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The Bohemians Rio and the Samba Fever

Discover the bohemians' Rio in Santa Teresa's romantic tramway and thrill the night away in the fever of Samba in Lapa
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 2 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  Rio de Janeiro: the cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city) is of alluring beauty. With the contrast between the verdant rainforests, the ... more »

Tips:  Start the visit after a morning on the beach and after lunch, so that at the end of the visit, you may directly go to Lapa for a night... more »

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Points of Interest

The "confeitaria Colombo" (confectionery) was created in 1894 with a magnificent interior design remembering the most famous tearoom of Paris or London. The building is protected as a Brazilian inheritance wonder since 1983.
You might want to enjoy some Brazilian sandwiches and sweets such as the "casadinhos".

The city theatre was built in 1909 and is one of the most beautiful and important theatres in the country. It was inspired by the Paris Opéra of Charles Garnier. Visit are organized at 11, 13, 14, 16h and price is 10 reais.

Enjoy a round trip with this world famous tram that crosses the streets of Santa Teresa, an up-scale neighborhood during the 19th century in Rio. The old fashioned tram seems old and rickety, but don't worry it works fine.

At the start of the trip, the tram crosses the world famous Arcos da Lada (Lapa's Arches), you can't miss it.

A round... More

4. Rio de Janeiro Cathedral

The cathedral is dedicated to Saint Sebastian, the patron saint of Rio de Janeiro. The current cathedral was built in 1979 with an height of 75 metres.

The cathedral has four stained glass windows that are 64 metres long from floor to ceiling, it is an impressive sight.

5. Arcos da Lapa (Lapa's Arches)

The neighborhood of Lapa is known as the bohemian Rio. It is famous for its nightlife and its architecture, starting with the Arcos da Lapa (Lapa's Arches), which serve as a bridge for the popular tramway that climb the hill of Santa Teresa since the 19th century.

These 42 arches of 17.6 meters high and 270 meters long were built in 1723 to lead ... More

Escadaria Selarón is a set of world-famous steps in Rio. They are the work of Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón. This part near the arched of Lapa is the newest part of the step.

The street between the arches (POI 10) and the famous steps (POI 11) is not that safe at night. Keep your electronic devices in a small sober bag.

Escadaria Selarón is a set of world-famous steps in Rio. They are the work of Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón. In 1990, Selarón began renovating this steps that ran along the front of his house.

The "escadaria Selaron" counts 250 steps measuring 125 metres long which are covered in over 2000 tiles collected from over 60 countries around the... More

8. Taxi from here or from the arches, to the Rio Scenarium

Rio Scenarium is not far, the GPS data is included to go there walking. But for safety reasons, taxi is recommended at night.

Considered from 2007 as one of the 10 world best bars by The Guardian (Journal in London), the Rio Scenarium is probably Rio’s most beautiful nightspot. Rio Scenarium has three floors decorated with antique furnitures (most of them were used in Brazilian movies), with balconies with view on the stage on the 1st floor. Famous samba bands play the... More