Distillery Tours in Jerusalem

THE 5 BEST Jerusalem Distillery Tours

Distillery Tours in Jerusalem

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  • Nell L
    Zichron Yaakov, Israel43 contributions
    I’ve been on more wine, brewery & distillery tours than I can remember- both in Israel & overseas. But I have never been as captivated as I was by Benny at Thinkers Distillery in Jerusalem. His breadth & depth of knowledge was mind-blowing! And SO entertaining!!
    Add that to a fabulous atmosphere, the best olives & breadsticks, and it all added up to a thoroughly enjoyable visit.
    And the gin & vodka? You’ll just have to go & taste it yourself…..but I’ll tell you this much: we bought a bottle of each, and can’t see them lasting very long. Which means we’ll have to go back & see more of Benny. We can’t wait!
    Written 6 May 2023
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  • Nicola C
    Liverpool159 contributions
    Great tour guide! Friendly, funny & knowledgeable.
    Took his time as lots of older, less mobile people in a group from the cruise ship.
    Written 24 September 2023
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  • james l
    1 contribution
    As a part time worker / resident of Israel, and a traveler frequently in the West Bank, one would think I would not need a Tour guide. I have been in Israel, as a professional, while loosley affiliated with the US Embassy. I hired Miss Rosenberg on more than one occasion, to show me areas, and teach me the background of these areas, and sites that I knew about but had not been to. For example, Capernum, Tiberious, all on the Sea of Galilee, Valley of Tears, the Syrian Headquarters bldg, Mt Hermon, the IDF memorial sites near the Gaza border, The Old City of Jerusalem, (which I know very well, but learned from Hannah things historically I did not know).
    Hannah is a consumate profesional, and makes the tour experiance enjoyable. She is very personable, approachable, has a good sence of humor, and of course knowledgable. Fluent in Hebrew, and a former IDF Soldier herself, currently in the reserves, she lends authenticity to the tour by her own experiance. She is also a student of Archiology. Hannah's youth & energy are infectious. She encourages the client to ask questions, while "soaking it all in." She is flexable, and dedicated to her craft.
    Hannah,to her credit, considers the client a lifelong friend after a tour, and groups have returned requesting her.
    The Valley of Tears portion is a great eample,the wind was cold, the walking was lengthy, (which is why she is in great shape), and she explained the tank battle between the IDF tanker and the Syrians flawlessly, which really drew me in. Her flexibility that day allowed me to also see Mt Hermon, not orinally on the schedule!
    Hannah is also unorthodox in that she will recommend restaurants and local establishments for drink and leisure. She also is keen on culteral sensibilities of different clients,and indignious people's backgrounds.
    I highly recommend Hannah for what ever tour you may be planning, and will hire her for another area soon.
    Written 17 April 2023
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  • OMGYummy
    San Jose, CA4 contributions
    Describing Noga as a food tour guide seems too simplistic. In a short series of emails, one unexpected but welcomed visit at dinner, a vibrant few hours in the market, and then an all too brief wine tasting, she became our family, friend, political expert, and food and wine aficionado all rolled up into one brilliant and compassionate human being. Our family was going through a period of personal crisis making us perhaps not the easiest clients. Not only did Noga listen to what was important to us but she actually developed a wine tasting that spoke to our unique situation. Yes that’s right – a wine tasting with depth not just of wine but perspective on the region and reflecting the heart and personality of the person missing from our trip. During our market tour, we were welcomed so warmly by so many vendors – an indication of the outstanding relationships she has cultivated. We took pictures of and sampled fish and dates and giant cabbages and tahini and truffle butter and spices and bottarga and Kobe style beef and so much more. In addition to the market tour and the wine tasting, she set up two meals with famous chefs and one ring-side seat at the “hottest” restaurant in Jerusalem that were incomparable – not just in food quality but in the personal nature of the experience. Noga goes above and beyond to help you experience the cuisine and unique culture and energy of the region. But beyond that, she is a delightful person to spend time with. You will enjoy every minute with her and be sorry it comes to an end. But she will most definitely leave you happily hungry for your next visit.

    Also, if you are working with a regular tour guide, Noga will coordinate with that person to make it all work together.
    Written 18 July 2017
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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