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Many Pools - Zion National Park

A nice moderate unmaintained trail on the East side of Zion.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  For those who like the leisurely laid back trail of Emerald Pools, but could do without the bumper to bumper traffic, Many Pools is... more »

Tips:  Drive along the Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway, heading east from the small tunnel there is a large pull-out .8 miles from the end of the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking

Drive toward Mt. Carmel using Highway 9, from the small tunnel look for a large rounding turn with plenty of parking .8 miles from the end of the small tunnel.

2. Walk along road to trailhead

After you park, continue on foot 150 yards east (toward Mt. Carmel Junction), as the asphalt curb comes to an end, carefully look both ways (blind turn for vehicles) and cross Hwy-9 and drop down into the gully.

3. Wide slickrock slab

At the bottom of the gully you are greeted with a large slab of slickrock, sand and a nice easy stroll along the creek bottom. Working your way up the small slickrock falls you are greeted by the first "desert tank".

Caution: this is a nice family friendly hike, but care must be given to small children. Treat each pool like you would a... More

4. Chockstones

Continuing up the slickrock waterway you encounter a deeper than normal split in the rock. Taking a step down to a small ledge and looking back you'll notice two small chockstones wedged into the split. For anyone who watched the movie "128 hours" chockstones make for interesting viewing.

5. Gaining altitude

Gaining altitude now, the view becomes enthralling and the pools become larger and deeper.

6. Eco system

Each pool becomes it own unique Eco system. Frogs are abundant. As you approach each pool listen for the sounds of frogs seeking refuge in the water as evidenced by the constant splashes.

7. Alcove

This alcove in the trail is the normal turn around for most seeking a nice easy walk along Many Pools. Those seeking further adventures can scramble up and around the alcove to the left. I believe the scramble above is worth it just to see the series of pools above the alcove. Deep and layered on top of each other the "desert tanks" are created... More

8. Deeper Tanks

Several large Pools exist in this area and care must be given to step around some of the larger Tanks. A very interesting array of smooth channels move the water between a system of tanks.

9. Connect with Deertrap Mountain Trail

If you continue up the Many Pools Canyon you will (after much bushwacking) connect with the Deertrap Mountain Trail. Be WARNED that this portion of the trail is considered strenuous and not for Beginners or Families.

Not a big fan of bushwacking I turned around at this point.

10. Hillside wandering and Dead Tree Point

Turning around and heading back down the canyon a well worn trail moves higher along the hillside and away from the stream bed. Following this path gives you a different perspective of the creek bottom and an appreciation of the impossible loudness of the "croaking" from the frogs below.

A point emerges at the end of the trail and a tree has... More