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Buena Vista Park Off Leash and Bridge Walk

Walk your dog or launch a hot air ballon right here!

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.926 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Buena Vista Park is one of the larger parks in the City of Edmonton. Running from Government House Park to Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park... more »

Tips:  -Bring your dog for a long walk and a chance to meet some new friends.

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Points of Interest

1. City of Edmonton Emergency Phone

The City of Edmonton provides these emergency phones in many of the parks. This one is right off of the parking lot.

2. Hot Air Ballon Launching Area

This is where to go in Edmonton if you have a hot air balloon.

3. Grassy meadows

A great spot for your pet to play

4. Junction for the park

Take a breather and decide on which way you would like to go. There are trails all through Buena Vista Park.

5. Wide gravel paths

Fantastic trail system in this park

6. Staircase leading up to the bridge

You can go up to the bridge deck or you can pass under the bridge and stay on the trail

7. Pedestrian Bridge to Hawrelak Park

This is a great spot to take photos from

8. View from the bridge

Great spot to enjoy the North Saskatchewan River.

9. City of Edmonton Emergency Phone

The City of Edmonton provides these emergency phones in many of its parks.

10. Down to the riverbank

The junction point for the riverside walk or the gravel path that cuts back to the parking area. The riverside walk is much more pleasant.

11. The North Saskatchewan River

One of the many views of the river on this walk

12. More river views

The trails here are very relaxing

13. Well groomed trails for all users

Buena Vista Park is also a favorite biking park.

14. Gnarly old tree

Interesting looking tree that has seen better days

15. Edmonton Whitewater Paddlers

The home of the Edmonton Whitewater Paddlers

16. The Great Meadow

Another view of the Great Meadow before heading home