Ypres
It is an amazing memorial, built like a Roman Triumph Arch, excellently maintained and with good views from the upper section.
12 Ways to experience it
Last Post ceremony Ieper (Ypres)
We had been at Menai Gate earlier in the day and seeing all the names on the gate was truly humbling, site is well look after and the gardens and views of the town are good.
This is excellent, the highlight of Ypres and any one who follows first world war sights.
9 Ways to experience it
Reg Jans Battlefield Experience - Day Tours Bastogne
We booked a 1 day private tour with Reg for our group of 6 (4 adults, 1 teen and a 9 year old) and we were all transfixed by the stories and sites from 9am to 5.30pm.
We were very very lucky that it had snowed in Bastogne and there was a lot of snow, this gave us a great view of what it would have looked like when the battle was happening.
Tyne Cot Cemetery Zonnebeke
This is the largest Commonwealth War Grave Commission (CWWG) cemetery in the world and is built on the site of the Battle of Passchendaele (3rd battle of Ypres 1917).
If visiting the salient Tyne Cot is surely a must being the largest cemetery, with a view back over the fields towards Ypres which the Commonwealth forces had to cross during Ypres 3 - Passchendaele.
19 Ways to experience it
Ghent City Center Ghent
The city centre of Ghent is without any doubt the most wonderful in Belgium: very accessible, a perfect mix of shops and touristic attractions, great sights and wonderfull museas.
... more nice stuff to see in Bruges but the nice stuff in Ghent is nicer!! Just to walk along the canals or just sit and chill with a snack or beverage while admiring the fantastic buildings and views is a must-do.
2 Ways to experience it
Guildhouses Brussels
One of the most visited Landmarks in Brussels , this place is just stunning with the colorful guilded house and the the fascinating architecture and well arranged houses, its really a vibrant square indeed.
The grand place it's an UNESCO World Heritage Site and I could see why! It's such a beautiful place with those old guild houses, including the town hall and the museum of the city.
2 Ways to experience it
St Symphorien Military Cemetery Mons
This is a beautiful place that has captured a piece of history from War War I. Well kept with several landmarks indicating it's history.
Dignified and unique in the fact that Commonwealth and German soldiers are buried in the same site.
Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery Henri-Chapelle
If you're an American you might have different views on the US involvement in these foreign wars, but you should be extremely proud of the way these cemeteries are lovingly cared for.
And the dedication of the staff and volunteers to maintaining the grave sites is remarkable.
2 Ways to experience it
Rozenhoedkaai Bruges
You simply cant miss this majestic place while visiting Bruges... amazing view which also is a boat cruise departure point ... a must visit place.
This is a small section of street in historic Bruges on the south bank of the Dijver that sits in a little ‘z’ notch along its route where you can get spectacular views in all directions!
Saint Julien Memorial Ieper (Ypres)
I participated in a WW1 re-enactment at the St. Julien Memorial in the year 2000 as part of a European wide event and must say that St. Julien as well as all of the WW1 sites nearby are deserving of a visit to rel...
Canadian memorial, the Brooding Soldier, in a beautiful garden, is very thought provoking, and worth stopping to view.
6 Ways to experience it
Bedford House Cemetery Ieper (Ypres)
Interesting site as with all these war grave cemeteries well kept very poignant and really wants you to find out more about its history.
Of all the sites I have visited, this is the most ideal for peaceful and tranquil reflection.
Fort Eben-Emael Eben-Emael
It also makes you appreciate the ingenuity of those who built the fort, to take advantage of the existing site.
One can visit the site on weekends, with the tours leaving at specific times, so you need to check beforehand on their website.
Central Station Antwerp
It is art per se, fantastic building and very well integrated with the modern services that we use nowadays, take a moment here to appreciate the ceiling and take a walk through the stairs to have a view.
A magnificently designed station with beautiful architecture and stunning views, both inside and outside.
4 Ways to experience it
Graslei and Korenlei Ghent
having a walk around with the marvelous views from both sides of the river as well as during sunny day as during night with marvelous lightening, is a must!
Surrounded by historic buildings, some dating back to 13th Century, this was a fascinating and interesting spot to stroll around and take in the sights and sounds.
1 Way to experience it
Town Hall (Stadhuis) Leuven
It is a landmark of the city and its Brabantine Late Gothic architectural style, crafted in lace-like detail is simply stunning.
Located on the main market square, with lots of terraces of pubs to enjoy the view.
Atomium Brussels
The views are spectacular and the wealth of information is memorable - it really affirms the human spirit's thirst for wanderlust and leaves you feeling like you're part of a larger village of curious souls - sear...
Exquisite architecture in Brussels, easy access, museum, coffee shops and entertainment inside, plus the magnificent view
16 Ways to experience it
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Poperinge
... of the CWGC, Also next door to the cemetery is a very interesting and thought provoking museum displaying the history of the hospitals and casualty clearing stations that were located on this site during WW1.
Over the years I have visited many of the sites associated with the battles of the Western Front in World War I. My grandfather served in the Royal Army Medical Corps in the conflict and was lucky enough to survive.
Ramparts Cemetery Ieper (Ypres)
Set on the walls with a view over the canal, the setting is very tranquil and well worth a visit, on a fine day the walk along the ramparts is very relaxing.
You will enjoy the peaceful area that offers views of the surrounding countryside from the ramparts of the city.
Lest We Forget Battlefield Tours (Flanders) Ieper (Ypres)
Plenty of sites in the area.
The Australian embassy officials were interested in our story of how close AWP Jones's burial site at Westhoek was to where the Zonnebeke '5' were found.
Huisje van Majutte Blankenberge
Town Hall (Hotel de Ville) Brussels
Fantastic building with beautiful views, grab yourself a Belgian waffle from near the Mannequin Pis and come to the square and admire the Town Hall and its surrounding buildings as you tuck into your Belgian delight!
... a good navigation aid, especially if like me your wanderings are a bit random as you take in all the sights of this wonderfully hospitable European capital; an architectural marvel - lasting for centuries, sti...
4 Ways to experience it
Saint George's Memorial Church Ieper (Ypres)
A great place to get a view of the range of regiments that served in the Great War by checking the brass plaques and cushions on the walls and seats.
Unmissable Site in Ypres
Essex Farm Cemetery Ieper (Ypres)
The site is walking distance along the canal in Ypres, while it is the area from which John McCrae wrote his poem the cemetery housed a fallen soldier who is 15 but also had the grave of one of the fallen soldiers...
Again, as with all Commonwealth War Graves Commission sites, it is very well kept.
8 Ways to experience it
Burg Square Bruges
Fantastic place for a short city break, stayed in a lovely hotel a short distance from the magical sights of Brugge.
It is hard to compare landmarks in Brugge, as every place is unique, well preserved and beautiful, but I would say Burg is the nicest of them all.
7 Ways to experience it
Langemark Cemetery Langemark
Unlike Commonwealth War Graves, German soldiers were mostly buried in mass graves, and the poignant new entrance tunnel to the site is meant to symbolise that.
Many German men interred here were university students, so it can be called the Students Cemetery, it is tree filled, so feels darker than some CWWG sites which tend to be more "garden" like.
5 Ways to experience it
St Michael's Bridge Ghent
Such a stunning view of all the churches at the same time ,you can also see the beautiful cannals of Guent and all the boats passing by.Right in the historic center Perfect pictures for a postcard
Beautiful bridge with outstanding architecture and lovely views along the waterway Ghent is a lovely place to visit
Fort Breendonk Willebroek
Wherever there is an audio stop you received very detailed information about that site.
Astonishing view into WW2 cruelty.
Bois de la Cambre Brussels
There are a lot of places to sit and enjoy the view, if you are a senior, kid or an adult looking for adventure it's a place that suits all.
You cross by boat (takes one minute) costs 1 euro per person (aller retour :- ) ). Restaurant is not cheap but it has great Belgian dishes and beautiful views.