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Art Nouveau in Budapest

Art Nouveau, Modernismo, Liberty, Stile Floreale... Budapest has a lot to offer from this unique style.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.5 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  Most of Budapest’s landscape was shaped in the last third of the 19th, beginning of the 20th century. Art Nouveau marks this... more »

Tips:  Photographer's paradise.

Dive into Art Nouveau mood - it is the style wich established the Modern style... it has its influences even... more »

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Points of Interest

House of Hungarian Art Nouveau – the Magyar Szecesszió Háza.

It is a gallery and café.

The house was built by Emil Vidor in 1903, for the Bedő family.

Emil Vidor, the architect was one of the most important figures in Hungarian Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau had its peculiar style in each country. Gaudy, Horta and Hungarian Art Nouveau architects... More

2. Hungarian National Bank

Hungarian National Bank

The building was originally planned as the headquarter of the Budapest branch of the Austrian- Hungarian Bank. It became the independent Hungarian National Bank only in 1924.

The location couldn't have been more symbolic of a nation striving for financial and political independence. The so-called 'New Building', an... More

3. Hungarian Postal Savings Bank - currently the Hungarian Treasury

The Hungarian Royal Postal Savings Bank was established in 1885. Being a state institution, therefore entitled to state warranty, social considerations were prominent from the very start. This in turn ensured the institution’s positive reception, spurring a dynamic growth of clientele.

The building’s design reinforced the bank’s programme; bees, ... More

4. Paris Department Store

Bookshop and beautiful Café.

The property was bought in 1884 from the agency managing the construction of Andrássy boulevard, with the purpose of erecting a casino. Construction ensued to realize Gusztáv Petschacher's design, in grand neo-reneissance style. The Teréz Town Casino had a vaulted hall on the ground floor, accommodating József... More

Not art nouveau, but worth a stop by.

6. Lokál Ruin Bar

The quarter we are in served as a red light district up till the 18th century. Music halls, inns, hotels and brothels, even wine cellars lay behind the walls of houses in and around Király street. From the 19 hundreds Jewish traders and other nationalities settled in Erzsébet Town, shaping the character of the neighbourhood. Multinational yet also... More