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Budapest: A Walk into the Past

Castle Hill (Várhegy)and the Citadel (Citadella)
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.1 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  At one time Buda and Pest were two different cities. Buda has a much longer history than Pest but both have great bragging rights even... more »

Tips:  The only cars allowed are those of the residents, so forget about driving there. If you are staying on the Pest side, take the... more »

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Points of Interest

This World Heritage site will definitely awe you. Alongside its maze of cobblestone streets is a fine collection of Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic architecture. Because it faces the Danube and Pest, you will not get a more stunning view of the Hungarian Parliament. It is actually a plateau on which sits the Statue of St. Stephen, Fisherman’s... More

This palace has had five lives. Originally built in the 13th century, it was reconstructed two hundred years later by King Matthias and then destroyed by the Turks in 1686. Between 1714 and 1723, Hapsburg empress, Maria Theresa, rebuilt it. Alas, it was damaged again during an unsuccessful 1849 attack by revolutionaries.

Like a Phoenix, it rose ... More

Located inside the Royal Palace, this museum‘s permanent exhibits include Buda’s medieval history of the fortress to the present. Visit the cellars to see the remains of the fortress and archeological finds. Cultural festivals are often staged on the grounds of the palace.
March to mid-May, September-October
Wed-Mon 10am-6pm
Mid-May to ... More

There is so much to see here that you’d better keep an eye on your watch. Over 10,000 objet d’art grace the huge center block of the Royal Palace. Hungarian art ranges from medieval religious works to 20th century pieces. And there are sculptures aplenty.Check out the work of Mihály Tivador Kosztka Csontváry,a Hungarian artist of whom Picasso was ... More

Perched on the highest point of Castle Hill, the Matthias Church (Buda Church of Our Lady) was originally a 13th century Gothic chapel. The steeple was added in the 15th century.

During Turkish occupation from 1541 until 1686, the church became the city’s main mosque. Legend has it that during the siege of Buda in 1686, a wall in the mosque... More

Once part of the castle walls, this neo-Romanesque terrace of arches and columns supports white cone towers and offers a stunning view of the Danube, Margaret Island, Pest and the Parliament. The site served as a fish market during Medieval times, but the structure itself was built between 1895 and 1902 by tradesman. The bastion was manned by Buda... More

7. Statue of St. Stephen (Szent István király szobra)

Sitting on a high pedestal, the huge, bronze statue of a man sitting on horseback, carrying a cross and wearing a halo is St. Stephen. St. Stephen is credited with bringing Christianity to Hungary, increasing Hungary’s territory and establishing the first kingdom of Hungary reigning from 1001-1038.The sculpture was created by Alajos Stróbl and... More

8. Elizabeth Bridge Espresso Bar (Ezszébet híd espresszó)

By now, you have probably worked up a thirst. At the bottom of Castle Hill turn right on Láchild Street and when the road forks, continue on Döbrentei toward the Elizabeth Bridge. It is on the left side of the street and a great place to grab a beer or espresso. Nothing fancy, but a big tree shelters the outdoor tables. It’s pretty popular with ... More

You can take a cab from Castle Hill to Gellért Hill and have your espresso later. Be forewarned: It is a tough walk up the 761-foot high mountain-like formation but if you up to it, it is worth the effort. To walk, follow the road up from the Elizabeth Bridge.

Once a lookout point, the Citralla (Citadel) offers a stunning panorama. Inside is a... More