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A Walk Through Time

A off the beaten path trip that visits some unique historial site (Zhou Enlai, Sun Yat-Sen former residence)
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  In this thriving metropolis with millions of cars down the road,it is a blessing that Shanghai enjoys a huge number of avid walkers.

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Tips:  Bring water, sun umbrella. Wear light colors in summer and a good pair of comfortable walking shoes. It would be best to start early... more »

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Points of Interest

During the European occupation of Shanghai, this park was forbidden to the local Chinese population. Today, this park is a hive of activity.

The locals gather in the park early in the morning to exercise and to socialize. You will see locals doing taichi,ball room dancing, calligraphy, kite flying,chess playing, singing story telling. The park... More

2. Zhou Enlai Former Residence

The former residence of the Premier Zhou Enlai is at 73 Sinan Road. Zhou is undeniably one of the greatest statesman of China, and he has a big influence in the way China is today.

Sinan road is a beautiful, tree lined street, great for a walk. This former residence is a 3 story cosy bungalow with a equally nice compound.
Down the corner near... More

A true revolutionary and father of modern China, Sun Yat-Sen is the man instrumental in the unification of the once divided country.

In this bungalow he had plotted,charted plans and turned dreams and visions into reality.

The former residence is now a museum where you can explore the history behind the great man.

Walk along the road to the... More


Magnificent and grand are the words best used to describe this hotel. The hotel is built in the European style with a huge formal gardens. Previously known as the Benjamin Morris estate, it comprises of 4 elegant houses set in a 100 acres compound.

Visitors can enjoy the wonderful history of this hotel, and admire the unique combination of... More


From Xiangshan road walk up to Shaoxing road. This is one of the best and most secluded street to walk on in Shanghai.

There is a lot of charm to this tree lined street. Shaoxing park has a miniature playground for kids, and it is a great optional stop for families with children. The kids will love to do some climbing and playing after the... More

From Ruijin 2nd Road, walk towards Taikang road. Taikang road is an artistic and cultural street mixed in one, the main focus here is at 210 Taikang road where there are some old warehouses that have been transformed into neat old shops selling various merchandise. You will be able to find some interesting things here for souvenirs and gifts.

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