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Fordyce Creek 4x4 Trail, California

Official route of the Sierra Trek

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 12.2 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  : A premier hard-core trail. First-time users should consider driving this trail during the annual Sierra Trek event sponsored by the ... more »

Tips:  We ran this trail during the Sierra Trek when water levels are reduced. Water levels may be too deep to cross at other times.

Trail ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start of Trail

From staging area, head northwest staying left under power lines. This is not the same staging area used during the Sierra Trek. See Point #3 for that location.

2. Join Sierra Trek Route

Stay right here. Left comes from an OHV campground and a massive gravel bar used for staging during the Sierra Trek. They have so many vehicles, the regular staging area is not big enough.

3. Sierra Trek Staging Area

We've provided this point in case you drive this trail during the Sierra Trek. The event will provide you driving directions to the start. They actually post signs to direct you to this staging area.

4. First Water Crossing

After coming down a very steep obstacle called "Sunrise Hill," you encounter first water crossing. This water crossing can be extremely deep. Water flow is reduced during the annual Sierra Trek to make it possible to cross.

5. Winch Hill #1

Very tough section. During the Sierra Trek, volunteer spotters line the hill to assist drivers.

6. Second Water Crossing

Second water crossing is soon followed by another winch hill.

7. Third Water Crossing

Third water crossing is followed by several more winch hills.

8. Early Exit Route

Look for a rusty boiler, which marks location of an early exit route on the right. It curves around and heads south along Fordyce Lake and returns to Interstate 80 near Cisco. To continue on trail, stay left.

9. Launna's Hill

Climb very difficult Launna's Hill, which is followed by several more difficult winch hills.

10. Winch Hill #5

Last of the difficult winch hills. After this, you'll continue past the Excelsior Mine on a much improved road.

11. Summit City

Summit City Historic Site alongside beautiful Meadow Lake. This is base camp for the end of the Sierra Trek. To exit the area, continue right on Meadow Lake Road along the lake. It runs into smoother F.S. 86 after 4.3 miles. Stay left and go another 6.6 miles to paved F.S. 07. At 9.5 miles go right to reach Highway 89.