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Capilano Park

A heart pumping walk around Capilano park

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.548 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  The neighbourhood around Capilano was established in the 1950's and Capilano Park was created in 1964. It is bounded on the north,... more »

Tips:  -Mixed pavement/gravel path
-Elevation changes along entire route. Not recommended for people with mobility issues.
-Steep elevation... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Starting off!

The jump off point to this walk is just off of the parking lot in Capilano Park.

2. Picnic Centre

Looking down from the trail to the Capilano Park Picnic Centre. This is a large area which the public can reserve by contacting the link below.

3. Interesting tree

This tree has grown completely over the chain link fence.

4. Another tree

This tree has grown around the chain link completely.

5. Climbing up the hill

The beginning of the upward trek through Capilano Park

6. The river valley

You can see the North Saskatchewan below the trail

7. Off leash area

There is a junction point here where you can take your pet to the off leash area in the forested parts of the park.

8. Rolling hills

Capilano has a lot of nice open areas as well.

9. Lookout over the river valley

This is a great spot to take a break and look out over the river valley.

10. The Dawson Bridge

You can see the river and the Dawson bridge from here

11. Looking downriver

Another shot from the lookout looking downtown.

12. Approaching the corner, heading down

Once you're past the residential area, you will be heading down into the river valley. This trail runs along Wayne Gretzky Drive.

13. Trail head junction

If you head under the Dawson bridge you will enter the trail system below Rowland Street.

14. Heading into the forested areas of Capilano Park

There is a steep drop off at this point and the end of the paved trails. This is also the western boundary of the off leash area, so you may run into some pets.

15. Nice view from the river valley

A picture of the Dawson Bridge looking up.

16. Trail system

This trail changes in elevation constantly, but is in very good shape. A favourite spot for mountain bikers down here.

17. Hello River!

Because the the elevation you gain on the trail, you get pretty nice views of the river valley below you.

18. Through the trees

Again, there is the wonderful river valley below you.

19. Coming off of the gravel trails.

Here's the exit point of the gravel trail and you are back on the paved trail system. It's also time to put the leash back on your pet!