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Little Jimmy Springs

7 to 8 miles trail near Azusa, California
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 7 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Little Jimmy Springs is about 7 miles long and located near Azusa, California. The trail is part of several trails available in the... more »

Tips:  Location: Crystal Lake
Things to bring: GPS, Map, sunblock, enough water for half day hike
When to go: June - October
What to Wear:... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Park Ranger Station

2. Head Trail Windy Gap Trail

Heading north from outside the park ranger station, you have to walk about .5 miles in a paved road to get to the head trail called "Windy Gap Trail". In the sides of the paved road are the camping ground location.

3. 1st Junction

Walk straight across the road to follow the trail.

The first part of the Windy Gap Trail (approximately 1.4 miles) is quite easy and cool because lots of shades from the forest trees. As you go further, there will be less shades, and you will notice burned trees which was caused by the huge wildfire back in 2002 in Angeles National Forest.

4. Burned Trees

Notice for Burned Trees throughout the hike

5. 2nd Junction

The second part of the Windy Gap Trail (approximately 1.1 miles) is where the hike becomes more challenging for it's getting steeper with the zigzag and only a few small shades from the sun. Take your time to rest in the shade and take some pictures with your camera/phone as it has great views. Also be very careful in some of the trail where it... More

6. Three Way Junction

After about 1.1 miles, you'll be at the Windy Gap 3 ways junction. In the east direction is the Pacific Crest Trail. In the north direction is the other two trails, the left one is heading to the Mt. Islip and the right one is the one heading to the Little Jimmy Springs (approximately .3 miles).

7. Signs to the Little Jimmy Springs

Little sign showing you to go down to the right to get into the Little Jimmy Springs

8. Little Jimmy Springs

This is it!!! If you are planning on camping, you can get the water from here, but I recommended to use the water filter and/or purification system to clean the water for drink.

To return, you can go back the same way you come or use the Islip Ridge Trail (1.7 miles) and Big Cienega Trail (2.1 miles) to make it a loop and heading down the first... More

9. Little Jimmy Trail Camp

The little loop trail that I did and it's in my gps log is actually the loop that we did to get to the Little Jimmy Trail Camp. If you are planning on camping. you can head north from Little Jimmy Spring and you can camp on the site called Little Jimmy Trail Camp. I saw a few people did actually camp and I also got some cell phone reception in... More

10. Back in 2nd Junction

Note: Make sure that on your way back that you take the trail that is heading south in this junction(See gps log for the detail). Me and my friend missed it while talking and just followed the road towards the west which is the Forest Service road and had to walk back and get back to the right trail. If you