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Accokeek Farms at Piscataway Park

Farm hike through the fields and along the Potomac river, with artifacts and buildings!
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Farm hike through the fields with animals, diverse field areas, small forest, and river views.

start with an exploration of a working... more »


  • do not take artifacts, it is illegal! (if you see the whiskey flask still on the ground, please review and let us know its still there)
  • pack lunch to east by fishing pier or one of the many trail views
  • bug spray may be needed
  • stop by the adjacent ecosystem park to explore the greenhouse area just off of the fenceline trail

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Points of Interest

1. trail head and memorial

trail head start and memorial dedication

2. trail view

easy going flat trail, lots of overgrown things

3. trail view

trail view, gets wider

4. old farm building

old farm building to explore

5. trail view

trail view with cow pasture on left

6. trail view

trail view, grassy and flat

pond on left

7. trail view

trail view more forested than before

water views coming up on right side with a side trail to the Potomac river

8. bridge and side trail

bridge and side trail to the Potomac river view

9. Potomac river view

great view of the river, good lunch spot

10. chesnut fields

turn left at the chesnut fields, easy walking path

11. more forested here

more forested trail here, still flat

12. enter the paw paw trail

this junction goes straight with some steeper paths in the paw paw trail, it loops around up and down a hill.

13. trail view

trail view with private house (no trespassing!)

14. the message tree

the message tree :-)

15. trail view

trail view now downhill sloping

16. small bench

small bench to relax

17. larger shelter

larger shelter to relax with some sun cover

18. road view

continue along the road until next path entry is noted

19. goats

goats in a pen, friendly

20. cows relaxing

cows relaxing under the shade trees

21. blackberry trail entry point

deviate from road to blackberry trail entrance

22. sewer marker rock

special rock :-)

23. trail view

trail view, easy going flat, small muddy area ahead

24. field of dreams!

wander around the field (watch for snakes) and make a line for the road on the other side.

(slight detour, but worth it)

25. artifacts

some old machinery artifacts

26. you can visit this ecosystem field if you wish

you can visit inside this ecosystem field if you wish, they have a greenhouse etc... or keep on going on our GPS track which goes on the OUTSIDE of the fence (fence trail)

27. fence trail view

this is the fence trail view

28. artifact - old bottle

found an old bottle here! about 3 inches in the mud.

theres a small mud portage here, muddy area...

go left till log is there, then go over log.

the bottle appears to be an old whiskey flash (curved for chest carry), possibly 1950-60's although i am no bottle expert :-)

low value antique.

29. pumpkin ash trail along the Potomac river

enter the pumpkin ash trail along the river

great views

30. river views

river views

31. trail views

trail view

32. boardwalk back

boardwalk back over marsh area

33. fishing pier and picnic area

great fishing pier (very crowded) and empty picnic area with shelters!