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Jong Dudok Route

In Hilversum, runs the Young Dudok route through renovated housing complexes designed by architect Willem Marinus Dudok.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.101 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Many homes with associated streets, parks and public buildings are designed by him. Many homes in this area are restored or renewed... more »

Tips:  From May 2011 you can rent a Segway at the starting location.
Call +31 (0) 35 201 06 60 for reservations. (min. 3 days in front)

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Points of Interest

1. Minckelersschool

On the Minckelersstraat Dudok designed three school buildings. The two remaining schools are now called the Minckelers School. You can see it on the low estimate which part of the school is kindergarten. This school is also more colorful than the other buildings. The playgrounds are safe from the road, nowhere children can run up the street. The... More

2. Zwaluwstraat

In this neighborhood (Zwaluwbuurt) Dudok designed houses at the Nachtegaalstraat, Zwaluwplein (Square and street) and Jan van der Heijdenstraat. Three schools designed by him where the heart of this complex. Jan van der Heijden School is demolished in the early 80's. A slight kink in the Zwaluwstraat is accented by a sky-high hinge. In it are... More

3. Spreeuwenstraat

The fraffic on the broad Jan van der Heijdenstraat can see the Nassau School thru the Spreeuwenstraat. In the Spreeuwenstraat Dudok used for the brick houses the red rooftiles and the occasional traditional rural, green vertical wooden panels. In the Spreeuwenstraat he failed to design normal houses. Especially the corner house of Jan van der... More

4. Mussenstraat

Dudok designed in Mussenstraat carefully created cornerparties, they include the straight line terraced houses. The long sloping roof on the corner are a prelude to the vertical volumes that plugged into the air. These housingcomplexes are clearly visible, even from a passing train.

5. Eksterstraat

On the Eksterstraat, Mezenstraat, Reigerstraat, and the Spechtstraat Dudok designed houses with a prominent corner and terraced houses in between.

6. De Nassauschool

Dudok designed 20 schools for the rapidly growing municipality of Hilversum. Every school is different. Often they are located in the residential areas. They rise above the houses (usually with a tower) and have a different architecture than the houses with their brick walls and sloping tiled roofs. Schools were for Dudok also the social and... More

7. Merelstraat

These houses are again reconstructed with the original design drawings of Dudok. But to make them wider, the rooftops are build slightly higher and the houses are extended at the back. The rows of houses are a remarkable composition with their lines, windows, cornices and of course by the bookends designs on the corners.

8. Duivenstraat

The Duivenstraat is a national monument. Here Dudok designed in 1928 housing for people with little money. The houses are very small: a ground floor and a loft. Now its almost hardly to imagine that whole families lived in it. The quality of the Duivenstraat is not so much the house Itself, but the ensemble as a whole. Although the narrow streets,... More

The houses of architect Wormser here at Van 't Hoff Neighbourhood slights seamlessly into the design of Dudok. In the coming years Housing Corporation Dudok Wonen will be replace the the original doors and windows with panes. Besides the houses of architect Wormers, four houses at Kamerlingh Onnesweg designed by Dudok, will be turning back in... More

The Van 't Hoffplein (square) is a magnificent example of the Dudok style. In the middle of the neighborhood with narrow streets, you enter a large rectangular space. The school stands and square are again located in the middle of the area and has a small tower, but is not designed by Dudok. In the time of compartmentalization, schools could only ... More

11. Jan van der Heijdenstraat & Marconistraat

These houses are replicated on the original design drawings of Dudok. But to make more space, the rooftops are slightly higher now and the houses are extended at the backside. Dudok didn’t designed separate houses in this neighborhood, but housingblocks with an aura of a luxury residential area. Like anywhere you will note that Dudok gave much... More

12. Lorentzschool

This monument was designed by Dudok and built in 1930. Dudok Designed the former Valeriusschool and the Marnixschool as a double with one common school sportfacility. The building consists two blocks that are conflicting. In the corner is a staircase designed. The staircase has a half-round development raising from the ground, removed by a little ... More

13. Nieuwbouw terrein gasfabriek

The former site of the gasworks and factory here at the Small Drift is being redeveloped into a residential area with leisure facilities. The name Villa Industria refers to the residential plans and its industrial past.

14. Ons gebouw (Our Building)

15. Politiepost Kleine Drift