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Across Jutland on foot - Kyst til kyst stien

http://www.kyst-kyststien.dk/ also in english/ auch in deutch
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 82.021 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  Experience Jutland’s beautiful nature from Blåvands Huk to Vejle. On the nature trail following the Varde Å, Holme Å and Vejle Å... more »

Tips:  A typical day’s hike will be between 10 and 25 kilometres, depending on your physical fitness. Large parts of the trail may only be... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Blaavands Huk.

The Coast to Coast Trail starts at the westernmost point in Denmark, Blaavands Huk. The trail runs along the fine sand beach to the east. Along the beach at Blaavand you can, if the wind is right, be lucky to find amber. The trail continues to the north through the dunes to Oksby Klitplantage.
Kyst til Kyst Stien starter ved Danmarks vestligste... More

2. Ho Bay - Ho Bugt

The trail passes through the Oksby and Bordrup dune plantations and continues on through the meadows at the Ho Bugt bay. At Tarp you can visit the Tarphage Bro bridge before continuing to the east.
Stien gaar gennem Oksby og Bordrup Kliplantage, og fortsaetter ud over engene ved Ho Bugt. Ved Tarp kan man tage et smut ned til Tarphage Bro, inden... More

The church lies in an open area at Varde Aa and is an impressive Romanesque building. West of the church lies the entrepot, which is a natural harbour where most ships had to transfer their goods to barges to be able transport their goods all the way to Varde. Between the church and the entrepot lies the old inn, which for a long time also... More

4. Varde - Karlsgaarde

The path continues into Varde along Varde Aa at Slotsbanken. We recommend going into Varde to get a sense of the atmosphere in the old provincial town. The walk continues through Kongens Kaer where the natural meanders of the river have been restored. After this, the trail continues to Karlsgaardevaerket along Varde Aa, passing heaths and... More

5. Karlsgaarde Lake - Nordenskov

The path continues along the northern side of Karlsgaarde Lake, which gets its water from a 17 km long system of canals from the Holme Aa and Varde Aa. The path follows Holme Kanal to Holme Aa. From here the path follows the canal along the southern part of Holme Aadal to Hostrup Stemmevaerk where some of the water from Holme Aa is directed to... More

6. Hostrup - Tofterup

The path follows Holme Aa on the south side of the river
valley where you will pass the Abild Hede heath. From here the path crosses the river and you follow the river on the northern bank to Tofterup. Here, the church Vester Starup lies beautifully right next to the river. Right after Tofterup the path crosses the river once again. Here, it is... More

7. Hesselho - Hovborg

Right at the river bank below Baldersbaek you will find a three-faced stone. The stone was erected in 1912 by Holger Petersen at the spot where three shires (which in Denmark were old military districts) meet. Treherredstenen depicts three men, all of whom were important to the area and for the so-called plantation case.: E. M. Dalgas, who faces... More

8. Klelund - Vittrup

The trail leads through the river valley at Holme Aa between Hovborg and Baekke. North of Okslund, between Ravnhoej Plantation and Holme Aa lies a beautiful rolling heath area. Further to the east, you can take a detour to the north to Vorbasse Soenderhede. Furthest to the east the path takes you through the meadows at the source of Holme Aa.
... More

9. Baekke - Vester Torsted

The trail passes the moor Gispel Mose, which is where Holme Aa has its source. After that, the trail passes Klebaek Hoeje where the trail takes a detour to Baekke. The trail continues northeast through farmland and plantations in part along Haervejen (The Army Road) before it turns to the East at Nordbaek Plantage.
Stien gaar forbi Gispel mose,... More

10. Taagelund - Toerskind

The path goes down in Egtved Aadal at Nybjerg Moelle and continues to the north to Bindeballe Koebmandsgaard. From here the trail heads east across Vejle Aa, which here is called Tingkaervad Aa. From here, the trail follows Vejle Aadal north of the river. Here you walk between forests and hills until you reach the bridge Ravningbroen. In this part... More

11. Ravning - Skibet

From Ravning, the trail continues to Vingsted North of Vejle Aa. From here, you will walk south of the river for a while along forests and meadows until the path crosses the river again. The trail leads past the Haraldskaer Fabrik factory and Haraldskaer. At Skibet, the path leads to the main road, which it follows to the east.
Fra Ravning gar... More

12. Skibet - Vejle

The trail goes through Vejle Ådal south of Skibet along the main road. At Knabberup Sø, the trail leads north to Vejle at Trædballe.
Stien går gennem Vejle Aadal, syd for Skibet, langs hovedvejen. Ved Knabberup Soe går stien mod nord ind til Vejle ved Traedballe.