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Amazing waterfalls and beautiful nature!!
Arriving at the waterfalls park your car and have a great walk and see the waterfalls.
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The ruins are really situated in a jungle, which really adds to the spectacular nature of the structures.
You can catch the 9:30pm bus to Palenque directly from the airport or spend a night in Villahermosa and visit the La Venta Park (with its Olmec artifacts in a jungle-like setting) next morning before catching one...
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Everything nearby of this park is wonderful, amazing weather and peaceful place- The place is Hotel and Villas Tziscao, very simple simple hotel, great local flavor at breakfast.
There is so much beauty here, the color of the water of the lakes has many shades of turquoise , and when you see that surrounded by a deep forest you'll immediately feel the power of nature all around you
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Great nature!
the cascadas are fantastique, you have to paid to get in, to park you car just over the place.
Miradores Canon Del Sumidero Tuxtla Gutierrez
The park is almost 30 KM routes with 5 main viewpoints to stop and appreciate from the highs the majesty of nature of Cañon del Sumidero, really a wonderful experience in Tuxtla Gutierrez to enjoy the trip and exp...
Many tours include a drive into miradores of the Sumidero natural park to visit some of the highest view points, this is highly recommended but the boat trip should be priority.
Here are the reasons: - Nice scenery, seemed almost like a national park - Great way to learn about what kind of wilderlife moves in Chiapas - Many empolyees to answer your questions - Very big, many animals, and...
... to enjoy all the fauna of the state of Chiapas, Manuel Alvarez del Toro is the man who start with this project to investigate, learn and teach the local people abpu the importance to take care of the nature.
Orquideas Moxviquil San Cristobal de las Casas
I live in San Cristobal and when I want to take my family to the nature, Moxviquil is a great option: orchids garden, a trail to climb a mountain and little challenge for exercise.
A lovely place to wander, touch and experience the many species that have been "rescued" for the enjoyment of nature lovers.
The history of the canyon was fascinating, the nature was amazing and we saw some awesome wildlife including crocodiles, a spider monkey, egrets and vultures.
Visiting thus gorgeous naturel park by a 2-4 hour boat trip is both worth it for people who love scenery and who love animals - we saw crocodiles, monkeys, vultures and herons.
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Parque de la Marimba Tuxtla Gutierrez
We were delighted with the cool breezes blowing through the trees throughout the park, the colorful attire of the people, the range of ages involved and the friendliness of everyone in the park.
Toddlers buy balloon toys, teens buy ice cream, families stroll around the perimeter of the park under the great ceiba trees, and the music: romantic, urgent, insistent, brings all these people together in a party...
Cascadas d Agua Azul (BlueWater Waterfalls) its a natural park near Palenque Chiapas , his name came from the true blue on the water due to many minerals and sulfurus from upriver in the mountains...you can swim a...
Do trek upstream for some wonderful swimming, beautiful nature and, believe it or not, piece and quiet.
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Incredible to see what nature offers, imposing, real, natural, it is best to arrive early to enjoy it calmly.
Cost is very minimal and helps support the community and keep the park surrounding the falls clean.
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El Rancho Evergreen Guest Ranch San Cristobal de las Casas
Wonderful family holiday on a ranch in splendid nature
Peaceful place with nature and horse lovers.
This is a great place to visit or stay overnight, to see nature, and chat with locals.
The water there are unlike any ither place on earth, the variations of waterfall is unique and it takes time to go all around the park.
It was very hot when we went, but if you walk further uphill away from the car park, there are areas of the river you can swim in.
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Parque Central San Cristobal de las Casas
VERY nice park just to hang out, musicians, food vendors, walking tours, VERY safe even at night and plenty of bars and restaurants
Lots of people enjoy the park with benches all around if you want to relax and enjoy the view.
Lagos de Colon Comitan
If you like to conquer great lanscapes full with cristal clear lagoons here´s the place, this place is a natural water park that has 44 lagoons, 3 natural rivers, 14 cascades, it is of great value the entrance fee...