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Highlights of Seoul

This full day excursion explores Seoul's past and present through palaces, unique neighborhoods and bustling markets
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.6 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Seoul is a city of contrasts. Deeply traditional, the bustling metropolis has yet somehow managed to wholly embrace a modern outlook... more »

Tips:  Koreans will commonly translate words into English phonetically and often there is no standard English spelling, so on maps a building... more »

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Points of Interest

Take subway line 3 to Gyeongbokgun station and exit Gate 5. The palace gates should be directly in front of you.

This is Seoul's architectural jewel. First built in 1395 (reconstruction, which began in 1867, is still ongoing), it is the largest and most beautiful of the five palaces built by Korea's powerful Joseon dynasty. The palace's name... More

2. Jongno Tower

Go back to the subway and take line 3 two stops south to transfer station Jungno 3. Change to line 1 where you will only go one stop to Jonggak station. Take exit 3 and in front of you will be the striking Jongno Tower.

This 33-story tower is at the heart of both Seoul's business and historic district and provides one of the best views of... More

When you exit Jongno Tower start heading east along the main street (Jongno 2-ga street) for approximately a quarter of a mile. You will pass the Seoul YMCA building, 7 Eleven and the Kumkang shoe store. At the end of the street, across the road directly in front of you, will be a small green space known as Pagoda park. Established in 1897, this... More

4. Insadong Neighborhood

Exit Pagoda park via the same way you came in and turn to your right. Soon you will come to a fork in the road, take the street to your left and enter Insadong, Seoul’s arts and crafts district and one of its most animated streets. This is the place to pick up Korean souvenirs; handmade paper and fans, traditional Korean ceramics and clothing,... More

At the end of Insadong street, turn to your right and head about 75 metres to Anguk subway station. Take the subway south three stops to the transfer station Chungmuro to get onto line 4. Take line 4 five stops and get off at Samgakji station and take exit 12.

Few sites offer visitors a better understanding of Seoul’s history than the fascinating... More

Go back to subway line 4 and take the subway north for three stops to Hoehyeon station. Take exit 5 and walk straight ahead into the market.

What better way to end the day touring the highlights of Seoul than at one of the city’s oldest and largest markets. This 600-year-old market is an ode to consumerism and it has an unbelievable mixture of ... More