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Carnival Sunshine

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Passengers: 3,006   |   Crew: 1,040
Passengers to crew: 2.89:1
Passengers to space: 34.2:1
Launched: 1996   


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Cabin size: 185 - 185 sq. ft.
Connected rooms: 12
Accessible rooms: 5
Maximum passengers: 4
Number of cabins: 508
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W L S wrote a review 18 Jan
Hartwell, Georgia, USA2 contributions
Just finished a 4 day cruise on Carnival Sunshine that was supposed to go to Nassau. As we left the port of Charleston, the wind began to intensify. By day 2 the wind was blowing 30+knots and it was impossible to sit on deck or use the cabin's balcony. By day 3 it was blowing 40+ knots. The ship was pitching and rolling so bad that my step daughter became miserably sea sick and spent the rest of her first ever cruise in her cabin sick. Because of the wind, the Captain decided that it was to dangerous to dock the ship in Nassau and with Nassau on the horizon the Captain turned the ship around and headed back to Charleston. I understand that no one can control the weather, BUT with all the sophisticated electronic weather monitoring capabilities available, why did the ship ever leave the dock in Charleston? The Captain had to know what he was sailing into. As a Coast Guard registered fishing guide and captain, I would never treat my clients to a miserable trip in bad weather. So why did Carnival Sunshine sail? All I can figure is MONEY! They didn't want their bottom line affected. Even though Carnival provided a 50% coupon for another cruise, excursion refunds, and refund of port charges, the question still begs an answer, why did the ship sail in the first place???? I would have rated this cruise as a 4 star cruise because food was great, cabin was clean and service throughout the ship was great. The bright spot of the entire cruise was the entertainment provided by Robbie in the Piano Bar. The decision to sail into harm's way, however, cancelled what could've been a great cruise.
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Sheva Sativa wrote a review 15 Jan
3 contributions
This trip was myself, my boyfriend & in another cabin, his 2 sisters. We stayed in Cabin 1556. We knew things had changed as far as menu items being removed from Sea Day Brunch, shorter pizza & Ice Cream hours... no biggie, right? The biggest issue for us was the removal of being able to buy a bottle of liquor to send to the room. But, we had already booked the trip, so nothing could be done about that. But, we really didn’t expect the food to be so bad, as we’ve sailed on Sunshine 2 other times. Day 1 we boarded and went to Guy’s Burgers... it was nothing like it used to be, burger was smaller and cheese wasn’t as melty & the food was cold. my BF talked me into going to Ji Ji’s Asian food, which has always been his favorite... it had changed. There is now a paper to pick 1 of 3 meals, and Ramen is no longer offered, nor were mushrooms or Black.bean Sauce. It was terrible & unfortunately, they gave you a lot... we took a couple bites and it went in the trash. My BF was SO disappointed, as this had always been his lunch everyday. The MDR food had a couple of shining stars... the Beef Brisket & the Short Ribs were excellent! The Striploin was SO thin, tough and over done. I paid extra to get a Filet. It came out SO hard and overcooked, I sent it back. The response was like... you really want to send this back? You can’t eat it? I couldn’t even get a steak knife through it. It was WAY beyond Well Done and almost white inside. Definitely not what I expect in a Filet. So, our server said, “Well, that’s going to take 30 minutes.” And, it did. The best food for dinner was found in the Steakhouse. It’s pricy, but worth it. I forgot to mention that the biggest MDR disappointment was the “Warm Chocolate Melting Cake.” They have it on the menu now as ‘Carnival Chocolate Melting Cake.’ It was also served in an oval dish on 3 of our nights and the old round dish once. It was not warm, or melting. It was more like Dry Chocolate Cake served with a side of melted ice cream. The Deli was actually really good and we ate there twice during our stay. The Ice Cream machine never worked when we tried it, it just poured out like thickened milk. The ship was full & it was about impossible to ever stick our feet in the hot tub on Serenity. The day before our cruise, I found out I had Baxter’s Nerve & had to wear a brace and a sock inside of it that had a cushion under my arch. It was horrible trying to walk around the ship, so I wanted to soak it in the hot tub. Our day at Princess Cays, the food was garbage... cold burgers & hotdogs with crazy long lines. I rented a float and the booth said $14.50, but it was $19.99 on our bill. Every time you order beverages on the ship, there was $1.89 Service Charge being added. I don’t remember that gratuity was automatically being added, so I had been tipping extra until I realized that. Our room 1556, was fine, except in the mornings. I was awoken by an Impact Driver noise that went off and on for over an hour at 7 a.m. One morning it sounded like someone was being murdered next door, with loud banging on the wall behind the bed. I was sitting up on the side of the bed with my back against headboard & feet hanging off and it was so forceful that it knocked me forward. I discovered that our room had a maintenance tunnel beside our room. Those do no show up on the deck plans! So, be forewarned. I took a video to show where you could hear the noise of the hitting of the wall, but it won’t let me upload it here. The best part of the trip were some of the workers! Sammett & Jerryco (YTD servers), Agnes (Havana Bar attendant), Sri (Atrium Bar), Andy ((YTD Shot guy), and our room attendant Erje! Sammett was great at upwelling without being pushy & made sure we had a great time! Everyone was so friendly & giving their personal touch! They were all top notch!
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RIchard D wrote a review 12 Jan
TN14 contributions
We’ve cruised extensively including back to back 10 and 11 day trips to southern and eastern Caribbean with NC from Charleston as well as a 7 day western Caribbean trip from Charleston also with NCL. We had a terrific trip to Nassau Bahamas. The ship Carnival Sunshine is in very good condition, especially for its age. By today’s standards it’s also smaller which is a plus to me. Very good, friendly staff and cabin stewards. We stayed at Best Western which provided transportation to the ship with return and parking for a fee. Perfect. Port is not hard to navigate especially when compared with the hassle and expense of flying to Miami, etc. Food was good to delicious. Hit all the restaurants and deli and not just the main buffet. Kids camp ocean was excellent for younger kids. Well staffed with experienced counselors.our 4 kids loved the water slides ! For a treat check out deck 5 and 6 forward. It’s out in the bow and few visit there. All in all a fun trip. Exceptional value.
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This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Natalie B wrote a review 7 Jan
1 contribution1 helpful vote
This cruise fell subpar in every category possible. The food was equivalent to cafeteria food served at a mediocre school or hospital. If you could even make it into the Lido deck buffet and not wait in a line of 25 people to get food, you would be totally dissatisfied. I’ve had better food from the freezer. The buffet closed and opened at random times that always led to complete chaos of all 3,000 passengers trying to grab food. I even tried to avoid the crowd one time by getting food at 2:15 pm before the buffet closed, but j was met with a staff member literally taking the tongs out of my hands as I tried to grab something from the food still available. The seated dinner food was nothing more than the buffet food presented in a different fashion with some frozen/steamed veggies on the side. The only good and dependable food item on the ship was the melting chocolate cake. That was it. Besides the food being a bummer, the activities on the ship were also a disappointment. One thing I was looking forward to on the cruise was attending shows. However, the Sunshine didn’t even have a true theater to house a show. It was a mere “lounge”. The one show that was advertised as the main show of the trip wasn’t even presented due to “technical difficulties”. Awful. The whole trip felt like a hassle with annoyances around every corner. Whether that was trying to find a nonexistent table or chair on the deck or buffet, or even sitting on my balcony with some peace and quiet, it didn’t happen. The sole purpose of this cruise was for carnival to make money off of selling booze and gambling. Where did the good food, shows, and comfort go from the carnival cruises? The Sunshine needs to be retired and people should be spared of such a bad experience. I used vacation days from my job, spent my hard earned money, and drove many miles all for nothing. I highly doubt I ever go on a cruise again, and carnival will not be getting anymore of my money.
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This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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Holmes Family wrote a review 6 Jan
1 contribution2 helpful votes
This was my very first cruise and most definitely will be MY LAST! This experience was HORRIBLE. The ship is OLD & OUTDATED! The food was HORRIBLE & all began to TASTE & SMELL the same. The selection was even piss poor in both the formal dining area & also the Lido Marketplace. The cabins & water sources smelled like RECYCLED URINE & FECES! I didn't pay for the drink package but wish I did after seeing ROACHES around the drink station on the Lido Deck. I took pictures & recorded footage to show to guest services. While in the candy shop, a kid was observed eating w/ his mouth on the scoop that we were expected to use for the $1M candy. With over 3k guests on board, we were all expected to share 1 small pool. And pleaseeeee DON'T get thirsty bc the one bottle of water that's on your room cost $5 and the complimentary water taste like the and water you bathe in. I had to purchase a $16 cup from the gift shop just get something to drink. Oh and before I go pleaseeee let me share that one at arrived at the Port of Call (Princess Cays) I was expecting to interact with the locals and partake in their culture. I was HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED to find that out was just an extension of the boat just ON LAND. The same ppl, serving the same food, now conducting entertainment OFF THE SHIP. It was as if Carnival had rented the island and the ppl came with it. It was HORRIBLE and a complete waste of my time. I could go on and on. I just hope this review finds someone the way I wish it had found me before wasting so much time and money on a birthday that I can't get back. This was definitely NOT A HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me!
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This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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