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Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park Loop

Come for lunch and a stroll by the river

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.678 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park is located in the heart of the river valley and shares space with the Edmonton Valley Zoo and borders Buena... more »

Tips:  -Bring the kids to the Valley Zoo
-Bring lunch and enjoy dozens of picnic sites

Stay up to date with the River Valley Alliance and... more »

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Points of Interest

There is a smaller parking lot right behind the Valley Zoo lot

2. Wide, multi use trails

The trails in Laurier park are wide and used by all park users

3. Signs pointing towards two bridges

Great river views either way

4. Some of the many picnic sites in the park

There are plenty of picnic sites to enjoy

5. Trail marker

The paved road turns here for vehicles, put pedestrians and bikes can carry on to a more peaceful part of the park.

6. The North Saskatchewan River is close

Looking over at the gravel trail you will return on.

7. Restroom break

Quick stop here

8. Starting along the riverside

This is the kick off point for a nice riverside walk. You can also head up the trail to the Quesnell Bridge form here.

9. Picnic sites along the river

Even more picnic sites along the riverside

10. The North Saskatchewan

Great views from the riverbank

11. Looking upriver

Looking towards the Quesnell Bridge

12. Safety notice

The City of Edmonton does a great job in the upkeep of the trail systems, so take the signage seriously when you see it.

13. Large family picnic site

You can reserve these sites from the City of Edmonton for a family event.

The power and paddle boat launch at Laurier Park. Great access to this feature and it is very popular.

15. City of Edmonton Emergency Phone

The City of Edmonton has emergency phones located in many of its parks.

16. Large common area

Looking down towards the picnic area and boat launch from the parking lot area.