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Gyula Castle Gyula
Shall be a model for museums in the 21st century.
Really loved the museum as it is very interactive so would recommend it for all ages.
Simply the best!!!!! Great time, even if we are a adult couple, we love pinball, so this museums era the best, clean, very good condition and cheep
Οne of the most interesting museums that we've been in the world.You will spend the most beautiful time during your visit if you love PINBALL.Just do it !
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Koller Gallery Budapest
A tremendous enthusiast, I am always drawn to art galleries and Museums!
I feel you can learn more about and enjoy Hungarian art in Koller Gallery than in some official tourist museums.
The reasonably-priced tour includes a great 20-minute video, a tour of the underground distillery, samples of the liquor, entrance into the museum, and a discount in the purchase of any alcohol.
The tour itself I wish were longer... though the very nice museum and generous tasting portions made up for it.
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Surpringly interesting , grea value when you buy the "complete ticket" for the museums
In Budapest, the most famous buildings lined with Zsolnay ceramics are Hungarian Parliament Building, Museum of Applied Arts and the Geological Survey.
Chocolate Museum Budapest
I would like to highlight the cellar with the palinka tasting and the dinner, you can try museum cathegory palinkas (strawberry, walnut from the 60's and 70's!!!), and the dinner: the duck is also a speciality con...
The guided museum tour was interesting, informative and we learned a lot about the rich area of chocolate.
Miniversum Budapest
As I like to visiting different model museums (usually eisenbahn modell museum), this museum is very eye-attracting.
We both enjoyed so much, all the details made with great care, some funny things hidden beside the realistic views, like the giant robot from the Star World)) The museum is large, with some historic details, worki...
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A guided tour of a cold war bunker situated under Budapest, the museum provided a good contrast to the surrounding historic museums and an overview of the city's recent political history.
Lots of war museums focus on the soldiers and combat but this gave a different perspective.
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Highly recommended as one of the most interesting aviation museums in the world!
I love air museums, I've been to well over 40, and this definitely makes the top 5. Smaller than some other capital city air museums in Europe, it makes up for this with quality.
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Gyula Castle Gyula
The castle is today a good museum, and you can learn a lot of history.
Turned into a very interesting museum that you should definitely visit the.
I have visited many Holocaust museums, including Yad Vashem and the US Holacaust Museum in Washington DC, but the Budapest museum affected more than any other.
One of best memorial museums in world.
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It's cobble stoned streets are lined with museums, art galleries, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops.
When in town you should visit the Szabo Marzipan Museum, there are marzipan statues of fairy tale characters, food, plants, buildings, famous people, Lady Diana, Mickey Mouse and Michael Jackson!!
Visegrad Citadel Visegrad
There is also some kind of medieval market inside the castle and few museums as well.
We stayed at Hotel Visegrad at 15 Rev Street I can highly recommend you to stay there and also see the Palinka Museum too.
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Personally, loved some wonderful pieces by József Rippl-Rónai, yet this entire museum is a gem (and I've seen some great art museums to compare).
Floor 2 and its pre war Hungarian art was so different from what I am used to seeing in museums, and so beautiful I wondered what happened to all these artists' lives during the war I will even try to go back agai...
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It is a pleasant diversion from the usual sightseeing of churches, museums, and galleries.
only a very small museum about the life of Houdini and a great little magic show in the end! the magician let us all be part of it and it was great fun!!! well worth a visit!!!
One of the most unique museums in Hungary
Her work can be seen in multiple museums in Hungary and Western Europe, as well as multiple rpivate collections.
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The amount of bling is comparable nearly to the Vatican museums, the reconstructions of rooms /houses from different eras were quite interesting and i always did like the exhibits you can interact with.
Big recommendation for everyone who loves spending time admiring art and visiting museums.
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The museum arranged a transfer from our hotel and Gabor and his family greeted us with a warm welcome.
Great museum and a nice gift shop!
We booked our tour with Gabriella, from Private Tours of Budapest, she drove us to the town of Szentendre, and we toured only a part of this wonderful living history museum.
A wonderful open air museum which depicts styles of the old life in the way that houses, stables and other buildings were built.
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... of the Hungarian State in 1896 for the Millennial Exhibition (as well as the Millennial Monument on Heroes’ Square, or the Fisherman’s Bastion) These days you can visit there the Hungarian agricultural museum.
Very interesting and unusual museum - the history of agriculture, hunting and fishing.
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The ethnographic museums houses also special exhibits and the World Press photo is one of them.
For the content, you really need to love ethnography, local culture, textiles, handicrafts, agrarian tools, etc. Personally I love the content, so I loved the museum - the textiles and the exhibit on the dowries w...
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the Museum offers fantastic things to see, all connected with Christmas, with many of them available for sale
The prices of the decorations are also reasonable, plus the visit of the museum/shop is free of charge.
Marcipania (marzipan land) is a somehow misleading name for a museum where every single exhibited item is made without almond but who cares?
You`ll get surprised and won`t believe in what you see! Small museum (3-4 rooms), 800 HUF/person entry fee for adults.
A nice aspect of the museum is the very friendly and informative man who takes you through the rooms and explains (in Hungarian or English) what you're looking at.
The museum itself is small, with three indoor rooms and a garden.
Memento Park Budapest
I highly recommend this side trip, it is so different from some of the usual museums and touristy things in the city.
Went again to this incredible museum a little outside of Budapest but worthed to see it again, great video show about the sculptures, i missed that last time
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This museum is really wonderful and there is a lot to see as it is the palace of King Mathias which has been restaured so you can see the fountains, the gardens, the rooms, baths, the kitchen and a lot of pieces e...
A must-see in Budapest and one of the best museums, I ve ever visited: profound, intelligent and highly sensitive in terms of aesthetics.
As well as the museum the old city square is lovely with good places to eat and drink and some nice sculpture dotted about.
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This is one of the best museums I've visited - excellent overview and great contextualisation - the videos and testimony is fascinating - and the design is outstanding.
I've been to many museums preserving atrocities witnessed by nations around the world; for example, Holocaust museums of Warsaw and America; Killing Fields (Choeung Ek) and Tuol Sleng 21 Genocide of Cambodia, Hoa...
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Situated in the middle of Sarvar, this fortress and museum is a must to visit.