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Lubovnianska vrchovina: Litmanova - Obidza - Jarabina

Ski Cross Country the Ridge of Western Part of Lubovnianska Uplands
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 14.726 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  The trail follows the ridge of western part of Lubovnianska vrchovina (Lubovnianska uplands). The trailhead is in Litmanova village ... more »

Tips:  Bring plenty of water and food supplies as there are no chances for replenishment on the trail.

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Points of Interest

1. Litmanova (638 m)

Make Litmanova village, ski center, your trailhead to begin the cross country ski tour. At first, conveniently use two ski lifts to get up the slope.

After leaving the ski lift #2, turn right and head to Sedlo Rozdiel for about 1.1 km. Upon coming to a little cabin, take a right turn. Before coming to the Sedlo Rozdiel, you have to overcome the... More

2. Sedlo Rozdiel (837 m)

The signboard pinpointing Sedlo Rozdiel (Rozdiel Saddle) is placed surprisingly higher than the actual saddle and not down as you might expect.

Next POI (Obidza) is about 3.9 km. While following the borderline ridge between Slovakia and Poland, enjoy the beauty of the forest trail and great views on the surrounding mountains.

3. Obidza (912 m)

Obidza is a village in Poland. We will not go down to the village.

Head for next POI (Hora Zvir), which is about 4.6 km. Continue following the ridge through the meadows and the forest.

4. Hora Zvir (809 m)

Once you arrive to Hora Zvir (Zvir pilgrimage site), look around to see among other things a chapel, liturgical space and a well with blessed water. Thousands of pilgrims, from Slovakia and abroad, come to Hora Zvir every month.

Next POI (Jarabina) is about 10.7 km. Head in direction of Jarabina village. This is a moderately difficult descent. ... More

5. Jarabina (575 m)

Now you are at your destination. Jarabina is a small village lying in the district of Stara Lubovna, Slovakia.