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A Taco Crawl through Playa del Carmen

Some of the best taquerias for shrimp, pork, beef and more types of tacos in Playa del Carmen
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.7 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  With a large Italian expat community, Playa del Carmen visitors might notice more pizzerias on its famous 5th Avenue than taquerias ... more »

Tips:  Wear comfortable walking shoes as you will be walking through the streets of the town. Also, bring sunglasses, a hat and apply... more »

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Points of Interest

Make La Floresta the first stop for a late lunch on the taco crawl. The taqueria is on the main highway 307 and makes for a perfect spot before entering the center of town. (Most of the taxis from hotels in the Riviera Maya will pass this taqueria on the way.)

The locals flood the place for its seafood, especially the shrimp tacos. These... More

It might make sense to have the taxi wait for you at the first stop (maybe buy the driver a taco) and taxi to here too.

Just one block south of Benito Juarez, Carintas Teresita is a place for cheap tacos.

Here the menu shifts from seafood to meat tacos. And in this true local spot (south side of town) you might need to point to what you want... More

Tacos Gomez only serves tacos in the evenings, so plan to arrive here after 4pm.

This is the stop for some adventurous offerings. Sample the tacos de lengua, tripa, and more. All these are staples in the portfolio of Mexican tacos and definitely worth a try. In fact, only look up the Spanish translation after tasting the tacos here. (lengua -... More

El Sabrocito de Fogon is all about meat. Upon walking in you see the smoke from the open air grill.

Increasingly popular with tourists, the place finds itself listed in more guidebooks, but the locals still come.

Popular orders are Bistec (beef) and the Arrachera (beef). But the tacos de pastor (a spiced pork) are a must.

Open daily 5-11pm.

5. DAC Vegetables and Fruit

Playa del Carmen has many smaller local markets and this is one of the more popular. Take a break from tacos and sample some fresh fruit and perhaps pick up a water for the stroll to your last taqueria.

Open morning until night daily

Los Aguachiles taqueria always seems to be crowded; locals swear by this place and consider it the best taqueria in all of Playa del Carmen.

The best order here is tacos de mariscos - fish tacos. Also, the fried shrimp tacos are very popular and so is a unique and healthier taco called the "Figurines" - fresh raw tuna in a lettuce leaf.

Open... More