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MTB Kathmandu to Tatopani hot-spring (Langtang)

A 4 to 6 day mountain bike tour from Kathmandu valley to Tatopani in Langtang National Park, Nepal. (159km one-way)
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 93.951 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  This is a guide for a mountain bike trip in 4 to 6 days, going from Kathmandu, through Shivapuri National Park, to Tatopani village in... more »

Tips:  Travel light, but bring a down jacket and warm pants because Tatopani (at 2600m) can get cold.
Best time to travel for clear mountain ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Entry Shivapuri National Park

At the gate to the military police base you will be asked to buy a day pass to Shivapuri National Park.
It costs 250 Nrs per person.

2. Nuwakot Palace

A beautiful example of Newari style building, a 5 story palace with a wooden balcony all around, with detailed wood carving, in a very nice state.

3. Trisuli

This waypoint is at an intersection of the road to Dunche; the road left, uphill.

4. Top of day 2

At 2187m you've reached the top today.

5. Entry Langtang national park

At the ranger station buy a permit to Langtang park for 1000 Nrs per person.

6. Syabru Bensi

Small town. This is new Syabru Bensi, with the hotels for tourists. Across the river, at the start of the Langtang trail is old Syabru Bensi.

7. Old Syabru Bensi

The original Syabru Bensi.
Some old buildings and the school.

8. Top to Tambuchet

Here you've reached the top at 2245m.
Take a rest and a hot lemon tea.

9. Tambuchet

Small town at 1750m

10. Chilime

small farmers town.
Nice stone & wooden houses.

11. Tatopani

Town with about 5 hotels.

12. Hot spring

The famous red water hot spring bath of Tatopani

13. Viewpoint

Around the corner, and yes, North-East your first view of Tatopani.

14. Hotel

the Hotel on the right, next to the hot water creek, was nice and close to the hot spring.

15. Suspension bridge

Crossing to Tatopani

16. Hotel

the first house when you enter Tambuchet is a good place for lunch. Geared towards tourists.

17. Small village

This small village also has a hotel and place to eat or take tea.

18. Viewpoint Langtang

A 20min hike from the tea-house, to get a better view on Langtang. Worth the effort? You decide.

19. Left up to Chilime

Take a left turn, the road up to Tambuchet & chilime

20. Top Shivapuri park

This is the top point, after this it's a long steep descend to the river valley.

21. Viewpoint

Nice panorama over the valley

22. Hotel

Good place for lunch, Dhal Bhat

23. Hotel

Ok, reasonably clean. 200 Nrs for a room.

24. Bus station to Kathmandu

the station for the big and mini buses to Kathmandu.
A mini bus ride costs 150 Nrs per person.

25. Betrawoti

Crossing the river, then the long 1660m climb starts.

26. Viewpoint Langtang

If the weather is good you get a great view on Langtang mountain (North-East)

27. Hotel

Two building North of Hotel Sky.
Good Chilly Chicken and hot shower. Room 200 Nrs.

28. Hotel Sky

Big white building.
Nice clean rooms, 300 Nrs a small, 600 Nrs big room.
Hot shower is so-so.
Breakfast recommended 'let's try'; two pancakes filled with banana and covered in hot chocolate sauce. It's one of the best hotels in Syabru Bensi.

29. Road to border Tibet

It's only half an hour by car on this road, to the border of Tibet. Although you will probably not get past the Nepali check point.