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Bangkok's Talad Noi Neighborhood

This extra-funky neighborhood is full of cool architecture, eccentric characters, and some great photo opportunities.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.3 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Talad Noi is a great little neighborhood that's been doing its thing on the riverside for a few hundred years. The place is very... more »

Tips:  Dress comfortably, but note that the last stop is a temple, so no tight shorts, muscle-shirts, spaghetti straps or flip-flops. Bring a... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Si Phraya Pier (#N3)

Take the regular river taxi (not a longtail tour you'll inevitably be be asked to buy) and get off at this pier and walk out to the main road. If you'd rather not come via boat, then just get a taxi to take you to the Sheraton and you'll end up here too.

2. Klong San Market

Circle around to the other side of the Sheraton Hotel and take the ferry across the river for 5 baht. This market is mostly for the ladies - shoes and clothes - but it has some good food (especially the fresh-baked bread!) and is always busy with shoppers seeking good deals, and plenty of photo ops. If you want to swank it up a bit, stop into the ... More

3. River City Antique Mall

It's set up to snare bus and boatloads of tours that come through here, but this large mall has some great shops selling antique maps, art, and furniture. At the very least, it's good for browsing in some air-conditioning after getting sweaty in the market.

4. Kalawar (Holy Rosary) Church

The original structure was built in 1786 by Portuguese traders on land donated by King Rama I, but the existing building dates to 1898. Note the red brick 'piazza' outside where the markets used to set up, a very European feature not often seen in Asia. The church is usually open, and you can take pictures of its beautiful interior.

5. Soi Vanit 2

Get your camera ready for this little stretch of road. Motorcycles whiz by as the clanking of tools and buzzing of drills erupt from every shop. Piles of engine parts stacked higher than an average man line the street, and you might even see a colorful parrot or songbird in a beautiful wooden cage. This neighborhood has been repairing things for... More

6. Wongwien Odeon

This large, red Chinese gate is a good landmark if you get lost - it signifies the 'head' of Yaowarat, the long road that is the 'dragon' snaking through Chinatown.

Home to the famed Golden Buddha, which was 'lost' under a covering of plaster for a few hundred years until a construction accident cracked it open, it was given a new home in 2008 with this shiny new temple. Ignore the tuk-tuk touts outside trying to rip you off - buy a ticket inside.

There is also a museum on the lower floor that details the... More

8. Hualumphong MRT (subway)

Back underground to air-conditioned goodness and off to continue your adventure!