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Experience Rottnest Island

Perth's Jewel in the Indian Ocean - Western Australia's own Island getaway just 30 mins by Ferry.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
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Family Friendly

Overview :  Rottnest Island Must Do's
• Revelling in the stunning beauty of Rottnest’s 63 pristine beaches and 20 bays many of which offer... more »

Tips:  Visit www.rottnestisland.com for further information.

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Points of Interest

1. Swimming

Rottnest is blessed with some of the most picturesque beaches, secluded bays and sheltered coves in the world. The Basin, Thomson Bay, Pinky Beach and Salmon Bay are particularly popular with young families.

The Island's Bayseeker 'Hop On and Hop Off' bus service takes you to whichever beach or cove takes your fancy and you'll often have it all ... More

2. Snorkelling

As well as sheltered lagoons for novices, Rottnest Island also features a number of marked reef trails for the more experienced snorkeller, such as the popular Parker Point and Kingstown reefs.

If snorkelling is not your thing, you can still explore the amazing under water world of tropical fish, stingrays and beautiful coral only meters off the... More

3. Diving

With the warm Leeuwin current from the north brushing by, Rottnest boasts unique coral and tropical marine life normally only found further to the north.

With many marine sanctuary sites, Rottnest can provide an unrivalled diving experience. Dive charters are available from the Island on board Charter 1. A two hulled catamaran perfect for both... More

4. Surfing and Body Boarding

A mecca for surfers, the waves off Rottnest are some of the best in Australia. In fact, Strickland Bay has been ranked in the top 50 breaks in the world. The surfing season is at its best through the low season (May-October) when visitors can also take advantage of great accommodation packages.

The www.wannasurf.com.au website is a good source of... More

5. Cycling

Part of the Island’s 'get back to basics' and 'take it easy' charm is the lack of traffic. Unique to Rottnest, private vehicles are not permitted on the Island so the most popular way of getting around is to take the visitors take the traditional two-wheel option. You can bring your own or hire on the Island. Everything from classic mountain bikes... More

6. Fishing

Always a favourite pastime on Rottnest, even beginners have a good chance of a catch. No need for a boat with great spots like the Army Jetty easily accessible. Fishing gear can be purchased at the Rottnest General Store and Geordie Bay General Store and unless you are after abalone or crayfish you don't even need a licence.

7. Quokka Spotting

Quokkas are active in the morning and night but during the heat of the day, these cute little marsupials can usually be spotted seeking shade under the trees around the Settlement.

During the autumn and winter months (March to August) young joeys may be seen peeking from their mother’s pouch and come spring (September to November), bravely... More

8. Whale Watching

Part of and ancient system of unmarked ocean paths that circle the globe, the Humpback Highway is the world's largest. Approximately 35,000 Humpback whales passing by Rottnest around April each year on their way from Antarctica to the warmer waters and rich feeding grounds off Western Australia’s Kimberly region.

On their return trip during... More

9. The Settlement

The picturesque main Settlement area is full of historic charm and fascinating stories. Visitors can wander by themselves or join one of the walking tours that will take them on a journey through time. Walk down Vincent way, the oldest continuously inhabited streetscape in Australia.

Drop into the old Salt Store which now hosts exhibitions year ... More

10. Wadjemup

An easy bike ride or quick trip on the Bayseeker bus, Wadjemup Lighthouse is well worth a visit. Presiding over the Island this elegant structure is open to the public daily for guided tours that explore its history and culminates in a heady climb to the top up the beautiful spiral stairway for stunning 360 degree views literally to the edge of... More

An impressive reminder of Rottnest’s history as a military base that was essential to the protection of Australia during the second World War. The Oliver Hill Gun emplacement and underground tunnel system is the last of its kind in the world still found in its original condition and placement.

The massive 9.2 inch gun crowns what is a feat of... More

If your time on Rottnest is limited (or perhaps bikes just aren’t your thing) then the quickest way to see all the Island has to offer is to take a Discovery Coach Tour.

Cruise in climate controlled comfort as you head out to West End, stopping at beautiful Parker Point look out, past the magnificent osprey nests and stunning views of the... More

13. Walking Tours

Pop into the Visitor Centre or Salt Store and ask one of the Island experts for details about many tours and activities to keep you entertained during your visit.

A range of free walking tours with the Rottnest Voluntary Guides, depart daily from the Salt Store.

14. Natural Landscape

Apart from the obvious coastal beauty of the Island's coastline and marine environment, when you enter the interior of the Island you will discover an amazing ancient landscape.

Once connected to the Western Australian mainland, the Island’s rugged heart provides visitors with a whole new experience. Pink salt lakes, rolling sand hills and... More

15. Rottnest Eco Adventure Tours

Speeding across the waves and cruising through sheltered bays, passengers encounter abundance of wildlife, including the island’s very own playful colony of New Zealand fur seals.

Listen to real-time commentary as the seals feed and play, and see the majestic osprey swoop and glide.

From September to early December the tour ventures out to the... More

16. A Bird's Eye View

For a singularly unique experience why not take a look at Rottnest from a heady height? Rottnest Joy Flights offers affordable daily flights around the Island for the ultimate in photo opportunities!

Open every day for a little old fashioned fun, the Family Fun Park brings back favourites such as Mini Putt Putt, Pinball machines, Air Hockey, Space Invaders and that all time favourite, Pac-Man.

You can also enjoy a game of giant chess or take advantage of the book, game and puzzle exchange service for those quiet nights in.

18. Golf

One of the most unique courses in Western Australia, Rottnest’s rustic 9 hole course is at its best between May and November, but keen players can try out the artificial green at the 9th hole all year round. Clubs and buggies are available from Rottnest Island Bike and Hire.

19. Tennis & Basketball

Enjoy a game of tennis with friends at one of the free tennis courts dotted around the Island at Bathurst Point, Geordie Bay and Kingstown Barracks. Shoot some hoops on the new basketball half court. Equipment available from Rottnest Island Bike and Hire.

20. Lawn Bowls

A civilised game of bowls at sunset is the perfect finish to the day or if you prefer, hire the course at night for a special experience.
Equipment and bookings from Rottnest Island Bike and Hire.

21. Where to stay

Accommodation on Rottnest is highly sought after but there is something to suit everyone’s budget and availability year round.

You can bunk at the Hostel or pitch a tent at one of the registered camp ground sites. For more comfort you can book one of the Island's affordable self-contained villas, cottages, cabins or bungalows. Top of the range... More

22. Where to eat

When it comes to eating out there is something for every taste and budget. Pick up a healthy roll or Pizza at Subway, visit the iconic Rottnest Bakery for a sumptuous pie or sweet sensation all baked fresh each day, or enjoy a late breakfast at Dome or the Island's health food specialist, Quokka Joe's.

Aristos Waterfront specialises in Western... More

23. How to get there - By Sea or By Air

All that Rottnest has to offer is only 30 minutes from Fremantle by ferry. Regular services run from Fremantle, City and Hillarys in the northern suburbs.
You may be lucky enough to spot dolphins or whales on your ride over.

You can also board a plane or helicopter to capture incredible views of Fremantle, the southern beaches and Rottnest as... More