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Aoyama Walking Guide

Aoyama is Tokyo's central shopping neighborhood for high fashion.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.2 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  Aoyama is a neighborhood in the Minato ward, located adjacent to and bisected by Omotesando, another popular shopping street; Shibuya... more »

Tips:  Three main subway stations are in Aoyama, including Aoyama-Itchome Station which is home to the Ginza, Hanazomon, and Toei Oedo Lines,... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Anniversaire Cafe

Anniversaire Cafe has become a landmark since opening in 1998. Located on a pedestrian-filled street in a swanky building, it's a relaxed place to have breakfast and a signature cup of espresso, and also a nice outdoor cafe experience along a zelkova tree-lined street -- one of few outdoor cafes in Tokyo. This is a perfect spot to people watch. ... More

2. boutiqueW clothing shop

boutiqueW is an interesting building in itself, a product of modern design that will make you feel like you're in the future. There are headless mannequins and lots of industrial-style lighting, and the store draws a mix of many styles of shoppers.

5-39-3 Jingumae

3. Dress Camp clothing shop

This store is know for having a sleek, elegant designs and for daring, colorful clothing. This location in Aoyama is their head flagship store.

5-5-1 Minam iAoyama

Designed by Swiss architect duo Herzog & de Meuron in 2003, this is a gorgeous glass structure building. If you don't want to go in, the building itself is a landmark worth a visit.

5-2-6 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku

5. Cartier Boutique

Next to the stunning Prada boutique, Cartier carries on the amazing fashion meets architecture meets future-tech feel of Aoyama nicely with a building designed by Bruno Moinard.

The boutique is in the shape of a diamond, with a glass exterior, and extensive use of wood panelling inside.

5-3-2- Minami Aoyama

This building was designed by architect Fumihiko Maki and commissioned by Wacoal, the lingerie company, in 1985. It's a multi-use building with gallery space, a cafe, restaurant, bar and shops, and a hair salon, where the author of this guide used to get her hair cut. I would always look forward to coming to the Spiral Building and, after a... More

7. AO Building

There's always some fancy new building just built in Tokyo, and this is one of the latest. The AO building serves as a high-end fashion mall and was designed by Sakakura associates. The building features the world's first chanel le studio make up salon and Bobbi Brown's first cosmetics store in Japan.

In addition to fashion stores, you can find ... More

Beacon Bar is adjacent to Beacon restaurant, but is worth a visit in its own right. But if you're in the mood for dinner after a long day, you're in good hands.

The bar has original cocktails, such as a lychee martini or shiso (Japanese basil leaf) martini, an extensive wine list, a casual food menu and outdoor seating on the patio.

Phone: 03... More

9. Aoyama Farmers Market (weekends only -- optional)

If you're here on a Saturday or Sunday morning, check out the open-air Farmer's Market in front of UN university and across the street from Aoyama Gakuin University. There are food trucks selling coffee, curries and other snacks as well as fresh produce stalls.

10am - 4pm
Jingumae 5-53-70

Managed by the Tokyo metropolitan government, this is Japan's first public cemetery, and it sits on land that was originally owned by the Aoyama family.

Perhaps the most notable resident is Hachiko, the famous dog whose statue sits dutifully at Shibuya station, where the dog would wait for its Master, long after he passed away. There was even a... More