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Gold Bar/Capilano Park Loop

A walking tour through two parks

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.616 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Gold Bar and Capilano Parks share a border and a very pleasant riverside walk. Gold Bar Park was created in September 24, 1973, and... more »

Tips:  -Bring some water
-Bring your camera
-Read up on the wastewater plant before heading out and you will understand what you are... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trail head in Capilano

I choose to park in Capilano Park and walk over, but there is plenty of parking in Gold Bar park as well.

2. Trail Marker

Left to Gold Bar and wayyyy right you will end up at the Riverside Golf Course

3. 50th Street Crossing

Crossing the street to enter Gold Bar area

4. Paved Gold Bar trails

The trail system in Gold Bar is in great shape

5. Gold Bar Wastewater Plant info

Good information about the plant you are walking past. This plant allows us to enjoy a high standard of living.

6. Wastewater Plant

You walk along the borders of the plant for most of this walk, but only really see it from this side.

7. Parking lots at Gold Bar Park

Plenty of parking and picnic sites at Gold Bar

8. Down to the river

The gates marking the beginning of the gravel trails and the riverside walk. These gates are closed when there is high water conditions.

9. nice picnic spot

Nice, quiet spot to have lunch by the river.

10. Great views again

Pretty good views of the river all along this walk

11. Treated, clean water heading back

This is where all of the clean, treated water exits the plant. This outflow does not freeze in the winter, so it becomes a favourite spot for ducks and geese.

12. Trail view

Peaceful walk in the trees. You don't even know the plant is right beside you.

13. Pedestrian crossing

There is the 50th Street pedestrian crossing

14. Capilano Park Boat Launch

Here's the boat launch at Capilano Park. Pretty busy spot.

15. Back into Capilano

The walk back into Capilano Park. Little bit of elevation here and you can take the road back to the park if required.

16. View of the bridge

This is what the bottom of the 50th Street Bridge looks like

17. Capilano Park Picnic Shelter

After a bit of a climb from the river valley you arrive at the Capilano Picnic Shelter. Washrooms inside.

18. Emergency Phone Location

A City of Edmonton Emergency Phone.

19. Park info

Some park info on the sign and back to the parking lot.