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Transportation in Tel Aviv

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  • Rhonda C.
    1 contribution
    Our family of 12 embarked on a journey through Israel in August 2019. A casual acquaintance highly recommended Noam as a must have tour guide. It was the best suggestion and we had a trip of a lifetime! Noam created an itinerary that included remarkable experiences that were meaningful for each family member (18 to 77). A few of our highlights were Independence Hall, Golan Heights wine tasting, Bedouin community, the robotic dairy farm, chocolate making factory visit in the Galilee and many more remarkable experiences. Noam showed us his knowledge and passion for his country and we are forever grateful! I am proud to call Noam my friend.
    Written 27 December 2020
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  • Linda M
    Netanya, Israel15 contributions
    very kind people;drivers are on time. very nice guys.better to book in advance but their are doing utmost in order to find a driver whenever its necessary
    Written 23 September 2019
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  • jack
    Paris, France1 contribution
    best company. every one in Israel knows it. if you get to Israel do not take enyone else.
    clean. nice drivers. and great cars!
    Written 22 April 2022
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  • stevehsimon
    Hong Kong, China11 contributions
    Overall this was a great adventure.


    Day 1 - Jarash
    After the Boarder Crossing, we drove to Jerash. It was incredible. It was very large Roman city in great shape considering a few thousand years had passed. Our driver found an excellent guide for us (not included in the price of the trip). We paid $15 JD’s including service. There were giant arch’s, and a huge hippodrome. You think that’s it and then you see beyond that the city goes on for another mile. The streets are lined with giant Roman columns and there are the remains of many structures. At the other end, there is a Roman Theatre in excellent shape. Our driver arranged with our guide to meet us at that end so we would not need to walk back to the entrance.

    Day 2 - Petra
    We spent all day at Petra. Try to start as early as early as possible before the cruise ship tour buses arrive. The afternoon is very crowded. I left the hotel a 7am. My wife was sick so I toured it myself. Our driver arranged for a very knowledgeable Petra guide by the name of Mamoun Nawafleh (Google him - he wrote a book.). He was excellent. He spent about 2 hours with me. Petra is amazing and there is so much written about it I will not attempt to duplicate. I will just say you will walk through a narrow canyon about 20 - 30 fee wide and 600 feet high. It is incredible. Then there is the buildings that are literally carved into the cliffs that stand hundreds of feet tall. You continue down the path until you come to the path to the monastery. This is about a mile of straight up. I think I recall it has 850 steps so you will need to be in good shape and take your time. The GPS on my watch said I walked about 7 miles out and back but my steps counted 10 miles. It could be the GPS did not register well inside the cliffs.

    Day 3 - Petra and Wadi Rum
    My wife now recovered, we went back to Petra, picked up our bags at the hotel and drove to Wadi Rum. We boarded an open air 4 x 4 which was a pick up truck with seats in the back. We drove for about 90 minutes through the desert. It was exciting to see the desert mountains, cliffs and high dunes. We stopped for tea along the way. As it was getting late, we decided to drive directly Amman.

    Day 4 - Amman, Roman Citadel, Mount Nebo
    We toured Amman in the morning. It was interesting to see the vibrancy of the city. The Roman Citadel is on a very high spot and so it is not only interesting but a great view of the city and of the Roman Theatre. Mount Nebo as you might expect was very crowded and difficult to find the spiritual moment of Moses looking out over the land of Milk and Honey. There is a church there that dates back to 400 ACE with a fantastic Mosaic. If you take the side trail to the right after the entrance, there is a quiet spot that overlooks Moses’ Spring and likely where the tribes remained as he climbed up Mount Nebo.

    Other Aspects

    While it is not clear in the trip description, this is a private tour. It is completely individualized. You are not part of a large group or any group for that matter. A good value for the money.

    Be prepared for a lot of driving. Day 1 was about 8 hours of driving, Day 3 about 6 hours of driving. Day 4 was about 5 hours of driving. We skipped some sights so it could actually be more. Our driver said most people do this trip over 8 days.

    Going between Israel and Jordan for first timers is bewildering and much more complicated than anything we have attempted on our own. There are no guides. The drivers on both sides cannot help you through and do not have experience in crossing because they have not done it themselves. You are completely on your own. Frankly I would not recommend it without a guide helping. Separately I plan to publish a step by step description of crossing. Our lack of experience added at least an additional hour to do the crossing. You should not be surprised since Israel and Jordan are cordial at best.

    Our Israel driver was actually a Gett Taxi who spoke very little English. He went to two wrong hotels before finding our hotel. This was frustrating because I checked several times with Mazada to make sure they had the correct pickup hotel. Unfortunately, his lateness had some cascading effects. On the return trip, he again had the wrong hotel which we were easily able to correct.

    Our Jordan driver was great. He answered all our questions and did some amount of guiding. However, his main job is driving and is not a trained guide. Still it was great to have someone to provide the local culture. Our guide’s English was passable. Sometimes our cultural differences led to some frustration for him we sensed. Many people smoke in Jordan so be prepared for regular smoking breaks. Our guide was considerate and only did so outside of the car. Our driver stopped for a lunch break and ordered food for us (a great deal of food). It was relatively inexpensive and great to try new things.

    Our lodgings were great. We paid the premium for deluxe accommodations. In Petra, we stayed at the Marriott and in Amman, we stayed in the Amman Rotana. The views from both hotel rooms were amazing and unforgettable.

    A word of caution on the food. My wife became very nauseous our first night and I experience nausea the next day. We suspect the food. One possibility was the mint beverage our driver suggested at lunch. The other possibility was we arrived at our first hotel very late due to the mixup in Israel and the challenges doing the border crossing. The restaurant buffet was still open at 9pm when we arrived but it was possible we ate something that was spoiled.
    Written 6 November 2019
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  • Dxlily
    1 contribution
    TLV Transfers are great, trustworthy and reliable. I was able to communicate easily by email and have all my questions answered. The driver was professional and communicative which was so appreciated. I will go back and use their service again for sure and would recommend to anyone for their professionalism and service. An added bonus was that their prices are reasonable and fair.
    Written 11 April 2022
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  • Noam Y
    3 contributions
    The best group experience and company trips ever
    In my 25 years of employment i had 20 or more company days or weekends, the one
    we had with OverLand is the best so far, great guides, excellent
    great trip and experiences over all
    Written 18 November 2021
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  • Stephanie K.
    4 contributions
    If I could give more than five stars, I would! Roman was wonderful! My two sons and I traveled alone to Israel, as my husband had to stay at home with our other child, who was still in school. We arrived very late at night and had to get to our hotel in Jerusalem, so I booked the taxi in advance and am so glad I did! Roman communicated with me before I even landed to let me know where to go, get our COVID tests, and then how to get out of the airport and where to meet him. I messaged him from our layover in Istanbul to let him know our flight was delayed and we might be a little later than I expected. He told me no problem, he’d be waiting, and he was. Luckily we were only 10 minutes later than I expected. I know just where to go because of Roman and he was waiting with a sign and water for us. I felt so safe and happy I didn’t have to wait for a taxi with the others in line at the airport, so late at night (we landed at 23:00). Roman is a wonderful driver (much better than most Israeli taxis!) and I couldn’t recommend him or this service enough. I will tell all my friends who travel to Israel to book this service! Well worth it!
    Written 3 April 2022
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  • María L V
    1 contribution
    We used Erez Yarkon travel for our family trip to Israel and everything was flawless! Erez created a custom itinerary for us based on our preferences. Erez has such attention to detail and created a perfect holiday for my family. Highly highly recommended!
    Written 7 November 2019
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  • Dimitris A
    1 contribution
    Avi was an excellent guide. he really knows about the history of Jerusalem and he is also very entertaining. The tour covered all the basics of all the rellegions and the historry of the old town of the Jerusalem, the restaurant chosen for lunch was a brilliant way to close the tour . I learned a lot and really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend this tour as a must for everyone.
    Written 11 May 2020
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  • Radmehr
    1 contribution
    Amir Tal is an amazing tour guide who truly became a member of our group of friends during our ten-day travels throughout Israel. He is very knowledgable about the historical, political, geographical, religious, and cultural aspects of Israel. He also has a uniquely engaging and rather funny delivery style that we all enjoyed. Amir is a perfect tour guide for all ages and types of tourists and I hope to see him again when I return to the country.
    Written 1 January 2020
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  • Yuliya Ozer
    Hamilton, Canada40 contributions
    Smooth booking, on time pick up, comfortable van. My son fell asleep and forgot his iPhone in the van, I immediately contacted the owner and he arranged the meeting With our tour guide to drop off the phone to us. :)) absolutely amazing service, Thank you very much!
    Written 13 March 2017
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  • ritezh
    Chennai (Madras), India5 contributions
    I had to drink a second glass of the best orange juice that I had had in a long time! And it felt all the more better after our wonderful dip in the Dead Sea, thanks to Freddy, who is Moshe Barak's associate.

    This is a review of Moshe Barak's service that helped us visit Masada, Dead Sea and the Tunnel tours. Short answer is that it was a memorable trip and I wish we had booked his services to see more of Israel.

    I read about Moshe Barak on Trip Advisor, and decided to email him; looking at my emails, we exchanged 60 emails. In addition to replying quickly, Moshe gave me a lot of info that helped me plan our trip. For instance, (a) that we had to book in advance and online for the Tunnel Tours or (b) that there was no convenient bus stop near the Dead Sea resorts on the bus from Eilat.

    I finally decided that we would book his services for a trip from Tel Aviv to Masada, Dead Sea and the Tunnel Tours in Jerusalem, and back to Tel Aviv. Since Moshe was with another client on the requested day, his associate Freddy drove us in a Ford Minivan. 

    We left Tel Aviv by around 0700 and reached Masada by about 10am. I had planned for about 2 hours at Masada and Dead Sea, and hoped to be back in Jerusalem well before 6PM. It was a hot day and the walk on the Masada fort was a tiring one; we explored the place on our own, although I would recommend a guide. We then drove to Dead Sea, and I thought we would be in and out in 30 mins after dipping our feet!

    Two aspects that I had read about and thought would be problem turned out to be relatively exaggerated. (1) Recommendation to use shoes or sandals while entering the water due to sharp stones under water. Hence, we carried an extra pair, but found that it wasn't too difficult to walk barefoot and decided not to wet our footwear. And every other tourist around us managed fine without special footwear. (2) Recommendation to carry fresh bottled water as protection against salt water getting into the eyes. In our group, my father first experienced the stinging and I walked him to the shore; before I could find bottled/fresh water, the stinging reduced and he returned to float! I couldn't resist the temptation to experience the level of stinging, and lunged into the water as if it were a pool, and my eyes were stinging! But it vanished after a couple of minutes, and I was back to floating. And wishing we didn't have to leave soon!

    I had initially made reservations at one of the resorts for access to their private beach followed by lunch; but learned a couple of days earlier that swimsuits were mandatory for access to the beaches, and hence dropped going to the resort.

    We used the public access area to the Dead Sea, and boy, once we got in, I wish we had planned to spend atleast a day and not 30mins!! We ended up relaxing & floating in the water for more than an hour. And after a quick shower (open access), we changed and headed to the shopping area, where we found this place serving delicious orange juice.

    We managed to leave the Dead Sea area by about 4PM, and based on Google Maps, it looked like we wouldn't reach before 6PM, which was the scheduled start of the Tunnel tour that I had booked. And then Freddy drove us through roads that weren't on the map (!!) and got us to the Western Wall entrance by 6PM; we made it as the tour was getting started.

    The Tunnel Tour begins with a video on the history of the Temple, and then there is a walk through the tunnels. And this provided us a useful overview. And unlike a tour bus, Freddy found parking close to the exit gates and that helped reduce our walking after a long day. We returned to Tel Aviv by around 8PM, and overall a great trip of 13 hours!

    Thank you Moshe Barak & Freddy.
    Written 6 October 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • noam
    Bangkok, Thailand2 contributions
    Excellent transfer,Waiting for Ben Gurion to pick up on time

    Nice people, kind bottles of water and coke in the car

    Written 12 March 2020
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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