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Weizhou, the Biggest Volcanic Island in China

A two day sightseeing trip to the biggest volcanic island in China, volcanic landscape, history, marine life, seafood
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 7.9 miles
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly

Overview :  Lying south of Beihai City in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Weizhou is China’s largest and youngest volcanic island in China.... more »

Tips:  Transportation:
From “Beihai International Port”, there is a speed boat (120RMB) that leaves at 8:15am every day. It will arrive at... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Sea Port to Beihai 通往广西北海的港口

From “Beihai International Port”, there is a speed boat (75RMB) that leaves at 8:15am every day. It will arrive at Weizhou Island 1.5 hours later. There is also a slow boat (40RMB) which will arrive at the island in 3 hours. The entrance ticket for the island is RMB 50/person.
After getting off the boat at this port, visitors usually use public... More

2. Chengzai Church (城仔教堂)

Chengzai Church (城仔教堂) was built in 1880 by French Catholics. The construction materials are all from the island, such as corals and rocks. The church is still in use by the locals today. It is island perserved historical relic site.
Getting here usually requires you to hire a mini bus from your hotel (200RMB/half day tour). If you have time, you... More

3. Zhima Beach 芝麻滩

Weizhou Island is China's youngest volcanic island. The layers of the volcano magma is very much visiable at this spot.
This beach receives far less visitors than other more famous beaches such as Drippy Rock. If you bring a lunch box, perhaps here is where you can enjoy the lunch.

4. A local Mazhu Temple 妈祖庙

Mazu is a goddess who is believed to have lived in the Song Dynasty in Guangdong Province. She has performed many good deeds for the locals.
Mazu worship is only popular in the southern China and most of the South East countries.

5. Geologic Museum 国家地质公园博物馆

The National Volcanic Park Symbolic Square and the geologic museum are adjacent to each other. You can take an “I have been here” photo in front of the Park Symbol. You can also visit the museum and learn the geologic development of the island.

The square is a junction. On one side, you can go to the National Volcanic Park or Crocodile Volcanic... More

6. Weizhou Light House 涠洲岛灯塔

This lighthouse was first built in 1956 and was remodeled in 2002. This is one of the best spot to enjoy the scenery of the Weizhou Island.

7. National Volcanic Park 国家火山公园及古炮台遗址

Once you enter the national volcanic park, you can see an old canon which reminds visitors the island military significance. There are stone steps that lead to the beach front. One can see the layers of magma from the volcanic eruption and listen to the sound of sea waves hitting those rock. If you have kids, it will be an interesting science... More

8. Drippy Rock Beach 滴水丹萍

Drippy Rock beach is located at the west side of the villag. The rock is more than 10 meters high, accumulated by the rock-magma. The shape is like the head of a human, facing to the vast sea. Because there are spring dripping all year long, so it is names as Dishui, which means dripping.

9. Shiluokou Beach 石螺口海滩

Shiluokou Beach is a very romantic beach. The sand is fine and soft. There are shops nearby which you can get a cold drink and enjoy a nice sun tan.
This is also the favorite spots for divers. It is said that the corals here offer unbelievable color. Note: diving here is under developed and unregulated. There are diving schools and diving gear... More