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Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour to Historic Hunter's Hill

Beginning Australia's Great North Walk from the world's most beautiful harbour. Enjoy a magnificent ferry & easy stroll.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5.2 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Beginning Australia's Great North Walk from the world's most beautiful harbour. Enjoy a magnificent ferry & easy stroll. Length... more »

Tips:  Directions from Hunter's Hill - reverse if you begin at Circular Quay.
Length 4.7 km - an easy stroll for all. Plenty of cafes and... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Glimpse of Lane Cove River

This area has a history that pre-dates British settlement. The Wallumedagal people fished in and lived alongside the Lane Cover River around here for many hundreds of years before Europeans arrived. They called the river - Turanburra.

Governor Arthur Phillip was a keen explorer and led parties across the Sydney Harbour from the colony itself... More

2. Coffee Shops

Lots of great places for food, wine and chat in hunter's hill

3. Historic Homes along the Great North Walk Route

The post-European history of Hunter’s Hill includes colourful periods such as the 1840s when this area was the home of many convicts who had escaped from the penal colony on Cockatoo Island and set up home here apparently safe from recapture.

4. Alexandra Bay at Lane Cove River Mouth

In June 1788, on the 18th in fact, Governor Phillip sent another exploration party to land on the south bank of the Lane Cove River and see if a westward track could be found overland to locations suitable for settlement and farms. This excursion, with provisions for six days, comprised four officers and a contingent of marines. They landed on the... More

5. Kelly's Bush

At the Nelson Parade entrance to Kelly’s Bush beside two plaques on the path of the Great North Walk erected by the ‘friends of Kelly’s Bush’ group. These plaques recognize the Builders and Labourers Federation and other unions who backed the efforts of the valiant Sydney women who saved Kelly’s Bush. The World's first green ban (on building) June... More

6. Views of Sydney Harbour

Visit Sydney Observatory - The Observatory published Australia’s first weather map in 1887. Weather readings were taken at Dawes Point, near today’s Observatory by Lieutenant William Dawes from 1788 when the First Fleet arrived; in the grounds of Sydney Observatory from 1855 until 1917; and continue nearby to this day. Located on Watson Road,... More

7. Woolwich Dock

To build Woolwich Dock they dug out more than 20,000 tonnes of stone to create the deep docking and build up the sea-wall. There are a series of signs in the Goat Paddock garden (opposite the Woolwich Pier Hotel). A 15–20 minute tour of the Goat Paddock rewards the walker with a brief history of the remarkable Mort’s Dock. The Atlas Engineering... More

8. Valentia Street Wharf

Ferrying across Sydney Harbour is super cheap and a wonderful experience at any time of year. Circular Quay to Valentia Street Wharf is a great rip -- a few kms and not many more minutes.

9. Berry Island - Aboriginal Site

Berry Island Reserve Art: indigenous people occupied this ‘island’ and Ball’s Head (‘Yerroulbine’) long before Europeans. There are middens, campsites, weathered engravings and evidence of axe grindings. Take the right hand bush trail to reach the engravings (3 minute walk) of a large whale-like creature encompassing a (possible) stingray. You can... More

Sydney Harbour is thought, especially by those of us lucky enough to live near, to be one of the most splendid harbours in the world. As well as being naturally spectacular, and further ornamented by the Opera House and Harbour Bridge on which fireworks blossom every New Year’s Eve, it is also one of the world’s largest harbours: including all its... More